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Coffee Break: Social Business No Jelly Fish!


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Coffee Break: Social Business No Jelly Fish!

  1. 1. Get BOLDSocial Business Coffee BreakSandy Carter | VP, Social Business EvangelistIBM Corporation Follow me @ sandy_carter Subscribe to my blog
  2. 2. Don’t act like a Jellyfish • Think - Plan your social business journey and destination • Don’t Consume & Spray - Engage your customers • Learn from your engagements
  3. 3. Prepare to engage across theDynamic Customer Journey • Many are still just spraying messages into social • According to Altimeter, the Marketing funnel has evolved into a Dynamic Customer journey • New touchpoints for influencing customers and their networksSource: Brian Solia, Alitimer Research group, April 2012
  4. 4. Gain trust, Engage through experiencesin the customer journey – Customers aren’t spectators waiting to listen to your spam – Seek comments, sharing, feedback, conversations – Respond directly to them and encourage conversation – Gamify the interaction to further the relationship
  5. 5. Available Now ISBN-10: 0132618311 ISBN-13: 9780132618311 Subscribe to my blog Follow me @ sandy_carter 5