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Garage Store Illinois Spring Projects


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New Floor for Olympia Fields Police Garage, New Janitor closet for Chicago Food Pantry, New Floor for Crystal Lake High School locker room. New floor for a tractor trailer.

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Garage Store Illinois Spring Projects

  1. 1. Flooring Makeover By The Garage Store (847) 428-8862
  2. 2. When the Crystal Lake Central High School decided that it needed a “makeover,” Garage Store Illinois stepped in to transform the floors in the Locker Room, the Shop and Classrooms. The new flooring gives the school a modern up-to-date look. They are both beautiful, durable and easy to clean. Students and faculty will appreciate their new and improved spaces. Take a look at our before and after pictures.
  3. 3. Locker Room Before: Even when clean, the floor looked dingy and dirty.
  4. 4. Locker Room Step 1: Surface is prepped; cracks are filled.
  5. 5. Locker Room Step 2: The “flake” is added, which will give the floor beauty and texture
  6. 6. Locker Room Step 3: The floor is finished with the durable coating
  7. 7. Locker Room The Beautiful, durable and easy-to-clean floor is ready for the athletes!
  8. 8. Classroom - After The classroom is ready for the new school year to begin!
  9. 9. Classroom - Before Who wants to attend classes in this room?
  10. 10. Shop - Before The Shop floor is worn out! Dingy and hard to clean!
  11. 11. Shop Floor - After The Shop is ready for any project, no matter how messy. The floor is easy to clean and will keep its beauty for years to come!
  12. 12. Crystal Lake Central High School Pride: The Garage Store is also proud to have helped Crystal Lake Central High School improve the quality of life for its students and faculty!
  13. 13. Call us today to hear more about our flooring and organization systems!