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Sandra amadi 1164_evaluation

  1. 1. EvaluationSandra Amadi
  2. 2. Sandra AmadiHow are you using media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? The planning of my poster, magazine and trailer meant that I would have to use a range of media technologies for the planning section. This includes the internet; Blogger, YouTube and Vevo were very useful as it allowed me to watch real trailers and research posters of films and magazines, this would benefit me as I would have an idea of what I needed to do in terms of ideas. I used Blogger to keep a record of my ideas and notes, this was a good idea because blogger is interactive and easy to use. Using Blogger is more convenient as I wouldn’t have to rely on paper with notes, rather I could keep a methodological log of my work. From this I would be able to identify what makes a good magazine, good poster the codes and conventions of film trailers of my genre. Before I could initially start I had to get ideas and opinions on what to do, so I took my ideas to Facebook and Twitter. I asked several questions on what my trailer should be about, the feedback I got was decent but could have been better in terms of practicality. I chose to use these social networking sites as I could target a wider audience meaning that I would get different opinions if I out it out there. This is what happened as I got many people that I don’t even know offering their ideas and opinions, this was successful. Facebook and Twitter are also good because they are immediate PLANNING
  3. 3. Sandra AmadiHow are you using media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? I used the search engine Google to help me research some well known films that are out there, I wanted to analyse the codes and conventions hopefully using the same ideas in my own production. It allowed me to research different types of genres. It is fair to say that I used Google a lot, this is because of the variety that it has to offer. I also used the SFX Moodle site to keep up with important dates and deadlines regarding the construction of my work. With the deadlines being there, this is a constant reminder that the deadline is fast approaching and that I should remain on track and not be distracted. I managed to stay in contact with my partner Deborah via Twitter, this meant that on days that we couldn’t meet up we were in constant contact throughout the whole construction of my trailer. For my trailer I watched Sket, Bullet Boy and Kidulthood, I chose to research these trailer as I felt that it relates to the target audience I am targeting. The internet was good as it allowed me to research on a large scale. I also learnt the do’s and don’t’s of creating films. I got inspiration from watching the trailers and this enabled me to create a storyboard, I made this on PowerPoint because I wanted to make it interactive. This is where I placed all my ideas and what I wanted to do, this ranged from images and text. The images I used here were working images as the actors weren’t my planned actors. Most of my actors did not attend my college so I had to improvise and use actors that were in my immediate reach. I used a digital camera to take the pictures I used this type of camera because the quality of the images it produces is exceptional. PLANNING
  4. 4. Sandra AmadiHow are you using media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? I was already aware of how to use Photoshop from AS but I thought that I would go back and search how to use Photoshop at a more experienced level compared to AS. While doing this I learnt about tools that I never came across in AS, I was shocked at the new tools I found and experiment more with them in my spare time to build up my skills from amateur to pro. I would not rule out paint as I did use it to edit some images that were quite challenging to edit in Photoshop. To keep a track of my deadlines, Microsoft Outlook was very useful as this was linked in with SFX Moodle, so I got an email every time the deadline was nearing, this kept me involved and aware of what was going on. I took advantage of this and decided to create a timetable, this would also help me keep up to date with my deadlines and as well as when I hoped to start filming and our filming dates. This is what pushed me everyday, the fact that I set myself a challenge. RESEARCH
  5. 5. Sandra AmadiHow are you using media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? My blog is very interactive, my blog contains images and texts as well as presentation slides. My blog is easily accessible, this allowed me to constantly update my blog and go back to my planning and research when creating my poster, magazine and trailer. The use of images, presentation slides and text made my blog interactive and more detailed. While researching fonts I came across, this was a font website that I also used in AS so my knowledge about it was there. There was one particular font that stood out for me on this font was the font that I chose to use for my poster, magazine and trailer. I chose this font because I felt that it went well together with my storyline and the title of my trailer. The font didn’t just appear like that, I had to download the font then embed it on the pc. This will make the font registered and allow me to use it on that pc anytime I wanted to. RESEARCH
