Letter To Professors


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Letter of 10 years immigrant unemployed IT architect to professor After completion of degree and approaches to Find job in New place.

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Letter To Professors

  1. 1. Respected Sir, After Working 10 yrs in India for Fortune 500 MNC with almost 15 international certifications. After Arriving here in Ireland and registering in Courses almost 45 days late due to visa issues I managed to clear Masters and along with it 15 other courses + one international certification and attempted 4 other international certification. As you are aware That Some bullying behavior which I faced in University due to which I could not attend classes But Still I managed to clear All papers. Post Course completion Also I had created Active blog Read in 180+ countries on Technical topics with 250+ articles of which 55 comes in first page of google search and another 50 in second page. Blog is read by now almost 14000+ people. Also I writing Articles for professional magazines as well updating my self daily on latest trend in IT and Management. On average 8 hours per day I have Certificate to prove after completing Graduation. As you are aware and I told you that in India Lecturers are treated even bigger than God. And I always believed that because they can make or break your future. But Despite that I had am not receiving Any Calls from Any consultants. Most student who have not even done one of those Activities and scored lesser than me also Are employed by now. As you are aware without part time job it is very difficult to maintain daily Expenses which I am doing from last 20 months in Ireland. Almost last 20 month I have being maintaining monthly expenditure other than rent at about 90 euros a month While my total Expenditure has crossed 26,000 Euro. For Me I could not get even part time job around City where mostly UL students are employed. UL being biggest employer in The city have links with all startup and incubators other IT firms. I had visited Careers cell many times during my 1 year degree but still I am awaiting for interview call. Kindly Do let me know What should be the approach I should follow? If you can provide me any meeting time To Explore and suggest any alternative. Thanks is advance. My publication details. http://www.slideshare.net/SandeepSharma65/my-publication-details My Experience details http://www.slideshare.net/SandeepSharma65/experience-credentials You can Also Find Link of this letter in case if it gets deleted from mail box (so I have uploaded this on slide share ) http://www.slideshare.net/SandeepSharma65/article-34287073 Hopping for Response. Regards Sandeep Sharma Enrollment No 11092297 Student : Masters in Information And Network Security (graduated in Jan 2014)