Improved version of gandachara 20 20 initiative


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Improved version of gandachara 20 20 initiative

  1. 1. PURA stand for Provision of Urban Amenities to Rural areas and it was started by own peoples President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Following components were identified. i) ATM facilities-Population having 1 lakh, 56 recently camp of TSR, BSF, CRPF, Assam Rifles, 4 Bank but without ATM in subdivision UCO bank was asked to start 02 ATM at Gandacherra & Raishyabari market. All cost to be borne by UCO and target for completion is July 15th 2013. ii) Petrol Pump- Due to lack of Authorized petrol pump station, people had to travel 60 to 70 Kms for fuel. This leads to exorbitant vehicle rates and Black marketing and adulteration and pilferage of K.Oil from FP Shop. Recently, during April, 2013 one new Petrol pump (3rd in Dhalai) was successfully inaugurated and is smoothly running with much support from the administration. The rates and black marketing has come down drastically and pilferage from FP shop is also stopped effectively.
  2. 2. iii) Telecommunication- Only 1/5 of the entire Gandacherra is under BSNL Mobile connectivity. Airtel Infra Ltd. have 6 defunct towers in the subdivision due to need for erecting 01 Relay tower. Initiative was taken to start the Airtel network by getting diversion permission from forest so that relay towers could be erected at Kalajhari hills. If successful, nearly 2.5 lakh population will benefit from single tower & SHG can also get income generation opportunity through exclusive dealership in Airtel services here. All Funds will be borne by Airtel Company and target date for starting Airtel services is 30th July 2013. iv) Public Library- Under capacity building component of BRGF proposal has been forwarded to DM Office for approval & seeking necessary benefit. Site has been selected and the funding will be from BRGF for Building & Furniture, Boundary Wall and other materials from BADP. Target date for completion is December 2013.
  3. 3. i) Teak,Arjun,Jamun plantation along both sides of office with the help of Forest department and Dbn RD Block (MGNREGA 2013-14). ii) Lake beautification along both sides of the office by plantation through MGNREGP & construction works with forest department. (MGNREGA 2013-14). iii) Front wall fence completion. (Minor Works), Completed iv) Cycle & two wheeler stand. (Minor Works), Completed v) Small Canteen construction. (Minor Works), Completed vi) Running of canteen by SHG for office staff & people coming from outside. vii) Both the ponds were given to the SHG for fishery & prawn cultivation. viii) Responsibility of maintenance of teak plantation & lake beautification were given to SHG. Fund Sources : MGNREGA Plantation scheme, Tribal Welfare, Income Generation Scheme 2013-14, and PDF Schemes will be dovetailed for above targets. Target Date for Full Completion : September 2013.
  4. 4. Situation Analysis :  The hilly areas & tribal paras and habitations suffer from acute drinking water crisis during month of March, April, dry spell each year .  Out of 217 Paras in Sub-Division 47 suffered from water scarcity. To deal with it 9 vehicle with Sintex tank provided water into it.  Data from DWS department shows approx 22 lakh liters of water supplied by tankers averaging 60,000 liters per Para during the last dry spell season.  During dry season water level in the ground dips down and all DWS sources like Deep Well, MDTW, M-II become nonfunctional.  Decentralized water storage system aims to create water storage capacity of 5 Lakh in 1st stage through MGNREGP by constructing big ponds each with capacity of 1 lakh litres. Thick plastic coating would be fitted at the bottom to ensure water does not percolate during dry spell.  Water would be either collected by rain water harvesting & pumping water into pond from functional chara. It will act as strategic water reservoir.  The project aims to permanently stop Drinking water crisis & resultant mortality from Diarrhea & to stop drinking water from charra, permanently where people are drinking chara water. Action Plan : Spots identification, inclusion in MGNREGA Self of project, implementation by manday generation, further development by DWS to upgrade from pond to drinking water reservoir. Funding : All fund will be from MGNREGA and DWS Deptt. fund. Target date for completion : November 2013.
  5. 5. Action Plan : 3 Gardens under Gandacherra : Funding from–MGNREGA & PDF. Implement by : Forest Deptt & Village panchayat. Welcome gate. Funding from BADP/MGNREGA : Implement by DBN RD Block.  Welcome board for Sub-Division. Completed. SDM Office. Beautification of the lake & ponds : Funding from–MGNREGA & PDF. Implement by : Forest Deptt & Village panchayat. Roadside plantation. MGNREGA – Funding from–MGNREGA & PDF. Implement by : Forest Deptt & Village panchayat. 3 sites for plantation- Tehsil, CRPF camp & forest. Funding from– MGNREGA & PDF. Implement by : Forest Deptt & Village panchayat. Completion Target : November 2013.