  6. 6. Sandra Amadi How are you using media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? In the construction the main media My plan for my trailer was to have a voice over, this technologies I used were Abode Premier Iwas key as I wanted to tell the story through the main used this mainly for editing my the scenes I characters voice, I wanted to create a bond. I used recorded to producing my trailer. Adobe premier was new to me as I has not used it high technical equipment for this stage. I actually before im previous years. I thought that went to a professional studio and used professional using Windows movie maker would be equipment such as Cubase and Soundbase. I chose to holding myself back as in a year 2 studentdo this as I didn’t want to record it off my phone as the an I should be using a range of media quality would be poor and hard to hear. technologies, not the basic ones. Adobe premier is really advanced, this allowed me a higher range of editing skills such as changing the lightness of scenes that i have already shot to dark. This software was fantastic as it enabled me to speed up shots ad slow down scenes to create a certain effect. My partner Deborah, was the main person in charge of the editing stage so I didn’t really get to experience Adobe Premier as I would have liked to however this decision was agreed on a mutual agreement which I was happy with. CONSTRUCTION
  7. 7. Sandra Amadi How are you using media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Photoshop was the main software I used for poster and magazine. The picture I used were taken by me from a digital camera and editing in Photoshop. As Ive said before I really enjoyed using Photoshop, watching tutorial on YouTube was also a bonus this helped me to be bold and use thesame tools. Photoshop enabled me to manipulate images. To help me get used to Photoshop I wenthome and challenged myself to create a few things, for example I cropped myself out from a pic and placed it on the moon. When I showed people this they were shocked and praised my Photoshop skills, from then I knew my skills had improved from AS. When I was told that I had to create my Magazine in InDesign I was upset as I used it in AS to create my magazine and I just didn’t get it. I believe this is evident in my production of my magazine. Thefeedback I got from my magazine is that it looked more like a poster than a magazine, now I just need to get the frame correct so that my magazine actually looks like a magazine, not a poster. The pictures I took and the scenes I recorded were from a high technical equipment. The scenes were recorded off a video camera and the pictures were taken on a digital camera. I wanted my trailer to seem as real as possible so it was vital that I did this. CONSTRUCTION
  8. 8. Sandra Amadi How are you using media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? For my evaluation I used Blogger, Prezi and AuthorStream. Initially I used Slideshare at first, but then I had to switch over as I encountered many problems surrounding Slideshare as my presentation slides that I uploaded wouldn’t load for some reason. I also encountered difficultieswhen logging in and logging out. I also used PowerPoint to embed my ideas onto slides as images and texts. EVALUATION
  9. 9. Sandra AmadiWhat have you learnt from your audience feedback? The feedback I got from my film poster was that it can be improved. My teacher suggested that I should have used images from my actual film as this is the code and convention for film posters. However I chose to use separate pictures from my trailer as I felt that I could get more. The image of my main character is an image of her facing the floor, this shows that she cant face her problems she finds it hard as she is going through so much. I initially was going to use an image of her putting her hands out hinting that she is unsure of who to pick. Her ex or her current boyfriend. The image of her ex and her current boyfriend suggest that there is a sort of war going on between the both of them. The background image is of broken glass this links in with the name of my trailer Broken.
  10. 10. Sandra AmadiWhat have you learnt from your audience feedback? The feedback I got from my Magazine Front Cover was that the use of the film roll was very creative however the layout was plain resulting in it looking more like a poster than a Magazine Front Cover. I had to change my font on many occasions because the feedback I got was that it was an unusual font to use for a magazine. So I changed it to something more youthful. I chose to include a bar code onto my Magazine Front Cover to make it more authentic. My audience were very impressed with the idea of the film roll as it included all the main scenes that were in my trailer. I chose to stick to the use of the same colours Black and Red
  11. 11. Sandra Amadi What have you learnt from your audience feedback? There were a range of camera This scene received a lot of My audience got the shots used and my trailer did heavy criticism, many people impression that my follow the codes and said that they could not make institution was comical rather conventions. For next time I out what the girl was saying as than serious. My institution want to make it obvious to the her voice wasnt loud enough was not really made on viewer that they are watching and the music was enough thought and planning. an urban romance film as they overpowering. The dialogue We had the choice to go back should be able to know this was really good from what my and work on our institution before hand. The voice over audience could make out from but we chose to keep it the was very clever as it told the the scene so on the other hand same as we didnt want story of what was going on in so I decided to keep this scene anything too over the top. the trailer from the main and work on the sound characters eyes. increasing the dialogue and decreasing the musicWHAT MY AUDIENCE LIKED?
