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8 DIMENSIONS   Characteristics of Role Play Design – 77 design decisions                                     Middle Easter...
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Design Decisions Middle Eastern Politics


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Design Decisions Middle Eastern Politics

  1. 1. 8 DIMENSIONS Characteristics of Role Play Design – 77 design decisions Middle Eastern Politics SimulationDESIGNERS Designed by a team: Multi-discipline Multi-institution Educational developers Branding/namingCONTEXT Student enrolment status: All on-campus All off-campus Mixed Cross Campus Cross Institutional Cross Disciplinary Cross Borders Total duration including online and f2f components plus final assessment task 4 weeks Duration of online role play interaction only 3 weeks Function of f2f with teacher: Briefing & role adoption Computer lab time scheduled Regular progress meetings scheduled Regular meetings scheduled in role Culminates in peace delegation or formal meeting in role to aid consensus Culminates in presentation but not necessarily in role Culminates in a debrief Approximate number of students in largest class 250ROLES Maximum number of roles 70 Type of role: Stakeholder organization Stakeholder organization - name changed or removed or composite to protect identity Stakeholder title Stakeholder title & fictitious name Real person Real person - name changed Real person – historical Fictional Private agendas as well as public agendas Students publish role profile: None Position statement only Profile “in” role Profile “about” role Student chooses own role Roles are played anonymously Moderator plays “in role” Students in multiple roles Teams play one role: note: team members are thus not anonymous to each other Single site Multi sitePROBLEM Types of scenario: Real & current Based on real world Real & historical Fictional Multiple Episodes Daily News Money TransactionsASSESSMENT Role play optional e.g. can opt out & take exam instead Percentage of total assessment 40%MODERATION Resolution process: Moderator decides Moderator in role decides One student role decides Derole & Debrief: Stay in role Face to face group debrief Videotaped group debrief Written reflection Permission needed from moderator for some actions Tutors as extra moderators Interventionist moderatorRULES Participant obligations Private meeting spacesSUPPORT Student Guide Moderator Guide Team building activities Materials or Learning Objects provided: Real documents Fictional documents Grey literature (from academic’s research) Based on real world Created by students Multimedia/video Platform: LMS Yahoo/Hotmail Custom built in-house Hosted service e.g. Fablusi Second Life/3D Virtual World 1