  6. 6. One detailed proposal was given to Tourism Department from Gandachara Sub-Division and Dumburnagar block for development of tourist facilities at Narikel Bagan. Plantation of species of ornaments like coconut, areca nut and palm on the main island. Construction of one standard guest house with staffs quarters Connecting all the 7 island with suspension bridges. Construction of glass meditation centres on each small island. One Halipad. High speed boat service from Narikel bagan to Mandirghat (Amarpur). Boating & fishery facilities etc. Establishing SHG Stalls & Picnic spots with children park facilities. One circular road around the Island for hiking and sight seeing.
  7. 7. Tourist Development Proposal for Narikel Bagan i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) Funding plan : Guest house & Staffs Quarter construction from BADP 2013-14 Circular Brick soled Road from MGNREGA 2013-14, BAC Share Glass Meditation Shed from BADP 2013-14 Construction of SHG Stalls from BRGF & DRDA Funds. All Plantation & Beatification from MGNREGA & PDF Development of picnic spot & Children Park : BRGF & BADP 2013-14 Other inputs from Fishery department and other line department. Action Plan : • All construction works will be taken up by RD Department in collaboration with Dumburnagar RD Block. • The beautification and plantation works will be taken up by Forest Department with funding from MGNREGA and other Forest Deptt. funds. • Other departments like Fishery, Agriculture, Power, ICAT will propose for additional funds for overall development of the area.
  8. 8. i) Celebration of breast feeding week is usually celebrate in the 1st week of August but in Gandachara we celebrated in 2nd week of March. ii) All the AWC & ASHA workers were given training for promotion of breast feeding to pregnant, lactating mothers so as to ensure each mother gives breast milk to child for at least 2 year and especially during dry spell. iii) In dry spell there is high tendency amongst babies to suffer from Diarrhea, fever, infectious diseases like mumps, measles, influences and resultant weight loss and malnutrition, sometimes child death. iv) Around 900 mothers and babies in subdivision benefitted from this and zero death of children achieved during dry spell.
  9. 9. Objective : • There is high rate of educated unemployment in Gandachara Subdivision. Being remote and border area, to provide employment through industry is a big challenge here. To spread awareness and encourage self employment through Swawalamban scheme so as to generate income for oneself and the family by the youths through financial support by means of subsidy, loan and self contribution in 30:50:20 ratio is the primary objective envisaged here. • Accordingly publicity was carried out in all villages and interviews cum career counseling were conduct by 2 teams of officials including DC, CDPO, IAS(P) and another DC. • Out of 200 youths 25 persons were selected and were recommended to District level selection committee for consideration under scheme assistance. • Activities planned are – a) Distribution of Tata Nano. b) Distribution of light commercial vehicles. c) Piggery units. d) Poultry and diary units. e) Shops/business
  10. 10.  Objective : To promote sportsmanship, good health and to create awareness about saving water and ecology 10 km Marathon was organised in Gandachara on 20th April, 2013 with the theme of “Save Water, Save Life.”  In Gandacherra, there are as much as 47 Paras affected by drinking water crisis, and needs DW supply through trucks. AS such, awareness is very essential at all level.  Around 400 boys and adult and 60 girls and workers participated in Marathon and and each were given printed t-shirt with theme.  Prices of Rs.5000/-, Rs.3000/- and Rs.1000/- were given to 1st three winners in both categories along with certificates.  Funding : BDO and all the departments participated and contributed for the success of Marathon.  For the first time such a big event was held with participate from local representatives, clubs, NGOs, Police, TSR, BSF, NSS, College students. Result : The event was successfully organised and publicised in local newspaper. It was believed to have good impact on water conservation and ensuring good quality drinking water for daily uses for better health.
  11. 11. Objective : Market expansion and development of existing infrastructure : 1) The Gandacherra main market is very congested and most hawkers and sellers sits on the road side each day blocking the traffic and virtually turining the main road into a marketing centre. 2) After the new food godown was started at Lichubagan, the old food godown was dismantled for widening the Gandacherra market area. By expansion of existing market by 1 acre, this major problems highlighted above will be mitigated to a large extent. 3) Proposal for construction of new 2-floor market has already been submitted through NLCPR and SPA. 4) Once completed, it will expand existing market and congestion in the market would be reduced. Also, the rural market like Gandacherra can be modernized with better sanitation and improved hygiene. Funding : From NLCPR & SPA Department : RD Deptt. & Agriculture Deptt. (TTAADC) Completion Target : March 2014
  12. 12. i) Canteen in Hospital through RKS. ii) Canteen in SDM Office. iii)Selling SIM cards and top-up recharges in remotest villages. iv)SHG in election works. v) In maintenance of cleanliness of market and plantation. vi)Existing FP shops created by SHGs given top-up recharge works.
