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Literature Searching for MBA ( on-campus students)


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Literature Searching for MBA ( on-campus students)

  1. 1. Literature Searching (MBA) Jamie Halstead
  2. 2. In this workshop we will look at...• How you currently search for literature and what you would like to know• How to develop an effective search strategy• How to use the library resources / databases effectively• Evaluating information for quality and relevance
  3. 3. Need information……
  4. 4. Think about the following……• What do I need to find?• How and where am I going to find the information?• How do I know if the information is good?
  5. 5. A Literature Search• Having decided on a subject area, starting off with a broad review of the literature should help to develop your ideas and your search strategy.• Having defined / narrowed your search topic, you can focus on the research / literature that can contributes to your review.• Searching the literature can help you to piece together a picture of the network of citations and the identify the core works.
  6. 6. Planning your search strategy Think about:• Area of interest• Keywords• Scope of subject
  7. 7. Planning Worksheet
  8. 8. Search tips• Search for phrases eg. “human computer interaction”• Broaden search eg. comput* (finds computer, computing, computerization, computers etc)• Narrow search eg. data AND warehousing• Widen search eg. USA OR America
  9. 9. Accessing Library Resources > My Study > My Library
  10. 10. Library Subject GuidesmyUniHub > My Study > My Library > Library Subject Guides
  11. 11. Searching Library DatabasesToday, we will look for information on: ‘The mobile phone industry in the UK’Using a variety of databases, including:• Business Source Complete• Keynote• Passport GMID
  12. 12. Business Source Complete: Journal Articles Try using the‘Advanced Search’
  13. 13. Business Source Complete: Industry Profile Type in your search terms and Select ‘Industry Profile’ as the Publication Type
  14. 14. Business Source Complete: Country Report Type in your search terms and Select ‘Country Report’ as the Publication Type
  15. 15. Business Source Complete: Company Profiles At the top of the screen – Click on More and select ‘Company Profiles’
  16. 16. Newspaper Articles Proquest Newsstand allows to search across all the key UK newspapers and access the full text of the articles
  17. 17. Keynote An excellent collection of Market Reports and Company Information for the UK
  18. 18. Passport GMID An excellent Global Market Information Database
  19. 19. Right information source for the job Books Journals InternetNewspapers Reports
  20. 20. Evaluating information• It is crucial to evaluate your search results for quality and relevance• Is it what you need and is it trustworthy?• You should consider the following criteria:
  21. 21. • Authority : Who is the author? What is their knowledge base/qualifications? Is the article published in a scholarly / peer reviewed journal?• Relevance : Is this what I need? Will it answer my question? Is it at the right level?• Objectivity : Balanced view? Opposing views represented? Links to supporting information?• Intent : What is the purpose of information e.g. financial gain, propaganda, academic etc?• Method : How was the information produced? Are the research methods appropriate?• Currency: How old is this information? When was it last updated and by whom?
  22. 22. Tips for Online Access (Off campus)
  23. 23. Always log-in to MyUnihubmyUniHub > My Study > My Library
  24. 24. If MyUnihub doesn’t automatically logyou in to our online resources You may need to look for an Athens Login link
  25. 25. If you see an Athens Login Page withno Middlesex link... Click onAlternative Login
  26. 26. Scroll down the page....
  27. 27. SelectUniversities
  28. 28. Select Middlesex University
  29. 29. Click here
  30. 30. ...and if asked to login again, use yournetwork/uniHub username and password
  31. 31. Referencing Click here to access the Referencing & Citation Guide for the Business School
  32. 32. Finding previous dissertations... Search for Business dissertation or Mba dissertation
  33. 33. Need further help?Please e-mail us for further help / to book an appointmentJamie Halstead a Librarian
  34. 34. FinallyI would be very grateful if you would spend acouple of minutes to provide some feedback on thissession and your Library Experiences