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Check out what they are saying about Live! You Didn't Die! by Sandra Mizell

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What they are saying about it!

  1. 1. What they are saying about it!<br />Check it out!<br />www.sandramizell.com<br />www.outskirtspress.com/liveyoudidntdie<br />
  2. 2. Meet the author!<br /> Sandra Thibodeaux Mizell, a native of Houma, Louisiana, and a former student of <br /> Terrebonne High School’s classof66 is the author of Live! You Didn’t Die! She also <br /> wrote a children’s book for grieving children; The Biggest and Best Trip Ever, a book <br /> about a trip to heaven. <br /> Sandra is married to GarlinMizell, an associate pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center <br /> in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They reside in Baton Rouge and have four children, ten <br /> grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. <br /> Sandra and her husband, Garlin were missionaries to Novosibirsk, Siberia from 1993- <br /> 1994. During their stay in Novosibirsk, they were the pastors of the Novosibirsk <br /> Christian Center. Sandra was the first lady to minister in the Novosibirsk Bible College. <br /> She and her husband have led other mission teams into Siberia and India. During a <br /> mission’s trip to India, Sandra facilitated an Encountering God Retreat, for the ladies of the churches in <br />Gargaland Delhi, India. Her first experience as a missionary was on a trip to Barretal, Mexico, to an <br /> orphanage operated by Ollie Lovett in 1986. <br /> Sandra presently mentors women in their church and is on the leadership team at Bethany World Prayer <br /> Center. Garlin and Sandra are the pastors for the Prime Timers (those over 60 years old) at both, the North <br /> and South campuses of Bethany. Sandra has had the opportunity to minister on retreats to pastors and <br /> church leaders from around the United States and foreign countries. Sandra and her team of leaders led <br /> retreats for other churches in Orlando, Florida; Shreveport, LA; New Orleans, LA; Houma, LA; and at the <br />MichindoRetreat Center in Ohio. Sandra ministers at the women's prison in St. Gabriel, LA, LOUISIANA <br /> CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTE FOR WOMEN (LCIW) with Women's Full Gospel Fellowship. <br /> Sandra Mizell is very passionate about bringing healing, deliverance, and restoration to others. Her teaching <br /> style is transparent and empathetic. Her ministry is geared to healing the hurting soul. She has been known <br /> to sit on the floor, and rock a woman in her arms, as though the woman were a small child, until the bands <br /> of rejection were broken. Others, watching in amazement as Sandra wept with the participant, discovered <br /> that they too were healed by this compassionate display of God’s heart. <br />
  3. 3. Don’t let this take your life away!<br /> I'm reading your book and am loving it. God is really doing a work in me. I've had a rough 3 years. My daughter was born extremely pre-mature @ 23 weeks, 1.5 lbs in 08'. That was a long first year of her life. But she lived & didn't die & is thriving! Then this year in January my husband & best friend of 15 years told me he didn't love me anymore. To make a long story short he abandoned, the Lord, four years of Bible college, me and our 4 year old son & now 2yr old daughter for my dear friend and sister in the Lord. I have to tell you it was so difficult at first. I was a stay at home mom and he left me with nothing. My Church stepped in & stepped up & God revealed himself so mighty! When I smacked myself in the face and made myself quit crying & get a job and provide for my babies & began to lean on God for everything. That's when the miracle took place! God's been so good to me, to show me just what you’re saying in your book "don't let this take your life away"! I'm growing stronger everyday! I'm so excited about this book. <br /> —B.P.<br />
  4. 4. A healing balm for all areas of society!<br /> "As I read this book, Live! You Didn’t Die! I began to see that it would be a healing balm for all areas of society! Many have endured hurt and pain in their lives and have no understanding of how to overcome. Reading this book gives one the pathway to a successful victory that comes with experiencing forgiveness. A great read…“<br /> — R. G.<br />
  5. 5. Acknowledge the fear of rejection!<br /> This "giant" little book opened the doors of so many feelings of unworthiness and never feeling as if I measured up to the expectations of significant persons in my life. Although, I do know that I was a wanted child in my parents lives, I have always lingered behind what I wanted to accomplish in my life. Was it the divorce? Was it not wanting to commit to another marriage? It was the fear of failure again. Through the readings and the scriptures, the book and God's Word gave me more of a sense of security in the steps I must take in my life. I can see where the feelings of un-acceptance in the life of a member of my family comes from. Where a mother doesn't have the connection to the child growing inside of her, after a tragic time in the mother's life. That child is unexpectedly born, grows up and never fully feels the free love of her mother. Even in adulthood, that child still feels that rejection as the she grew in her mother's womb. The mother's love for her child has not come through as that wall will be there until the acknowledgement of the rejection is initially felt. Thanks to you Sandra for being an open vessel to present the Lord's Word in the way that can be fully understood and accepted. This will touch many lives....<br />— Diane D.<br />
