Christmas activities for EFL


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  • Introduce picturesMatch words to themRunning gameGuessing game (above head)Show it quickly and they sayWord grabBoard race – spellings!* PEN SWAPPING
  • Click picture to go to the printable version of the wordsearch
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  • Running dictationOr – choose 5-8 terms and decorate
  • FCE prep
  • Christmas activities for EFL

    1. 1. Christmas Activities: Ready to go! Sandy Millin Director of Studies, IH Sevastopol
    2. 2. Vocabulary mas-vocab-flash-cards/
    3. 3. Wordsearch/word jumble Answers
    4. 4. Christmas in the UK • What do you know about Christmas in the UK? • When do they celebrate? • What do they eat? • What do they do?
    5. 5. Christmas in the UK
    6. 6. After reading… • How do you celebrate Christmas in your family? • What is similar to the UK? What is different? • Are there any British Christmas traditions you’d like to try?
    7. 7. What’s in the stocking? • • • • It must be… It could be… It might not be… It can’t be… because… • Do you think it’s…? Taken from:
    8. 8. Christmas jokes Match the jokes to the responses 1/christmas-jokes-matching
    9. 9. Christmas speaking bingo • Student A: choose a card and show it to your team • as-speaking-cards • Others in the team: choose three words you think they will say when discussing the question. Content words, not grammar words! • Student A: speak about the topic for 30 seconds. Other students cross off words they hear.
    10. 10. Decorate your tree Taken from: OUP Christmas Activities 2013
    11. 11. Christmas cards • What does each Christmas card show and how does it represent Christmas? • Which two cards best represent Christmas for you? Adapted from:
    12. 12. Head drawing You walk into the living room. There is a Christmas tree to the left of the fireplace. Above the fireplace there are two stockings. On top of the Christmas tree there is a star. There are baubles on the Christmas tree. There are lots of presents under the tree. There is a table in front of the fireplace with cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer.
    13. 13. Head drawing • Put your paper on your head (lean on a book if you need to) • Listen to the text and draw what you hear. Your paper must stay on your head! • Compare your paper with your partner. • Can you remember the text?
    14. 14. Not enough?