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Customer feedback

A brief information about customer feedback.this report will help you to learn different aspect of customer feedback.

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Customer feedback

  1. 1. - 1 - CUSTOMER FEEDBACK-How it is collected and used 1.INTRODUCTION This report which is based upon relevant customer feedback from hotels which is actual knowing about the particular hotel by feedback whether the company is doing their work genuinely or not for their respective customer. By this feedback system, company or any reputed organization come to know about customer views through this system. And they realize that about their service whether how are they serving to guest or customer? Are they serving in good way or not? In this report has proper discussion about industry provider like hotel that how are they stand on their service management according to customer feedback. The topic (i.e. customer feedback– how it is collected and used ) are applied on the industry provider which is ITC Mourya- New Delhi is one of the good property of welcome group of hotels where customer feedbacks are highly considered on the property management by organization. ITC Maurya is named after the famous ‘Mauryan” dynasty which gave Indian history its golden age where art, culture and architecture flourished. It is five star deluxe hotel which has 440 rooms and 29 uniquely- designed suites. It is one of the most popular dining destinations of the city. It always offers an assortment of internationally acclaimed cuisine. 1.1 AIMS:-To identify the process by which, any hospitality industry goes through to investigate that how customer has felt happy with their service. And to obtain information on customer reaction on the service that how did fulfill customer needs and determination of opportunity to improve. 1.2 OBJECTIVES: - Gathering of knowledge and creating mind set up throughout secondary research and primary as well.
  2. 2. - 2 - 2. SECONDARY RESEARCH It is research of data which is already existed (i.e. published) in any book, magazine, newspaper, journal, internet etc for acquisition of purpose. ( This is done by aiming to find relevant and related data on chosen topic to achieve the objective to get information and knowledge. 2.1 CUSTOMER FEEDBACK According to kandampully, J., Monk, C. and Sparks, B. (2001), effective management decisions which only processes on customer feedback as it is said base of it. Apart from that it is to investigate and check the response of the customer by the hospitality industry regarding product or service. This is considered one of the most important asset of any organization as the hotel ITC mourya follows this process very strictly through various source like feedback form, internet customer care service etc to pretend customer views for their service so that they catch up the negative points and attempt to cover it to improve cash flow which is life blood of any organization. 2.2 SERVICE QUALITY+CUSTOMER SATISFACTION= CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Customer feedbacks are more depended upon service quality and customer satisfaction. For any customer if these aspects are taken on consideration then it ensures the best customer feedback around and gives progression for any organization who knows its values. Martin, W.B (2001) defined in their book that customer services are intangible and problematic. The real quality of service would be as what customer actually see, hear and experience. The quality of customer service can be understood from a customer’s perspective. “If we don’t understand our customer, we do not understand our business” (Martin, 2001) in addition to this, Cochran (2003) points that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal because beyond this expectation nothing has left to do for customer hence in a sentence there should be mentioned that revenues and profits are nothing more than fulfilling customer needs and expectations. In other word customer satisfaction is an investment because it does not produce results in the very short term but long term. In the ITC mourya, service quality and satisfaction are highly and creatively considered from the point of view of guest because they know that if they utilize these resource then they will get succeed to fulfill guest expectations and will fetch positive feedback for their organization which are very useful asset for any hotel or other organization. 2.3 CUSTOMER FEEDBACK IS A GIFT Every organization wants to develop their business and increase cash flow but most important things arise here about customer who is a most precious value for and his or her feedback can give the organization to know about their service and performance regarding . “The customer is always right” quoted by Harry Gordon Selfridge ( ) It is said like because every customers have their own choice of decision whether they will buy the product or have the service or not and they do whatever they decide and that things says that the customer is always right. Therefore from this point of view, if ITC mourya considered then it always comes on top and it can be proved through guest evidence about this as they satisfy with the service with excellent remarks as they say ‘ excellent and good ambience’ (
