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Ninja Affiliate plugin has many features that beginners can use easily and more than enough to satisfy the needs of experienced persons. I have been using this affiliate plugin on my website for some time now and to date everything is going great. After paying full price to get the pre launch, a number of features have been added since then.

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Mbp ninja affiliate word press plugin review

  1. 1. MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate is aWordPress plugin developed by PawanAgarwal to automatically convertkeywords in blogs to affiliate linksinstantly to skyrocket affiliatecommissions. With this plugin, you couldalso manage and track your affiliate linksfrom the WordPress text editor.Pawan Agarwal is a 24 year old successfulentrepreneur with many popular WP pluginsuch asFavicon, MaxBannerAds, SubscribersMagnet and more. He has certainlycreated this plugin with lots of advancedfeatures, plus it’s very easy to use.
  2. 2. Ninja Affiliate plugin has manyfeatures that beginners can use easilyand more than enough to satisfy theneeds of experienced persons. I havebeen using this affiliate plugin on mywebsite for some time now and to dateeverything is going great. After payingfull price to get the pre launch, anumber of features have been addedsince then.Some of the features include tools foreasy and flexible management ofaffiliate link; professional redirectlinks; tool to prevent affiliate theft;advanced display options and more.
  3. 3. The link management tool has beenquite useful as it will help to definekeywords in your blog posts that youcan turn into affiliate links.With this wordpress affiliate plugin,you can convert targeted keywords toaffiliate anchor text links or regularlinks. You can then assign severalkeywords to that same link or eventhe same keyword to several links.
  4. 4. To ensure that your site is notshowing like a spam, you can set acertain amount of affiliate links forevery page or the entire blog orsite. As an example, if my keywordis ninja affiliate and it’s linked to myaffiliate links and its put to useseveral times, then I would ensurethat each instance is not linked. Iwould opt for just two or maybethree of the first instances of thekey phrase to go to the affiliatelink.
  5. 5. If you try the plugin without gettingthe desired results for affiliatemarketing, you can get a refund after60 days!
  6. 6. There are no bonuses with purchaseNinja Affiliate Plugin, but you can getfree upgrades and support from forumand email.