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6 things you're doing to demotivate your staff


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Before looking at ways to motivate your staff, you must look at how you demotivate them. You might not even be aware that what you do demotivates your staff.

Disenchanted employees skyrocket turnover rates, often leaving companies without the workers they really needed to retain.

While most employers make the mistake of thinking that money will improve any issues related to employee motivation, you probably know by now that money usually doesn’t buy employee happiness.

What does? Helping employees feel in control of their environment. So what are you doing wrong, and how can you motivate your staff again?

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6 things you're doing to demotivate your staff

  1. Six things you’re doing to demotivate your staff By:
  2. Motivation goes hand in hand with staff morale
  3. Money usually doesn’t buy employee happiness
  4. So what are you doing to demotivate your staff?
  5. 1. You don’t challenge your staff
  6. Challenged employees are more passionate
  7. Offer them variety
  8. Opportunities for leadership & recognition
  9. 2. You discourage open communication
  10. Communication = key to healthy work environment
  11. Make yourself always available to address any concerns staff might have
  12. Keep communication lines open
  13. Give everyone equal participation in the success of your business
  14. 3. You don’t listen to your staff
  15. Know their dreams & aspirations
  16. What excites them
  17. What keeps them up at night
  18. Where they want to end up
  19. 4. You’re not flexible
  20. Your team members are not robots
  21. Allow them to make their own mistakes
  22. 5. You don’t recognize accomplishments
  23. Tells them you don’t care about the work they do
  24. Discourages them from taking healthy risks
  25. When your team members feel celebrated, they are more motivated to hit your company’s milestones
  26. 6. You don’t set clear expectations
  27. Knowing what’s expected increases productivity by 5-10%
  28. Team members need to understand the impact they have on the company
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