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A dozen red roses anti-valentine poem


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A dozen red roses anti-valentine poem

  1. 1. A dozen red roses? A dozen red roses?You must be keen! You must be keen!Though I must confess Though I must confessThis doesnt mean This doesnt meanYou can love me less You can love me lessThe rest of the year The rest of the yearBut for now Ill say But for now Ill sayWhy thank you dear! Why thank you dear!Thanks for that day Thanks for that dayYou didnt frown You didnt frownYou said I looked pretty You said I looked prettyLeft the toilet seat down Left the toilet seat downTurned off the footy Turned off the footyHad a meaningful talk Had a meaningful talkCooked me dinner Cooked me dinnerTook a lovely walk Took a lovely walkOf course this day Of course this dayHas yet to show Has yet to showPerhaps next year? Perhaps next year?Perhaps tomorrow? Perhaps tomorrow?But today my dear But today my dearIm thinking how Im thinking howRomantic you are Romantic you areYoull do for now. Youll do for now.Jaded Love Jaded Love