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The math api


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The Math API

Published in: Education
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The math api

  1. 1. Șandru Adrian and Tean Mihai Present
  2. 2. The API  API Provider :  API Endpoint :  API Homepage : Caascade Remote Computation API  Primary Category : Math  Secondary Categories: Education  Protocol / Formats : HTTP, JSON  Related to? : Wolfram | Alpha  Advantages over Wolfram | Alpha include: 1) Cost 2) Clients may request custom operations 3) Caascade includes end-user authentication 4) Personal technical support.  Some disadvantages: A) Fewer supported operations B) Currently in beta C) No natural language processing.  SSL Support : Yes  Authentication : ModeOther/Custom
  3. 3. API Usage and Limitations ☰ Two-Factor Authentication ✔ ☰ Real-time statistics ✔ ☰ FIFO compute priority ✔ ☰ Technical support ✔ ☰ Custom widgets ✔ ☰ PDF output ✔ ☰ Drupal module ✔ ☰ Wordpress plugin ✔ ☰ Github repository ✔ ☰ TeX output ✔ ☰ Control panel ✔ ☰ Share points ✔ ☰ Computation request 1 pt ☰ Rate Limiting1 5 seconds ☰ Free sign-up bonus +250 pts ☰ Free monthly points +250 pts The free user API has a 5 seconds between operations delay and requires 1 point for each operations which limits the number of free operations to 250/month.
  4. 4. API on site settings Depending on the type of message parsing the output returned from the API site can be set in 3 different formats : Linear 2D TEX
  5. 5. Operations and functions (I) Some of the operations are already implemented by the programs and there is no reason to call an API for them. The operations are divided by an informal ranking based on difficulty of implementation and knowledge required. Rank: Common Are the Mathematical operations that can be easily done by in the code by using defined operations or functions. Instead of using an API these operations can be resolved in the html code. Rank: Uncommon The Mathematical operations that are not always defined in the libraries but can be easily implemented by the user.
  6. 6. Operations and functions (II) Rank: Rare The Mathematical operations that are rarely defined in the libraries and not that easy to implement by the common user. Rank: Epic The Mathematical operations and functions that are resolved by using specialized programs and for implementation in the program the user needs a moderate knowledge of mathematics. Rank: Legendary The implementations of these functions into a program is very difficult and requires advanced knowledge of mathematics.
  7. 7. The Common
  8. 8. The Uncommon The Rare
  9. 9. The Epic The Legendary