Who gains and who loses from oil subsidies


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50 Questions on oil subsidies and the supply side loophole answered at 350.org meet#endfossilfuelsubsidies

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Who gains and who loses from oil subsidies

  1. 1. Who gains and who loses from oil subsidies?50 Questions Answered on the supply side loopholes. To be discussed at 350.org meet at Moonlighting GK1 New Delhihttp://www.facebook.com/events/303851729707182 Also on #TwitterStorm and#endfossilfuelsubsidies event at Rio Earth SummitDelivered by @350.org and @ecothrust 7PM to 9 PM IST 18th June
  2. 2. Why is oil the most subsidizedcommodity of the earth?
  3. 3. How was oil prices so stable for25 years after the Yom Kippurwar of the seventies?
  4. 4. Why did oil prices move northsuddenly after the year 2000 ?
  5. 5. What is the production priceper barrel of oil in SaudiArabia? $ 30 or $10 or $1
  6. 6. Why is there such a largedisparity between the producersprice & sellers price in oil despitefalling consumption ?
  7. 7. Is Peak oil a reality or a myth?
  8. 8. Why did oil prices shoot uplast year though global reserveswent up by 8 percent?
  9. 9. Who controls the price of oil ?The Arab Sheikhs ORcommodity traders.
  10. 10. What is theLondon Loophole?
  11. 11. What happens when the 2 oilcartels the producers cartelOPEC and the commodity carteljoin hands ?
  12. 12. Why are some of the largest oiltraders, Wall Street Banks ?
  13. 13. How is it that the four largestoil traders are Swiss Cos ?
  14. 14. Why do Indian PSU oil companiesbuy oil through tenders from theSwiss Commodity traders & notdirectly from the futures market ?
  15. 15. Why are Indian companiesunable to make profits out ofoil volatility ?
  16. 16. Why do Indians pay a higher price foroil though Indian companies make lessprofit than the Swiss or American oiltraders? Where does the money go ?
  17. 17. Why is the Indian tax payer paying thehighest price on road for petro productsdespite an oil subsidy burden of over Rs.100,000 crores or 1 Trillion ?
  18. 18. If the taxpayer and the Indian oilcompanies are making losses whois profiting from the oil volatility ?
  19. 19. How prices are manipulated inthe futures market by theBanks & Commodity traders ?
  20. 20. How Investment Banks andcommodity traders influence themarket prices and profit fromvolatility ?
  21. 21. How Wall Street Banks andCommodity traders influencepublic policy globally ?
  22. 22. Who was Marc Rich ?
  23. 23. Do you know that Bill Clinton inhis last day of office gave himPresidential Pardon against Taxrelated crimes ?
  24. 24. Do Swiss Commodity Traderscalled the Marc Rich Boys stillinfluence public policy…. Fromthe US to India ?
  25. 25. Who benefited most from theQE1 and QE2 ?
  26. 26. Is the Indian oil subsidy andprocurement influenced bycommodity traders?
  27. 27. How Big Banks and commoditytraders profit from round triptrading in the futures market ?
  28. 28. How China risk managed oilfutures last year ?
  29. 29. How Chinese and AmericanCompanies reduce their buyingprices by price inversions ?
  30. 30. What is the role of strategic oilreserves in reducing prices ?
  31. 31. How China made up for its lackof reserves last year, when it wasbuilding tank farms aggressively ?
  32. 32. What are spot prices and whylack of strategic reserves hurtthe economy ?
  33. 33. Why has India been lax increating oil reserves and tankfarms like China or US ?
  34. 34. Why Indian oil companiesmust buy spot and can’t benefitfrom price inversions ?
  35. 35. What is Brent Crude , DubaiCrude and Texas WTI ?
  36. 36. Why is Brent Crude traditionallycheaper now higher by almost20 % than Texas Crude ?
  37. 37. Will the spread between Brentand Texas crude increase withmore instability in middle east ?
  38. 38. With US shifting its sourcing toNorth America will the middleeast be a hot spot with headlessregimes and factional fighting?
  39. 39. Are war and sanctions helpingthe commodity traders?
  40. 40. How commodity tradersoperate despite war andsanctions ?
  41. 41. How political unrest helpscommodity traders control theoil supply chain ?
  42. 42. Why Iran is being targeted withsanctions? Is their any evidence ofnuclear stockpile or is it a merebogey as created against Saddam ?
  43. 43. How sanctions against Iran isaffecting oil prices in Asia ?
  44. 44. Will the turmoil in middle eastincrease in 2013 further spikingoil prices ?
  45. 45. How to manage the risk ofvolatile oil prices ?
  46. 46. How to reduce oil subsidieswith 1% impact on inflation ?
  47. 47. With oil being heavilysubsidized is renewable energybeing starved of funding ?
  48. 48. What must be done to reversethis trend and why publicaction is needed ?
  49. 49. How you can help ?
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