Economic Crisis Presentation


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The Economic Crisis: Public Services and Programs... Education, Emergency Services & Prison Systems... This is a large research project for school turned powerpoint for my final exam grade.

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Economic Crisis Presentation

  1. 1. The Economic Crisis Public Programs & Services Team members: Sandra Pena, Alverson Lewis, Arianne Bovie, Lowell Ingham, and Ricardo Ash
  2. 2. How will you weather the storm?
  3. 3. Public Programs & Services Public Public Education: Colleges & K-12 Universities Emergency Emergency Prison Services: Services: Fire Systems Police
  5. 5. Our Future • Investing in our youth’s education will ensure our future economic health • In the 35 largest cities, fewer than 50 % of 9th graders complete high school • In Florida, an average 66% of 9th graders graduate high school
  6. 6. Florida Dept. of Education • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) • Staff Reductions • Hiring Freezes • Contracts that need to be renewed, will be “reconsidered” • Older materials being used for a year or two more
  7. 7. ARRA $$$ Not Certain • Florida ranks 50th in the US when it comes to educational spending • Since funding for public education is among the lowest of all states, it must apply for a waiver • Will then give the ability to access the funds for education of the stimulus legislation • Resulting in Districts planning budgets as if not receiving the money
  8. 8. Planning for the Storm Miami Dade County Public Schools had anticipated the current economic situation, previously letting go of personnel and planning for other types of funding
  9. 9. District Budget Cuts MIAMI DADE COUNTY BROWARD COUNTY • $27.8 million shortfall • $160 million shortfall • Reduced central office • Cutting sports programs salary and non-salary • Slashing individual school expenditures budgets • Including 440 positions • 900 people’s jobs are being eliminated in the central eliminated next year office • Some schools are having a • Only allowing budgets for lack of basic supplies most basic needs
  10. 10. District Budget Meetings MIAMI DADE BROWARD • Increase lunch price by $.50 per meal ($3.7 million) • 2007-08 School and Department • Change menu options to reduce Budget Reductions ($72.2 food costs million) • Eliminate all General Fund • 2008-09 (up to March) School Support for WLRN ($3.1 million) and Department Budget • Reduction in work year for Reductions ($74.7 million) School Police Force from 12 • Reduction in misc. costs ($27.2 months to 10 months ($2.1 million) million) • Increase class size limitations on PE, gifted and alternative ed. • Still short $102 million for ($19.1 million) 2008-2009 current bills • $11 mil. to Contingency Reserve
  11. 11. Districts’ Answers BROWARD MIAMI DADE • Implementing a 4-day week for high schools • “Not part of the plan nor • Reducing all employee calendars by a will it ever be part of the single day per year plan to reduce classroom • Reducing the Area offices from four hours” to three • Salaries of employees will • Potential employee layoffs that are be the same, but a shift associated with the elimination of between fiscal years of certain programs two/three days avoiding • Reduction in electricity 3,700 layoffs consumption, area office support to • Citi Postsecondary Success schools, overtime, maintenance, bus Program route consolidations, and a central office hiring freeze
  12. 12. ARRA Money??? Even if we think positively, how can sufficient change in Education result after only two years???
  13. 13. Where does this leave us? “The Future belongs to the nation that best educates its citizens” –Obama
  17. 17. Introduction • Numerous jobs lost within fire departments across the United States • Broward and Miami-Dade County have been faced with layoffs, pay cuts and less hours
  18. 18. Nationwide Firefighter Layoffs • In Toledo, Ohio 17 firefighters were laid off in the month of May. • In Lehigh, Florida 30 firefighters were laid off as of June 1st which was half of their staff, and another round of lay offs are set to take place on the 23rd of June. • Fire Department would lose 46 firefighters, 1 administrative worker and another 25 vacant firefighter positions in Orlando, Florida.
  19. 19. District Cuts and Layoffs • County Commission considers laying off 177 employees in Broward County. • 48 patrol deputies, 5 BSO Fire Rescue crew members, and 87 other positions that span from the jails to the administration • As a result of declining property values, county officials expect to cut up to $160 million from a $3.6 billion budget. They want Lamberti, whose budget equals about half the general fund, to cut more than $50 million • Remaining employees would also have to take a 2% pay cut, which means days off with no pay.
  20. 20. Savings ??? • The Broward Sheriff Office said the department will save $10 million of its $722 million budget with the job cuts • All of their employees are needed drastically
  21. 21. Overtime • Broward Sheriff's Fire-Rescue Capt. Andy Berkowitz's base pay last year was $97,901, but he also pulled down $87,888 in overtime. • Last year, the five Sheriff's Office units with the highest average overtime per employee were fire-rescue training, the anti-gang unit, regional narcotics, organized crime and regional air rescue.
  22. 22. Consequences • Petty thefts, arsons, breaking and entering are all crimes that are on the rise. • Crime will increase at a faster pace because criminals know deputies and fire fighters aren't on the street.
  24. 24. Crime Consequences of a Recession
  25. 25. Police Layoffs • Budget cuts cause police officers to lose jobs:  Britain  Germany  USA- Broward County, New Jersey, Maplewood, Boston • Sacrifices made to keep job:  Grants  Removal of street lights  Leave without pay
  26. 26. Crime Increase • Reason for possible crime increase:  Job loss – desperation • Police commissioner’s express concern over job cuts:  Possible crime increase  Less officers to fight rising crime rate • Signs have shown that there has been an increase:.
  27. 27. Crime Increase
  28. 28. Curtailing Crime • Police funding: New Budget to bring more jobs to police • Armored vehicles: Brazil
  30. 30. Florida Prison Stats According to the Florida Department of Corrections, there is 98,192 current inmates in the Florida prison system. There are also more than 158,000 people on probation, which is regulated by corrections.
  31. 31. The Growth of Spending Idaho Texas Arkansas West Pennsylvania Colorado Florida Virginia 416% 396% 353% 346% 340% 338% 237%
  32. 32. Prison Over Crowding
  33. 33. Prison Over Crowding Florida one of the first states to retreat from the mandatory sentences that have worsened prison overcrowding and escalated prison costs across the nation
  34. 34. Florida Prisons turn to Tents
  35. 35. In Conclusion • Investing in Education will secure our future economic health • Emergency Services need to be secured to protect us and come to our aide • Prison system is necessary in order to house those who chose to break the law • Without the protection of public services, our society will head down a very dark road
  36. 36. Florida ranks 47 in state and local taxes Where will that leave us?
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