Four-State Regional Youth Summit


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A training package for the Heartland 411 Youth Summit

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Four-State Regional Youth Summit

  1. 1. Sandi Hastings Sandra Hastings Associates Contact Information: Phone: 860-643-0624 Join My Mailing List! Attend my social media webinars to obtain detailed service delivery strategies. Follow my blog Become one of my LinkedIn connections and introduce me to your friends - Sandra Hastings 1
  2. 2. Sandra Hastings, Ph.D. Sandra Hastings Associates Sandra Hastings 2
  3. 3.  Overview of regional transformation in Quad States  Strategic roles of Youth Councils and collaboration  Capacity building for Youth Councils and stakeholder networks  Next steps and wrap-up Sandra Hastings 3
  4. 4. 1998 WIA established new collaboration & performance measures Reauthorization to enhance relationships Emphasis on regional collaboration U.S. DOL positions adult basic education & community colleges as key stakeholders that aid workforce customers’ success in the new economy Sandra Hastings 4
  5. 5.  Increase flexibility, agility, transparency  Bridge ―silos‖ to build partnerships  Marshall all available resources  Build workers’ skills for growth sectors  Use economic stimulus to prepare for recovery and growth Sandra Hastings 5
  6. 6.  Invest in closing the skill gap to ensure all workers have access to education and training…without leaving behind those individuals who can benefit the most from skills training.  Add 5 million community college graduates by 2020. Sandra Hastings 6
  7. 7.  Most occupations that pay a family- sustaining wage will be filled by workers with postsecondary education or training beyond high school. Yet half of the American workforce has not had any postsecondary education or training. Among these workers, the goal of a marketable credential is furthest out of reach for the 25 million who did not even finish high school. Sandra Hastings 7
  8. 8.  Ages 18-64 – 75 million Americans – 60% of workforce ---in labor market without postsecondary education  Includes range of individuals with no HS degree and low literacy and English skills  Need to work and learn simultaneously  Want skills & credentials that employers will recognize and compensate Sandra Hastings 8
  9. 9.  Science and technology are creating innovation-enabled 21st century job opportunities for working Americans in  frontline jobs such as biomedical and energy efficiency technicians, social media communications assistants, new materials production workers and advanced manufacturing factory floor laborers. Sandra Hastings 9
  10. 10.  Working learners need federal programs that support:  Flexibility—education programs that adapt to work and life responsibilities and incremental career and educational advancement.  Credentials—courses of study that lead to credentials valued by employers.  Career Guidance—professional assistance to define career paths and select available providers.  • Resources—financial assistance that is easy-to-use and understand. Sandra Hastings 10
  11. 11.  Over 71% job openings in next 10 years require postsecondary credentials- associate’s degrees, vocational certificates and credentials.  Need one year of postsecondary education to get someone to skill levels that support a job with family sustaining wages.  President Obama asks each American to commit to one more year of education. Sandra Hastings 11
  12. 12.  Provide workers access to postsecondary education & training  Establish multiple pathways to postsecondary education & training – especially for low skilled  Spur greater degrees of innovation & collaboration between key stakeholders at all levels Sandra Hastings 12
  13. 13.  Since 1991, we have fallen from third to sixth place among developed countries for percent of our population with an associate’s degree or above.  For the United States to retake the global lead for the proportion of its adults with a postsecondary credential it will need to enroll, at a minimum, 10 million individuals who would be considered working learners.  Without the enhanced skills of these individuals,  the United States will lack the productivity boost to move us through economic recovery to growth. Sandra Hastings 13
  14. 14.  Growth of middle skills jobs and credentialing  Shift to serving working learners  Shift from job placement services to relationship services to engage new hires in ongoing educational support/career guidance  Shift to career pathways for boosting wages with career guidance and lifelong education  Increase in emphasis on career development/guidance  Blend work and learning  Need to integrate occupational and developmental education  Career pathways to align basic education, occupational training, and higher education for smooth transitions across programs and institutions Sandra Hastings 14
  15. 15.  Increase Pell grants  Increase all types of skills training  Increase integration of ABE and Workforce education & training  Community College Innovation Centers – alternate educational pathways for working learners  Eliminate sequence of service to help working learners move directly into training  Change WIA performance measures to add postsecondary education attainment  Shift training dollars to basic skill development (ARRA)  Revise ITAs to tighten the connection between ABE, occupation skills training and credit bearing course work  Improve training link to portable postsecondary credential  Improve linkages to community colleges for worker learner postsecondary credentials  Align Title I and Title II performance measures Sandra Hastings 15
  16. 16. 1.What is the purpose of the Quad-State collaboration? 2.Why do we want to work together – shared outcomes? 3.How can we best advance our shared purpose? Sandra Hastings 16
  17. 17.  06/working_learners.html   America’s Perfect Storm  88ba0e5dd572bada20bc47c3921509/?vgnextoid =47bbb61678390110VgnVCM10000022f95190R CRD&vgnextchannel=4d84be3a864f4010VgnVC M10000022f95190RCRD  Sandra Hastings 17
  18. 18.  Stay Informed with these US DOL Links:    Sandra Hastings 18
  19. 19. Sandi Hastings Sandra Hastings Associates Contact Information: Phone: 860-643-0624 Join My Mailing List! Attend my social media webinars to obtain detailed service delivery strategies. Follow my blog Become one of my LinkedIn connections and introduce me to your friends - Sandra Hastings 19