  3. 3. - 3 - 2.4 CUSTOMER FEEDBACK CATEGORIES Customer feedback can be categorized in following points 1. Formal and Informal ways of feedback:-Many organization uses formal feedback which take place on regular basis, reveals past performance and then set target for future performance. It often relates to business criteria but also can pay personal preference and attitude. Some company widen the scope of appraisal by introducing a 360 degree feedback system, in which managers, colleagues and reports all give feedback ( often anonymously in writing). But just opposite in informal feedback in which people give feedback when they feel bad service what they had from organization. This type of feedback can be much more important for the receiver of the feedback than formal feedback. It is more immediate because it happens soon after giving service.( 2. The question words like who, what, when, how, what, which etc.:- This is a process to give feedback in which always these question marks come for instance if some one have got poor meal experience from organization then they will ask the question like ‘Why have they not served complimentary as they have written on menu card’. 3. Qualitative and Quantitative: - In this process, they used some questionnaire to tick out from guest whether to know their service standard. 4. Direct and Indirect:- In direct customer feedback, people talks genuine about product or service whether it is good or bad whereas in indirect customer feedback, people use to talk through second person about product and services whether it is good or bad. 5. Solicited and Unsolicited:- According to Sampson (1998) In this category of customer feedback, guest are appealed to give any feedback about the respective organization which are taken as solicited but in unsolicited, nothing happen like this hence customer itself gives feedback if they wished. 2.5 CUSTOMER FEEDBACK METHODS According to Sampson (1998), there are some ways of gathering customer feedback which are following like: • Questionnaires: - It is set of questions for research to gather information regarding its purpose. And it roles importantly to get information or feedback from customer. • Telephone and Mail: - These are other source of collecting feedback from customer which also performs valuable for organization. • Interview: - It is not too popular way of getting feedback but quite important for organization. • Direct observation:- It is something which is happening at that time and to get observed for instance if any guest is very happy during servicing it means guest looks very satisfactory. • Suggestion boxes and Comment cards:- this process is widely popular because it is used by many organization and it shows better results to reach on customer expectation. • E-Feedback:- It is one of the most popular method which are being accepted nowadays by customer to give their feedback.
  4. 4. - 4 - 2.6 WHY FOCUS ON FEEDBACK AND HOW IT IS IMPORTANT “ Treat every complaint as "a gift" that should be cherished because of dissatisfied customer spends time pinpointing what's wrong and gives as a chance to improve ..." (Barlow and Moller,1996) According to Barlow and Moller (1996), purpose to focus on feedback is to paradigm shift and put the organization in the shoes of the customer or guest. As they explain that customer feedback tell organizations how to improve services and products and not only this if the organization will accept each and every guest or customer complaints as a gift then there are no any barriers to stop organization to grow up to right direction and path.
  5. 5. - 5 - PRIMARY RESEARCH 1. What does mean of customer feedback for your hotel? 2. How does your organization work on this system? 3. How does your hotel tackle with negative complain? 4. Does ITC mourya receive 100% customer satisfaction through customer feedback? 5. What are the procedures of customer feedback system? 6. Is customer feedback is helpful for the organization? 7. Does ITC mourya expect cash flow on positive feedback? 8. How do you collect your customer feedback? 9. Do you think the customer feedback shows actual reputation of the hotel? 10. What is your organization motto which is matching with positive customer feedback?
  6. 6. - 6 - REFERENCE Martin,W.B.(2001) Quality Customer Service fourth edition, Crisp Publication. U.S.A. Cochran,C.(2003) Customer Satisfaction Paton Professional U.S.A. (Date of Access: 23rd of March, 2010) (Date of Access: 23rd of March, 2010) (Date of Access: 23rd of March, 2010) Sampson, S.E. (1998), “Gathering Customer Feedback via the Internet: Instruments and Prospects”, Industry Management and Data System Vol. 98 No. 2, pp. 71-82. .htm (Date of Access: 23rd of March, 2010) Kandampully, J., Mok, C. and Sparks, B.(2001) Service Quality Management in Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure. The Haworth Hospitality Press. Binghamton.
  7. 7. - 7 - GANTT CHART WEEK 1 Project choice WEEK2 Chose the topic WEEK3 Collected data on selected topic WEEK4 researched on secondary data WEEK5 researched on primary data WEEK7 started to write my report WEEK8 correction in report WEEK9 Telephonic Interview with industry provider WEEK10 Summarization of primary research WEEK11 polishing of project WEEK12 Recommendation on report to write WEEK13 Getting conclusion and finalization of report
  8. 8. - 8 - Self-Evaluation Log Project Topic: The Customer Feedback, how it is used and collected Industry Provider: ITC mourya, New Delhi Tasks Completed Next Tasks Learning Achieved Week 1 project choice start the planning process Time management Week 2 start the planning process Understanding project management tools and technique Should be very attentive Week 3 understanding project management tools and technique Research method to understand Should be disciplined Week 4 Research method to understand Research on secondary data Getting knowledge Week 5 Research on secondary data Correction in research Learned about writing good report. Week 6 Correction in research Research on primary data Gaining proactive Week 7 Research on primary data To get information about primary data Effective communication Week 8 Got information about primary data Telephonic Interview with industry provider Getting confidence Week 9 Telephonic Interview with industry provider Summarization of primary research Creativity Week 10 Summarization of primary research Will polish my report Don’t do any mistake Week 11 Will polish my report Recommendation on report to write Put your mind into report. Week 12 Recommendation on report to write Getting conclusion and finalization of report. Be happy with your work. Week 13 Getting conclusion and finalization of report ------------------------- - Self-confident
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