  6. 6. Unbelievable Book!<br /> This book is riveting and will bring healing to your soul and spirit as you read it! I believe everyone can benefit from reading this book- parents raising kids, grown siblings, teachers, parents with grown kids, etc! This book will give you insight and understanding of what rejection has done to people. It will also heal relationships. I really enjoyed the book. <br /> —June L.<br />
  7. 7. Freedom from Rejection!<br /> AWESOME! A must read! I recommend "Live! You Didn't Die" to everyone who has been entrapped in a vicious cocoon of rejection. Rejection affects all areas of a person's life; family, friends, school, work, home, mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. "Live! You Didn't Die" will impact your life with "truth and scriptures." As I read this book, a healing began to "unzip" the remains of a "cocoon" of rejection that held me bound and wrapped with defeat and low self-esteem. Like a butterfly; I have been set free! Sandra, thank you for your honestly, transparency and mentorship through the sharing of your life story "Live! You Didn't Die." You are a wonderful example of a "woman of God" to us all! If you are suffering and struggling with rejection PLEASE read this book. Rejection has no mercy, it will enslave you to your emotions. This vicious enemy is relentless and will consume your life and affect every area of your life. Allow Sandra's true life testimony and God's living Word of scriptures embrace you. You will experience healing and freedom in your spirit and soul. The kind of freedom that will set you free and will change your life forever. <br /> — Dee C.<br />
  8. 8. Way to the Cross!<br />Live, You Didn’t Die gives glimpses of the Author's Life and how ultimately she surrendered her life at the Cross and how the Word of God, the Bible, healed her life. It is powerful. The reader will benefit greatly from the Author's testimony followed by the Bible verses. It is a great tool to spread the "Good News" to the mankind. <br /> — M. L. Isoaho<br />
  9. 9. Live! You Didn’t Die!<br />I have just finished reading this awesome book, "Live! You Didn't Die!" by Sandra Mizell. It not only helped me, but it showed me all of the friends and family that would be healed and blessed by reading it, also. There is not anyone who has not experienced some form of rejection in their lives; this book will act as a book of healing as it blends the rejection experiences with God's Word...it is truly a prescription for inner healing. Thank you, Sandra, for your obedience in writing this book...it truly is a blessing! The instructions (your title)will be repeated by me always: "Live, You Didn't Die!. <br /> — Charlotte B.<br />
  10. 10. Help to the hurting…here is your answer!<br />LIVE! YOU DIDN'T DIE by Sandra Mizell is a book to help heal the hurting. If you have a past you're trying to run from, trying to escape, you must read LIVE! YOU DIDN'T DIE. Sandra Mizell's book will help you find your way to heal from the hurt, come out of depression, escape the pain that you've hidden deep within. Deborah Lynne Craft www.author-deborahlynne.com <br />
  11. 11. Hope for the future!<br />As a sister of the author, I was very excited to read her book because I knew of her painful life experiences of rejection and of her thirst and hunger for the Lord that brought about this new person who totally put her trust in God. In her obedience, God gave her wisdom and the knowledge to write of her painful experiences in a unique way as a tool that others may also be healed. "Whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst." (Jn. 4:14) The healing words that spoke loudly to my heart was how easy it is to test the spirit of a thought and where to plant it when it is not of the Father for He only gives the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This book brought tears of joy to me. <br /> — Mercedes B.<br />
  12. 12. Encouragement<br />I had heard this was an interesting book but was little prepared for the depth and quality of the story that unfolded. Every person experiences rejection to one degree or another since we are all born into a world of imperfect people. This book tells the author's life story of overcoming the consequences of rejection in her life. My favorite thing about this book was the way the author loaded it with pertinent scriptures dealing with reasons for, consequences of and victory over rejection. These scriptures and the encouraging testimony of the writer will help anyone dealing with rejection, abandonment, betrayal or death of a loved one. What a great tool this book will be in the hands of leaders as they help others with these same issues. <br /> — Lori P.<br />
  13. 13. Inspirational Book<br />A special thanks to my Aunt Sandra for this inspirational BOOK that I highly recommend. We all have and had problems in our lives that I feel that this book you can relate to. So thanks again. Love ya and good luck with your book.<br /> —Bradley A.<br />
  14. 14. Compelled to pick up your book!<br />I was compelled to pick up your book and just read. Wow, Lady....this is powerful. Just about to start Ch 4 and I have already been flooded with emotions, memories and tears. I know I have more chapters to go, but I am enjoying this journey from all perspectives as a woman; a Mom, a daughter, spouse/relationship and just me (which I often put on the back burner). Thank you for sharing your story!!<br /> — Lynn M.<br />