  13. 13. With the help of TAD Association. Wide publicity to each village through VHND, ASHA, MPWs. Gynecology, pediatrics, surgical disorders, ophthalmic disorders etc.
  14. 14. SMILING GANDACHARA CAMPAIGN Stakeholders 1. SDM office 2. Patients 3. Anganwadi workers and ICDS dept 4. Asha workers 5. Tribal welfare Dept 6. Smile train Organization NGO 7. Sub-Divisional Hospital
  15. 15. Idea started in Administrative Camp  To start campaign with the help of AWW, ASHA workers to identify children with birth defects.  1 Day training was given by Doctors.  Total 17 patients including 3 adults having this disorder were identified by grass root workers.  Initial meeting Doctors explained them about disease and how it is cured by surgery by free of cost by NGO . 
  16. 16. Referral to tertiary centre and making transportation arrangements 2. Accommodation in Tribal Rest House 3. Coordination with Smile train organization 4. Payment through Nucleus Budget scheme. Learning's 1. Simple training and better use of available resources can give good results. 2.NGOs like Smile train don’t have presence in remotest areas while grass root workers can’t treat complex problems like birth defects. This initiative has resolved those problems. 1.
  17. 17. The Problem of mentally ill Serious mentally ill people are often found in the Markets as they are neglected by family, society and don’t get proper medical and psychiatric care.  Such people are dependent upon market waste of fruits, vegetables and are often found begging and sometimes without clothes.  They cause public nuisance due their appearance, violent behavior and women, children are often feared to come to markets.  Gross Violation of Basic Human Rights of Right to life under Article 21 of Constitution of right to shelter, Right to food and Right to health. Sometimes people abuse them and beat them and vise versa. 
  18. 18. Our Initiative Tehsildars were asked to identify such people in 3 markets of the subdivision , accordingly 5 cases were detected and their details were taken.  Their families were identified and appropriate written consent was taken from them after assuring them that they will get food, shelter, medicines and proper psychiatric care in Mental Hospital .  As per section 25 and 28 of Mental Health Act 1987 , the O/c of police station was asked to produce them before Medical officer where 2 MOs certified them of suffering from Mental disorder.  Police produced them along with certificate to SDJM class 1 who after going in detail prepared the necessary Reception Order as per MHA act necessary for admission in Mental hospital. 
  19. 19. Objective : To bring greater participation & transparency in selection process as well as to spread more awareness on GIRL CHILD Prize of `10,000 is given to girl child each in age group of 06,7 to 10 & 11 to 16 yrs age from NRHM. In previous two years lot of complaints came about lack of transparency & arbitrariness in selection of winners & prizes were given to outsiders also. To avoid these things 3 teams were prepared for interviewing final 10 candidates in each category. Having BDO,DC,SDMO,SDTW as its members Screening was carried out of 200,150 & 70 applications received in above categories. Results : Selection was done in a transparent manner and no complaints was received from any where.
  20. 20. To generate awareness on values of girl children, wide publicity regarding Girl child awards have been made by banners such as shown here.
  21. 21. - Handing over Market Cleanliness & Hospital cleanliness work to SHG on 6 day/week basis for promotion of SHG. - For easy disposal of solid wastes, proposal for procurement of waste disposal mini truck has been initiated from BEUP Fund. - For better lighting during evening market and for better security around the market, modern street lighting has been proposed under PDF fund from BAC Dumburnagar RD Block . The recurring expenditure shall be borne from market collection. - All the market road side drainage system shall be improved by PWD Deptt. and cleaned regularly for better hygiene by Agriculture Deptt. - For carrying of corpse and dead body, one mortuary van has been proposed to be procured from BEUP scheme. Completion Target : October 2013
  22. 22. I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. Objectives : Improving general hygiene and health condition through better solid waste management initiatives: Gandachara ADC Village having population of 1097 households currently generates an estimated 3500 kg (aprox) of solid wastes per month. Such waste products are being dumped at all places leading to spread of disease and drinking water pollution and other problems. Action Plan : House to house & Ward wise collection of waste by identification of wastes & use of tricycles for collection. Identification of modalities of payment to workers from TSC/PDF or from public cleanliness fees to manage the running cost. Segregation of waste at source as degradable & non-biodegradable. Degradable waste to be used for composting & biogas. Non-biodegradable to be disposed at waste disposal site. Awareness campaign is school, college for involvement of boys & girls to act as ambassadors of cleanliness in each house. Participation of school department drinking water & sanitation dept.,NSS, etc. Funding : MGNREGA & TSC Funds for creation of assets. Recurring expenditures shall be borne from market collection & cleanliness fee from public, imposed & collected by the Gandacherra panchayat.