  12. 12. Sandra Amadi What have you learnt from your audience feedback? The feedback I got from the The slamming of the door and With the main character’s font choice was it relates to the sound effects works well mum throwing water on herthe title of my film. The font is as the audience feels more creates suspense, we chose to broken and the name is involved and they feel like include this scene at the end broken . The sound effect of they are actually present. The to engage the viewer. Thisglass being broken also ties in fact that we actually got a real shows that the issue is seriouswith the name of the film and ambulance van and went to a as there is abuse going on. the font hospital shows that we went all out in making sure our trailer was a success. This leaves the audience in suspense as they arent aware of who is actually in the van and with the characters it could be anyone.
  13. 13. Sandra AmadiWhat have you learnt from your audience feedback? To be honest some of my audience were concerned with my trailer, some said that they wouldnt actually see the film this was because they felt that it didnt appeal to them. This shows that just because my product is targeted at a specific audience doesnt mean that they will automatically enjoy it. Initially I was going to use an image from my actual trailer but I though that it would be more effective if I took pictures and then edited them in Photoshop to give them the effect that I was looking for, I found this better. I did this for my magazine as well. The layout of my poster was inspired from a few posters I researched, for example Sket, I used a similar layout to this poster, I slightly altered a few things as I didnt want it to be the same, carbon copy. The fact that some of my audience failed to know the genre of my trailer was quite upsetting as I thought I made this obvious throughout my trailer. I tried to make it as representative as possible for example the choice of actors to the location of shots.
  14. 14. What have you learnt from your audience feedback? My trailer is effective along with my poster and The things I changed on my trailer was the magazine, the fact that they all relate in the same way sound because some of the dialoguefrom the images and text. The storyline I used build up wasnt clear so this made it hard to a story of what is going on. I hope that people can see make out what was being said. This wasthe link between my main product and ancillary tasks. the main criticism I received.Before hand I was told that my poster dosent really link to my film resulting in me having to make some My magazine still needs work, it can be changes as I wanted it to be clear that there was a link improved. My feedback was it is plain between the main product and ancillary texts. and doesnt really stand out in terms in someone buying it off the shelf. It lacks the further push. If I have time I will go back and change this and try and make it more interesting. Personally I think that my poster and magazine go well with my trailer, some would disagree. I purposefully tried to make my poster and magazine youthful because this would fit in well with my target audience.
  15. 15. Sandra AmadiHow effective is the combination of yourmain product and ancillary texts? My poster and magazine are both effective because I have used the same font throughout, I purposefully chose this for consistency, I wanted to be consistent, this way my poster and magazine would look more authentic. The title of my font is different to the font I used for the cover lines because I wanted to only be consistent with regards to the title. I used the same actors, to make my poster different I researched some posters and manipulated my images to give them the effect I wanted. For example I played around with the height of my actors making one taller than the other to make it obvious who the powerful one is. The costume of my actors is street/urban. This was because if the males were dressed in tuxedo’s this would challenge the representations I was putting across as its not really representative
  16. 16. Sandra AmadiHow effective is the combination of yourmain product and ancillary texts? The layout of my poster was inspired from posters I researched as well my magazine. The colour I used is consistent, the colours I used were red and black. The use of a barcode, price tag and issue number makes my magazine authentic. My poster has an age certificate of 15. this is because my target audience is 15-24. My soundtrack Mary J Blige was criticised for being to ‘R’N’B’ish’ because I was adamant we decided to keep the soundtrack as it relates to my story that is being told. The story is about people standing up for their rights, people that have been victims of life, for example domestic abuse and love. This links to the themes explored in my trailer, the song choice backs this up.
