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In a two week trial in the High Court, Bark & Co successfully defended the former directors of Abbey Forwarding Limited in the High Court in an action brought by the liquidator of the company against them for breach of fiduciary duty.

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Bark & co solicitors london news

  1. 1. Bark & Co
  2. 2. Abbey Forwarding v RichardHone and Others, Bark & CoSolicitors reports.By barkcosolicitors | PublishedJune 4, 2012In a two week trial in the HighCourt, Bark & Co successfullydefended the former directors ofAbbey Forwarding Limited in theHigh Court in an action brought bythe liquidator of the companyagainst them for breach offiduciary duty. Abbey ForwardingLimited was a reputable andestablished bonded warehousewhich operated from premises ineast London from 1971 until thebeginning of 2009. In February of2009 Her Majesty’s Revenue &Customs (“HMRC”) raisedassessments against thecompany for...
  3. 3. Bark & Co Solicitors London News: HMRCCrackdown on Offshore AccountsBy barkcosolicitors | Published June 2, 2012It has recently come to our attention that twoBritons have been arrested on suspicion ofusing Swiss Bank accounts held with HSBC toevade UK taxes. This could lead to the firstcriminal prosecutions in a three yearclampdown on offshore tax evasion by HMRC.According to our source, HMRC made thearrests late last year and both individuals havebeen released on bail pending charges. Thesearrests are thought to have resulted from thereview of the information stolen from HSBC’sprivate bank in Zurich by Herve...
  4. 4. Bark & Co Solicitors London News: $2.2 Bn Liberian dealbeing investigated by City of London PoliceBy barkcosolicitors | Published May 30, 2012Fred Bunn are instructed to represent Mr A. He is underinvestigation by City of London Police Overseas AntiCorruption Unit concerning alleged improprieties in a $2.2billion deal with the Liberian Government for the concessionover 400,000 hectares of rainforest to be used for a carbonoffset project. The matter is being investigated under thePrevention of Corruption Act 1906. All allegations are denied.An investigation was also launched by the Liberian President.Press: The Guardian...
  5. 5. R v Thakrar – client acquitted, Bark & CoSolicitors London NewsBy barkcosolicitors | Published May 30, 2012Fred Bunn has successfully secured theacquittal of Kevan Thakrar. Our client is aserving prisoner having previously beenconvicted of triple murder in 2009. KevanThakrar was charged with 2 counts ofattempted murder and 3 counts of causinggrievous bodily harm with intent. All allegationsrelated to attacks on prison officers in HMPFrankland, Durham. Giving evidence, KevanThakrar informed the jury that he suffers fromPost Traumatic Stress Disorder following anattack on him by officers within the prison...