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Analysis of film magazines


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Analysis of film magazines

  1. 1. ANALYSIS OF FILMMAGAZINES Sandra Amadi – Media Studies
  2. 2. My initial thought of the magazine front coveris that its very bright. The use of the brightcolours attract the reader. Im sure if someonesaw the magazine on a shelf they would beinstantly attracted to it and theyre more likelyto buy it cause of the bright coloursused, Red and Yellow.The m ain image is of Johnny Depp, mostlynotable for starring in Pirate of theCaribbean, the use of this is good because byputting a well known person on the cover willincrease sells. The image also relates to thebackground. Pirates of The Caribbean isfilmed in the sea, the image of the sea relatesto the main image.The cover lines on the magazine also make itstand out. Yellow is used for the cover linesto highlight the most important storylines. Thisis smart because Yellow is a colour thatstands out as its so bright.It could be argued that the intended targetaudience is everyone, both male and female.The main character is of a man, however itspossible that men will relate more to the filmthen female because of the storyline of thefilm. Its about adventure. Those from aworking class background are most likely towatch the film
  3. 3. The masthead of the magazine is clear andbold. By doing this it already establishes themagazine company. This automaticallyattracts an audience. The colour schemeused works as the colours compliment eachother in a positive way. The bronze colouralso hints towards the main film for themagazine. The colour bronze ties in with thename of the film. I think this was done onpurpose.The main image is also bold and stands outfrom the rest of the magazine. Thebackground colour also makes the imagestand out, the use of red against a bluebackground. The eyes of Iron Man areglowing the same for this hand.One of the cover lines has been cleverly usedto represent the moon in the backgroundpicture. The layout of the cover lines are inproportion however one of the taglines seemas if it was just placed there.The intended target audience for thismagazine is likely to be males, boys as this iswhat therere interested in. A female readingthis would go against the grain as she isntthe intended target audience.
  4. 4. The slogans and cover lines shows that thefilms are of a high status, this is attractive tothe reader. The cover lines hint what will bepresent in the magazine giving the audiencesomething to look forwards to, they pull theaudience in.The layout of the magazine is very basic, notto mention that there is no barcode. Thisquestions the authenticity of the magazine.The colours used are white, black and redwhich are very basic, this could be becauseof the films the magazine is trying to promote.