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Rapidsof Systems (http:///www.rapidsoftsystems.com) is a leading outsourced software development, and IT service company based in NJ with offices in the US, India and Middle East. In the last 10 years, our team has produced over 400+ successful projects including numerous prestigious mobile and web apps for big corporations.

This presentation provides some information about our Mobile Portfolio. If you are looking for Mobile App development, contact us at +1 609 439 4775

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Rapidsoft Systems Mobile Development Services

  1. 1. Driven by intuitive InnovationsDriven by intuitive InnovationsDriven by intuitive Innovations Rapidsoft Systems, Inc, RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right! A Software & Product Development Company
  2. 2. Whatweare We, at Rapidsoft Systems Inc., deliver seamless solution that broaden and redefine business paradigms to you. Being committed to your solutions, we provide end-to-end, customized software development for mobile applications, web applications and Enterprise Mobility solutions. As a part of the dynamic software solution, we offer you strategic services that are characterizedbyinnovativesolutions,deliveredwithagility. Being among the market pioneer with our web and mobile development services, we provide cutting-edge and customized services. You just come up with your ideas; we will put our in- depth industry knowledge to deliver a robust solution for you. Meanwhile, we maintain complete transparency and good monitoring to ensure the successful deliverables. We at Rapidsoft Systems Inc., can create sustainable value growth through innovative solutions andintuitivestrategicapproaches. Whyshouldyouchooseus? • Our dedication to excellence by pulling competitive advantages makes us top notch company for custom software development services across industry vertical in coming future. • We understand the word 'Commitment' and value that throughout our engagements. We stand within integrity. Be it web development or mobile development services; we are committed to delivering excellence in everything what we do and you can find clarity and simplicityinourservices. • Our creative compass and mission statement can be summed up in two words i.e. Problem Solved. We are always looking for ways to trim costs, optimize processes, drive efficiencies,andcreategreatervalue. • Our services sharpen your competitive edge. We respect the dignity of each individual with a sense of urgency. You can find a successful business outcome happening here! As business world is constantly changing, you can consider us as winner who can successfully managethechange. • Inthecoreofourbusiness,competencyisthetechnology.Weareflexiblyreadytorespond to your each and every need and we invest our willingness in the new technologies for furtherenhancingdeep.longstandingpartnershipswithyou. Web Portal / Application Enterprise Mobility E-Commerce Offshore Dedicated Resources SOLUTIONS BFSI Insurance Pharmaceutical FMCG Manufacturing INDUSTRIES IM with audio chat ODP Mobile Content BackupSpeedy Thumb API MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS SERVICES Mobile Application Development Custome Application Development Value Added Services Product Design & Development RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  3. 3. OurApplicationDevelopmentcoversthefollowingareas: • • GamesandMultimediafeatureenabledmobilesoftwareApplication • SecurityApplicationformobiledevicese-commerceandcommunicationapplications • GPSApplicationandSoftwareTesting. • MessagingApplication. • IrDAandBluetooth-basedApplication • Porting Client/ServerApplicationdevelopmentovertheNetworkProtocol MobileApplicationDevelopment Mobile software development can provide users with access to real-time information anytime, anywhere on any device. It is a technology that is growing and people are just fond of using it. Some use it just for entertainment and some to generate revenue, by delivering premium and paid contents through it. Now a days, it is not only used for text messaging, communication and networking, but also for chatting, votes, registrations, ratings, emergency systems, Enterprise mobility, Field & Sale force automation, marketingandstatisticspurposes. Weprovidecustomizedsolutionsfor: SpeedSpeedSpeedControlControlControl M/h Km/h Speed App Speed Application is now running 12:29:36 PM 0 Kmph 0 Mph Web Support:www.rapidprotect.net Designed and Developed by: Rapidsoft Systems Inc OS Windows MobileTM TM TM RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  4. 4. Blackberry Application Development Canalys, Q 2/2009 RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS Powered by Rapidsoft Systems Inc. rDialerrDialerrDialer SpeedSpeedSpeedControlControlControl Mobref.com shows that RIM increased its market share by 2.17% in Q1 of 2010. With availability of Blackberry App World in most of the country, this business smart phone is synonymous with multimedia, fast internet browsing; e-mailing. The inbuilt features and third party applications make this device popular among corporate users. We at Rapidsoft Systems have been into Blackberry Application Development. We also have our own published applications for Blackberrydevices. CHANGE MODECHANGE MODE SpeedSpeedSpeedControlControlControl Speed controlSpeed controlSpeed control M/h Km/h 12:29:36 PM 0 Kmph 0 Mph RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  5. 