BA FS session 1


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BA FS session 1

  1. 1. BAFS Session 1 Who are we and what we doUnderstanding your reading listshttp:// / study / library
  2. 2. In this workshop we will look at:• Who we are and what we do• Library resources• Reading lists• Finding books in the library
  3. 3. Who, what and why?
  4. 4. Library and IT are…
  5. 5. Library Subject Guides > My Study > My Library > Library Subject Guides
  6. 6. Understanding your reading lists Task 2: Using the Library Catalogue search for the 4 references on the worksheet , answer the questions and fill in the missing information.
  7. 7. • Johnson, G., Whittington, R. and Scholes, K. (2011). Exploring Strategy. (9th edn). Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall.• Goodall, K. and Warner, M. (2003) ‘Lafarge in China: Cross- National’. In Gooderham, P.N. and Nordhaug, O. (Eds). International Management: Cross-Boundary Challenges. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 102-129• Galbreath, J. (2009). Building corporate social responsibility into strategy. European Business Review, 21(2), 109-127.• Steers, R.M., Sanchez-Runde, C. and Nardon L. (2010). Management across cultures: challenges and strategies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  8. 8. BookAuthors Date Title Edition Johnson, G., Whittington, R. and Scholes, K. (2011). Exploring Strategy. (9th edn). Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall.Place of publication Publisher
  9. 9. Book chapter in edited bookAuthors of chapter ‘Title of chapter’Goodall, K. and Warner, M. (2003). ‘Lafarge inChina: Cross-National’. In Gooderham, P.N andNordhaug, O. (Eds) International management:Cross boundary challenges. Oxford: BlackwellPublishing, 102-129 Editors of book Title of edited book
  10. 10. Journal Article Title of articleGalbreath, J. (2009). Building corporate socialresponsibility into strategy. European BusinessReview. 21(2), 109-127Title of journal Volume/number Pages
  11. 11. E-book Access full-text
  12. 12. Finding books in the library Shelf number
  13. 13. Finding books in the library
  14. 14. Coming next week… • Evaluating information • Search strategiesSource:
  15. 15. Need further help?Your Librarians are : Sandra Celada Jamie Halstead Ask a Librarian