Analysis of film posters


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Analysis of film posters

  1. 1. ANALYSIS OFFILM POSTERS Sandra Amadi – Media Studies
  2. 2. Film posters are to promote anupcoming film, to raise awareness. Thelayout of the poster shows who are thedominant characters. The two halves withTrey being at the bottom connotesweakness, the close up image is used toreflect the mood of Trey. The darknessaround him represents him as a victim in thefilm, the two halves used reinforces this. Theclothing girls are dressed in challenges thecodes and conventions of females in films.They’re wearing ‘hoodies’ which go againstthe stereotypes of women, according toMulvey. Mulvey argued that there is a ‘MaleGaze’. The colour used for the Title ispink. This shows that in this film, the femalesare dominant; the cover line says ‘Welcometo the SISTERHOOD’ also shows power, withthis being in the middle makes the girls thefocal point. This represents girl’s v boys andtheir audience is drawn in to see who willovercome. The background images depict Directed by: Nirpal Bhogala stereotypical view of London, the council Produced by: Daniel Tolandestates give ideas that the main charactersare from working class backgrounds and this Terry Stoneis the reason for their ways of life, gangculture. The war between the girls and treyillustrate a revenge society, linking it to thereason for gun and knife crime, a recklesscity. The title of the film is ‘Sket’ which isslang for a girl that is loose. This ties in withthe target audience, the film is to inform,educate and entertain, this is shown in thetarget audience, 15+.
  3. 3. The layout of the posterdraws attention to the main image,which is of the main character. With thelittle images inside his head could giveof the idea that he has psychologicalproblems. This could also shows thatgun crime starts from a young age.The little image is of his youngerbrother and his friend. The poster represents abroke background, it showscorruptness that can happen in afamily institution. As the main characterhasn’t been a good role model to hisyounger brother, this is shownthroughout the film as he himself getshooked on gun crime. The colour usedin the background is green. The gunhas phallic meanings, this shows whois in control. The film creates realismby representing London as how itgenuinely is, with all the gun and knifecrime. This links in with the targetaudience, the film is targeted at youths; Directed by: Saul Dibbpersonally i would say the purpose ofthe film is to make youth’s aware of thedangers of gun and knife crime, to Produced by: Ruth Calebdeter them away from this lifestyle. Marc Boothe
  4. 4. The poster makes it obvious to theaudience that they are the main characters. It setsthe scene and hints the relationship between theboth of them. By the basketball being lifted by bothof them this makes it the focal point of both of theirlives. The clothing also reinforces the focal point ofthe film. The colour white, represents purity,this suggests their relationship is pure and healthy;however that’s what the audience is left to think.Even the title ‘Love & Basketball’ encodes manydifferent meanings. The long shot and them holdingthe basketball shows they’re town between eachother. Stereotypes are broken regarding ‘Love &Basketball’. The fact that the woman playsbasketball from a young age may i add challengesthe representation of women. The film is targeted atall ages, the film takes us through the link betweenlove and basketball illustrating that all is fair in loveand basketballDirected by: Gina Prince – Bythewood Andrew Z. Davis Cynthia GuidryProduced by: Spike Lee Jay Stern Sam Kit