5. Web Support:www.rapidprotect.net Designed and Developed by: Rapidsoft Systems Remember me Forget Password Login Here Sign In vinay@rapidprotects.com Don’t have an account ? J2ME is being popular nowadays, although JAVA technology has already come a long way. According to Sun Microsystems, J2ME is supported by over 94 million handsets operating on over 53 different mobile networks. As its popularity is being growndaybyday,mostofthemobiledevicesrangefrombelow featured basic phones and Smartphone. PDAs etc are based on J2ME technology. For any category of J2ME application, you should look for one stop destination that can provide you scalableandinnovativesolution. J2ME Application Development J2ME Application Development RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  6. 6. Android Operating System is built on LINUX based mobile software. ItisanopensourceOSplatform.Asnexusoneisthenewlylaunched device of this open source operating system. Thus far, many other manufacturers like Motorola, Acer, HTC, Sony Ericsson etc have been embracing in a big way. Google's Android Market offers just over 16,000 different apps for users to enjoy. Our Android developer's team is quite flexible to access the open source platformofAndroidSDK. Android Application Development RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  7. 7. BREW Application Development BREW MP is a mobile operating system that delivers high –end features across all 3G technologies and virtually all market tiers of mobile devices, including the emerging low-cost smart phones category and other data rich feature phone, including AT&T's quick messaging devices. These Mobile Platform operating Systems boasts new APIs that give developers the ability to directly access ASIC hardware for optimal application performance functionality, while abstracting the various chipset hardware interfaces for softwarereuseandeasierchipsethandsetmigration. RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  8. 8. The OS of Symbian contains structure with memory protection and pre-emptivemultitasking.Italsohas multithreading.The operating System is uniquely designed for the mobile phones like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens and many others. The primary advantage of the Symbian OS is that it can be used effectively on the hand held devices such as the likes of PDA and mobile phones. For your SymbianApplication,wecanbethebestchoiceforyou. Symbian Application Development RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  9. 9. MOMOPIXPIXShare Your WorldMicrosoft launched an App store that lets window mobile users find, purchase and download programs directly from the phones. Otherwise Window Mobile also supports third party applications. We at Rapidsoft Systems, develop various Window mobile Applications that are allowed by its App store 1.e. Pocket Gear. Users can download and install thousands of third party Windows Mobile Apps, supported bythedevice. Window Mobile Application Development MOMOPIXPIX Share Your World Advertisement MOMOPIXPIXShare Your World Ad Campaign 1 Banner ddddd demoforcheck demoforcheck PreviewBack SkipSend Select Advertsement Cancel Gallery Capture Save Continue Exit Advertisement MOMOPIXPIX Share Your World Caption Message RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  10. 10. Family Safety, Security & Collaboration trackerrapid litelite Web Support:www.rapidprotect.net Designed and Developed by: Rapidsoft Systems Inc Rememberme vinay@rapidprotects.com LoginHere SignInForgetPassword FamilySafety,Security&Collaboration trackerrapid Don’thaveanaccount? iPhone Application Development iPhone is a unique device among all smart phones. Since its launch, iPhone has achieved huge success in terms of introducing the concept of user friendliness and revolutionarymulti-touchuserinterface.iPhonehasitsown Apps store and there is continuous shift in app development. Since the iPhone launched in the mobile market, Rapidsoft Systems has been delivering innovative iPhone Application Development. Not only iPhone, they also jumped into ipad Application development since Apple releaseditsiPadSDK. RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  11. 11. Web Support:www.rapidprotect.net Designed and Developed by: Rapidsoft Systems Inc Apple has recently come up with iPad buzz, although iPad itself is yet to come into market. Right after the release of the SDK of iPad, Rapidsoft Systems brought their first application for iPad. We are quite confident about our adept in iPad Application development. Apart from that we are alsoreadytooptimizeiPhoneAppstoiPad. iPad Application Development: RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  12. 