  17. 17. Sandra Amadi In what ways will your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? magazine and poster are very My trailer, successful in developing and challenging codes and conventions of real media products. Later or in the presentation you will find things that i did on purpose to challenge real media texts and things i did to develop real media texts and take it that extra further step.The use of the voice over conforms with most trailers My genre of my trailer is Urbanwith the theme of love, seeing as love is a theme Romance throughout my production iexplored in my trailer i thought i would be a good idea if wanted the audience to remember thisi used this in my own trailer. i used the voice over as iwanted the story to be told through the main character, not to think it was an action film so tothis will create a bond and make the audience feel more speak. The actors , props and costume iinvolved. The camera shots challenge the codes and used conform to the stereotypical viewconventions of real media products such as trailers. The of teenagers. In order to make my trailer convincing i had to go all out, this meantcamera shots i used were experimentful, i chose to use reaching the gangs and asking if theyshots that werent likely to feature in an urban romance wouldnt mind acting in my trailer. Offilm, for example panning shots but not of the sky view,for example but of scenery and a park. My trailer is course my actors and those that helpedtargeted at teenagers 15-24 but i wanted to challenge with the production of my trailer werethe use of panning shots found in youth trailers. rewarded for their time and consistency. My characters are very stereotypical.
  18. 18. Sandra Amadi In what ways will your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of Some of the codes and conventions i chose to real media products? My trailer creates suspense with include were not included the fast scenes, the build up in the as i didnt want to make soundtrack and the voice over copies of other peoples The soundtrack playing, ‘No more tension is created which makes the work, i wanted to be drama – Mary J Blige’ was a good audience aware that there is a big different. Some scenes choice because it fits in with the build up and something drastic is were i developed these storyline. At first we were going to going to happen. The locations i codes and conventions use ‘Who you are’ by Jessie J, but we chose to film in are well known werent used as they were changed to Mary J Blige as we felt places around south London, they seen as too extreme. The that the song was made for our have that natural feel, thats why main trailers that trailer. the scene where the main character influenced me the most is getting strangled is filmed in one that i researched were of the estates there. The local parkKidulthood, Bullet Boy and was also useful, its spacious and theSket, these trailers are very mis-en-scene is fantastic, isimilar as they are targeted conformed to codes and at roughly the same conventions here.audience there fore makingit successful. I noticed thatthe gang members were all dressed in a similar way, this is a code and convention of youth films.
  19. 19. Sandra Amadi In what ways will your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? The tag lines in my trailer are directed pointed to the audience, with hard hitting statements my trailer raises awareness of the growing issues in society today, from gun crime to domestic abuse. The layout of my trailer is good, the scenes are placed in a methodological order, building up to a story being told. When creating my trailer my main focus was Social realism, i wanted my trailer to address many issues that have been tucked under the pillow in society today. While doing this i didnt want to be too extreme and go over the top. The roles in the trailer are quite stereotypical, the girl is being played to be the victim of circumstances. We could have chose to challenge this representation like how ‘Sket’ did by making the girl/girls more dominant. In my trailer the boys are the d0minant ones as they have the most power.
  20. 20. Sandra Amadi In what ways will your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? The layout of my poster challenges real media products for the fact that i have chosen not to usean image from my initial trailer, rather i chose to take a picture of my actors and edit them on tomy poster. Having researched poster i saw that this was the case with most posters i believe it was done be4cause its more effective. The title of my poster is in the middle as i want this to be the main focus when it is seen, the rating shows my target audience i am reaching. My main colourused is white, i chose white because i knew i would be working on a white background, so the text had to stand out. My magazine layout also challenges the codes and conventions of magazine front covers i also deliberately chose to use images from my film, but not one dominant image, i created a film roll, with the main scenes in the slots. I did this because i felt that it was more youthful and wouldshowcase my In Design as well as Photoshop skills. The cover lines and the placing of the barcode make my magazine really authentic.