Coffee break 4th Era of Brand - Jellyfish


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What to focus on in socia

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Coffee break 4th Era of Brand - Jellyfish

  1. 1. Get BOLDSocial Business Coffee BreakSandy Carter | VP, Social Business EvangelistIBM Corporation Follow me @ sandy_carter Subscribe to my blog
  2. 2. Don’t act like a Jellyfish whengoing social with your brand • They don’t have a brain to think ahead • They just float around, consume and spray out • They do not learn
  3. 3. Four Eras of Brands 1900s- Brands as Identifiers How do I find it? 1930s 1930s- Brands as Symbols How do I find quality? 1990s 1990s- Brands as Individual How does this brand relate to my 2000s Relationships personal values? 2000s Brands as How does this brand + Dynamic, Social matter to my social processes community?Source: based on research from Dr. Stephen Vargo (Univ. of Hawaii), and Dr. Robert Lusch (Univ. of Arizona)
  4. 4. In the 4th Brand Era, You Must BuildBrand Value with a Community 1. Plan your social business journey and destination 2. Engage your customers; don’t just spray brand messages 3. Learn from your engagements
  5. 5. Plan your journey – AMap Business Goals and Priorities Business Goals Enable Reach Support Increase superior & 15% marketplac products rapid Market e financial per customer Share literacy customer service Social 1 2 Example HeatmapGoal Business Challenges to Issues Impacted Potential Social Initiatives achieve Goal Audience(s)*Reach 15%  Lack of physical presence  Strong core  “Traditional” cust  Provide “physical” perception for online channelMarket Share  Maintain current segments – segments growth requires  Build online relationships with people vs. virtual distribution model expansion  New Customers CSRs, … (faces, names, …)  Migrate legacy phone-  New product dev,  “web friendly”  Virtual café centric customers intro, education prospects  Expand Social Ambassadors  Call Center scale  Customer Service Reps  Engage customers in product innovation  Product Managers  “How to you bank when there isn’t a bank?” 5
  6. 6. Plan your journey -Assess if your Company Culture is ready Cultural Theme Culture Questions C = Current D = Desired 1 2 3 4 5 Boundaries Isolated functions Cross functional cooperation Teaming Individual competitive Team oriented Learning Slow adopting new skills Continuous learning cultureManagement Style Controlling DelegatingHorizontal Comms Bureaucratic, formal channels Free communication up the org Open Comms Guarded communication Open communication Initiative Follow specific instructions Take initiative Risk Tolerance Punish mistakes Learn from mistakes Pace Slow, cautious pace Fast pace Rules / Process Keep to rules Ignore rules Hierarchy Many organizational layers Few organizational layers 6
  7. 7. eats strategy for lunch!
  8. 8. Available Now ISBN-10: 0132618311 ISBN-13: 9780132618311 Subscribe to my blog Follow me @ sandy_carter 8