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Hello World in OMG DDS and ZeroMQ


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A quick comparison of the most ubiquitous application in the universe between two popular IOT protocols. While I'm obviously biassed, the two code examples are devoid of any marketing/sales fluff and speak for themselves : )

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Hello World in OMG DDS and ZeroMQ

  1. 1. “Hello World” in OMG-DDS and ZeroMQ A quick comparison Sander Mertens March 2015
  2. 2. OMG DDS Hello World No IP address / port numbers. DDS offers automatic discovery Use (generated) native types Type safe API 4 LOC setup entities: 3 write data: 1
  3. 3. Application-managed IP- addresses & port numbers No type awareness Strong coupling with remote application. Client-server architecture Requires manual data serialization ZeroMQ Hello World 6 LOC setup entities: 3 write data: 3 from:
  4. 4. Thanks for watching!