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  1. 1. California State University, Fresno By : Sandra Bravo- Navarro
  2. 2. • Federally funded program. • Offers SUPPORT and RETENTION SERVICES to incoming students admitted to Fresno State. • CAMP offers its support services to students who are MIGRANT or come from a SEASONAL FARMWORKING background.
  3. 3. • Is committed to providing access, orientation, academic, retention, and financial assistance to entering freshmen students from migrant and seasonal farm worker families. CAMP works with campus staff, faculty, student services, and the community to improve educational opportunities for CAMP students.
  4. 4. • Agency Director • Project Assistant • Academic & Career Advisor, Outreach & recruitment Advisor, program secretary, and CAMP Instructional support. • Agency Director has the power to decide what services will be offered to CAMP students. The director also analyzes how the money will be used and keeps records of all the spending. It is important to let the director know how and when the money will be used.
  5. 5. • CAMP offers services to migrant families. • Families who work in the fields and have migrated from a different country. • Many of these families are located in Madera county, Tulare county, Kern county, and Monterey County.
  6. 6. • Freshmen students who do not have the financial support form family members to pay for their school expenses. • Freshmen students who were ESL students ( English as their second language) in High School. • Freshmen students who have no legal documents to attend a university or to be in California.
  7. 7. • Academic Assistance – Academic Advising – Selection of classes – Computer Training – Training in library use and research • Career Planning – Individual evaluation and Career Advising – Summer job information and references – Assist with internships and other experience options – Physical Exams
  8. 8. • Support Services – Academic Skills Assessment – Study Skills Training – Peer Advising and Tutoring – Study Groups • Cultural Enrichment – Orientation to University Life – Social & Cultural Activities – Student Awards Banquet – Student Leadership Development.
  9. 9. • Students must be First Time Freshmen • Students who are or have been participants in the MEP in K-12 • Students who themselves or whose parents have worked a minimum of 75 days within the past TWO years in migrant or seasonal farm work
  10. 10. • Students must be admitted to the University • Students must enroll at Fresno State as a “full time” student • “Special Admission” slots are available to a limited number of students who DO NOT meet the criteria for Regular Admission; which are the A-G Requirements
  11. 11. • To become an intern at Camp you need to be committed and motivated to work with students. • Peer Advisors are the key to connect students to helpful resources. • Guide students through their Academic path • Support students in any way: Academically and emotionally.
  12. 12. • It is very rewarding to be part of CAMP as a Peer Advising Mentor • Students recognize our work and are always thankful for the things and services we offer. • It is an extraordinary experience working with CAMP as an intern peer advisor. • We have one on one interaction with students and staff. • We go out of our way to help the students reach their goal and to receive help from all the useful services available to them.
  13. 13. • CAMP staff provides advocacy for the students. When there is a social justice issue the staff and the agency director address the problem immediately. If student are having difficulties communicating with their professors we interfere and help them gain a better communication. Students try to get help from professors and we help them gain that relationship. • The peer advisors and the rest of the CAMP staff understand what our values are and how to leave biases aside. We understand that we will have different points of views with the students and we don’t let that interfere with how we deliver our services. • Students have the right to confidentiality. Any thing that has been said by the students must remain in the agency and must be shared only among the staff.
  14. 14. • College Assistance Migrant Program. 2010. retrieved on October 27,2010. From http://www.csufresno.edu/camp/