12. Enterprise Mobile Solution is a wireless mobile data computing solution on the go! Enterprise can easily increase the productivity and efficiency through mobilization of business processes through the real time solution. Driving business productivity and future readiness requires enterprises to take the advantage of evolving technology that can enable the business on the right move. Enterprise mobility solution provides timely access to critical information, when most needed. On the whole, mobility solution not only brings improvements to the mobile worker but also deliver key enhancements to the broader business process. User productivity and improvement in business operations are key drivers for businesses deploying SFA, FFA, CRM and other industry- specific applications. Workingwithsomeoftheleadingbusinessesglobally,weunderstand the challenges and complexity involved in mobilizing employees. Here at Rapidsoft Systems, we address these challenges, taking industry best practices and our own experiences, to offer a strategic approachtomobility.OursalesforceAutomation(SFA)solutionshelp businesses automate tasks such as inventory control, sales processing and tracking of customer interactions thereby enabling organizations manage customer relationships better. Our Field Force Automation (FFA) solutions on the other hand improve field worker productivity by automating the collection and validation of field data andenhancingcustomerservice. Enterprise Mobile RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  13. 13. We at Rapidsoft Systems Inc. work with customers across verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services to offer enterprise mobility solutions. We have implemented solutions across mobile platforms including Windows Mobile,iPhone,iPad,Android,Symbian,Blackberry,J2MEandBREW Working with some of the leading businesses globally, we understand the challenges and complexity involved in mobilizing employees. Here at Rapidsoft Systems Inc. we address these challenges, taking industry best practices and our own experiences, Mobile Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Mobility Solutions to offer a strategic approachtomobility. Enterprise Mobile TypesofEnterpriseMobileSolutions; 1) Mobile Office – To improve operational efficiency and customer experience. 2) Mobile Retailing – Custom applications built around a process enabling real-time communication (barcode, scanning, mobile coupons, image capture,dataentryetc.) 3) Mobile Tracking Solution – Enhances efficiency by providing the location andstatusof anasset(inventory, tracking,patienttrackingetc.) 4) Mobile CRM Solutions – Enabling sales/Field Force Automation (SFA) by enhancing the traditional tethered CRM Systems to Mobile, providing remoteaccess. 5) Wireless Security Solutions – Protect network and mobile devices from security threats. 6) VoIP Communication – Secure digital voice and data to meet demanding communicationneeds. UNIVERSAL ACCES LAYER CONNECTORS DEVICE CONSOLE TRANSACTION LOG BUSINESS OBJECTS DATA SYNC APPLICATION SYNC CRM PORTALS EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICES APPLICATION ERP / LEGACY SYSTEMS RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  14. 14. Enterprise Mobility • Mobile Coupons • Mobile Catalog • POS Integration • Loyalty Program • Mobile Commerce and more... • Supply Chain Management • Sales Force / Field Force Automation • Product Life cycle Management • Asset Management and more... • Mobile Banking • Mobile Payments • Claims Handling & Fulfilment • Portfolio Management and more... BFSIRetail • Mobile EMR • Patient Management • Case Management • Appointment Setting and more... HealthcareManufacturing • • • • Performance Assessment Tutorials (Video / Text) Mobile EHR Student Evaluation and more... Education Pharmaceutical • • • • • Vendor Management Incidence Reporting Mobile Catalog Real-Time Reporting of Mrs Field Sales and more... Retail Manufaturing BFSIBFSI EducationEducation Pharmaceutical RAPIDSOFT'S ENTERPRISES MOBILITY OFFERINGS RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  15. 15. Benefits of the Enterprise Mobility Solution: RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  16. 16. Custom Application Development Our Customized Application Development has been designed and programmed for specific functional needs. This application Development is capable of producing practically any feature you may desire for your site. Time and money are virtually the only limiting factors.Oursolutioncangiveyoursiteuniqueandvaluablefeatures,but makesurethereturnisworththecost. As a dedicated Custom Software development solutions provider, we deliverthesolutionsfor: RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  17. 17. Custom Application Development Services we offer: RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right!
  18. 18. RAPIDSOFT SYSTEMS IT Outsourcing Done Right! US Mailing Address: Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. 7 Diamond Ct, Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550, USA Phone (Sales): +1-609-439-4775 US West Coast Office: 101 University Avenue, Suite 111 Palo Alto CA 94301, USA Phone (Sales): +1-408-829-6284 US R&D Center: 3 Nami Lane, Unit C-10 Mercerville, New Jersey 08619, USA Phone: +1-609-439-4775 India Development Center (Mobile Applications Unit): Rapidsoft Systems Inc. India Development Center F-18, IInd Floor, Sector-8, Noida - 201301 Phone: +91-120-421-7978 Middle East Representative Office: Victory Falcon ET. PO Box 27128, Dubai, UAE. Phone: +971 4 3554055 | Fax:+ 971 4 3552745 Contact Person : Mr. Arvind Mohan Email : arvind@rapidsoftsystems.com URL : www.vicinfotek.com Driven by intuitive InnovationsDriven by intuitive InnovationsDriven by intuitive Innovations A Software & Product Development Company