The Impact of Reaching out to


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This presentation is about:
-My finding regarding Windows Phone Spanish-speaking markets
-How English apps contrast with Spanish apps in regards to language
-How does English social media reach compares to the Spanish social media
-A few recommendations

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The Impact of Reaching out to

  1. 1. The Impact of Reaching out to Non-English Speaking Windows Phone Markets A Quick Overview
  2. 2. A Little Bit About Me • User Experience Specialist • Windows Phone Designer/Developer • Native Spanish Speaker • Family-Friendly App Promotional Platform Founder
  3. 3. About Windows Parent • First promotional platform for Windows Phone and Windows 8 app that specializes on kids and parenting apps • Founded 2 years ago • Worked closely with over 200 developers around the world to promote their apps online, Windows Phone apps and Social Media • Offer services to developers for promoting their apps
  4. 4. About Windows Parent
  5. 5. My Apps English Apps Spanish Apps App Discovery by Windows Phone Parent Buscador de Apps por Familia Windows Phone The Three Vampires Los Tres Vampiros
  6. 6. What is this presentation about… • Share my finding regarding Windows Phone Spanish-speaking markets • How English apps contrast with Spanish apps in regards to language • How does English social media reach compares to the Spanish social media • A few recommendations What it isn’t about… • How to localized your app
  7. 7. Data Overview • 3 months of data: – November 1st 2013 to January 31st 2014 • Data from: – Apps downloads – Apps instrumentation – Facebook – Wikipedia
  8. 8. Data from Dev Centre APP DOWNLOADS
  9. 9. English vs. Spanish Apps Downloads 41% English apps Spanish apps 59%
  10. 10. Spanish Speaking Countries vs. The World Downloads Latin America (ES) 43% 49% Spain US (ES) 2% 6% Non-Spanish Speaking Countires
  11. 11. Spanish Speaking Market Distribution Mexico Argentina Colombia Spain Chile Peru Costa Rica Ecuador Guatemala Venezuela Paraguay El Salvador Puerto Rico Nicaragua Dominican Republic Bolivia Honduras Uruguay
  12. 12. Spanish Speaking Market Distribution 17% 5% 69% 5% 4% Mexico Argentina Colombia Spain Other Spanish Speaking Country
  13. 13. User Language Settings 11% 8% 48% Spanish English Portuguese 33% Other
  14. 14. App Language & User Language English Apps 2% Spanish Apps 22 % 76 % English Users Spanish Users Other Users 5% Spanish Users English Users Other Users 17 % 78 %
  15. 15. App Language & User Language Localization vs. App duplication (other language) English Apps Spanish Apps - What language users would I have attracted? - Would I Portuguese German speaker or the have lost the German Users Portuguese Portuguese speakers? French Users Other Users Italian - What about Cultural Fluency ? …. Cultural what??? 56 % 27 % 6% 11 % French Other Users 29 % 66 2% % 3%
  16. 16. Cultural Fluency • Just as user-centered design transformed technology in the 1990s and early 2000s, cultural fluency needs to transform it today: user experience (UX) design that’s familiar enough with a user’s cultural background to meet him or her halfway.
  17. 17. Cultural Fluency • Cultural fluency demands abandoning the idea that functionality is a universal language, and that “good UX” is culturally agnostic. • Consider the use of gestural interfaces in a world where gestures mean very different things in different cultures. Or using scrolling for timelines when time horizons (among other culturally sensitive dimensions) represent different values to different societies. Even the idea of touching our screens is a culturally sensitive UX action.
  18. 18. Data from App Instrumentation APP USAGE
  19. 19. New Users Map English App Spanish App A new user is a user who has just started using the application. Users are identified by unique phone IDs to ensure that a user is in fact a unique new user and not just an installation.
  20. 20. Sessions Distribution 43% 57% Spanish App English App
  21. 21. Active Users 41% Spanish App English App 59% An active user is defined as a user that has had a session with the application on a monthly basis.
  22. 22. Overlapping Users 0.356% Spanish App 41.3% 58.4% English App Both Apps
  23. 23. Category Interest by Language English App Spanish App
  24. 24. Download Distribution between Apps mazoocard LITE Michael's Math Zoo English App Spanish App Jigsolve Me! Baby Toy Phone - Musical Babies Game Free
  25. 25. Devices Used by Different App Users English App Spanish App
  26. 26. App Session Languages English App Spanish App
  27. 27. Data from Facebook SOCIAL MEDIA
  28. 28. Daily New Likes 11% Familia Windows Windows Parent 89%
  29. 29. Daily Page Engaged Users 32% Familia Windows Windows Parent 68%
  30. 30. Daily Total Reach 25% Familia Windows Windows Parent 75%
  31. 31. Daily Total Impressions 23% Familia Windows Windows Parent 77%
  33. 33. Most Spoken Languages
  34. 34. Most Spoken Language On-line
  35. 35. Spanish is Big in The US 12% of the total US population speaks Spanish
  36. 36. Windows Phone is big in Mexico
  37. 37. Conclusion • 59% of my app downloads came from my Spanish apps • 49% of my app downloads came from Latin America • My English apps had more users and sessions • Spanish App Facebook was most effective • It’s worth considering the Spanish Speaking market when developing on Windows Phone app
  38. 38. … take away! • Make your app available to all markets (if possible) • Prioritize localization at an early development stage • Invest in localization • Reach out to non-English speaking blogs and media • Consider duplicating your app in a different language (when it makes sense)
  39. 39. Q&A
  40. 40. Thanks! Sandra Sears Windows Parent @MetroWiseUX @WPParent