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Cupcakes become as official cakes and it can be made in all occasions and all celebrations. You can made it in birthdays, anniversaries and even in weddings.

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  1. 1. CupcakesAre SoEasy ToBe MadeAt Home
  2. 2. Cupcakesbecome asofficial cakesand it can bemade in alloccasions andall celebrations.You can made itinbirthdays, anniversaries andeven inweddings.
  3. 3. Now, mostpeople madetheir weddingcake incupcakes as itis a new designof cakes whichgive uniqueand eleganceappreciation.
  4. 4. Cupcakes areso easy to bemade athome. Justyou have tobring itsequipmentswhich arecupcakespans whetherit was mini orregular
  5. 5. plastic bags forglazing andpiping icing andpaper bakingcups which areavailable in supermarkets indifferent shapesand colors.
  6. 6. Staples which youwill use are:decorating colors,icing and gels,paste or liquidcolors, variouscandy sprinklesand colored sugars.
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