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School workshops 2016



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School workshops 2016

  1. 1. Murrook Culture Centre Cultural Workshops
  2. 2. Who are we? Murrook Cultural Centre is situated on Nelson Bay Road Williamtown NSW. It's purpose is to gather, sustain, protect and teach Aboriginal Culture to all people with an emphasis on Worimi culture being the land and people of this area. Our Centre caters for the needs of a vast range of groups, from schools (pre, primary, secondary and uni/tafe), to community, business & government groups and international visitors. Aboriginal staff teach many facets of our culture, from boomerangs, weapons and tools, didgeridoo, communication like art and dance, bush food medicine, cooking, craft (basket ting weaving, beading), artefacts and much more. The Gathang Language is used right through our programs. Tent camps are also available on our grounds with amenities and a restaurant quality kitchen to aid our campers. We at Murrook seek to deliver a sound, authentic and relevant cultural experience to our visitors helping them to see Australia through the eyes of an Aboriginal person. Most importantly, Murrook is used by our Aboriginal community as a gathering place. Our staff run tours and workshops at Murrook, on schools grounds and 'on country' having access to Aboriginal sites. If you would like more information about our cultural packages, please call one of our friendly team members in the Office. Marrungbu (Thank You).
  3. 3. What we do? • We offer many Cultural Diversity & Appreciation Experiences: • Here at Murrook • Worimi History • Artefacts • Gathang Language • Bush Resource • Bush Tucker (seasonal, additional costs apply) • Art • Weaving/Beading • Boomerang throwing • Didgeridoo workshop • Dance workshop • Cultural Camps 1,2,3 nights • On Country tours • Eco systems at risk • Fresh water search • Midden search • Stone tool site • “Towards Cultural Competency Training” (government & other agencies) • We offer school programs conducted on site at your school, these are tailored to suit your needs • School Excursions, Cultural Workshops
  4. 4. Cultural Diversity & Appreciation Experiences Boomerang Throwing Learn about this unique implement and try your own hand at throwing and catching a boomerang with guidance from a cultural officer. All ages. Digeridoo Workshop Music is an important part of Aboriginal culture. Learn all about the didgeridoo and its hypnotic tones. All ages. Dance Workshop Learn about the significance and meaning behind Dance in our Aboriginal culture and why we celebrate many events with Dance, imitate animals and birds or “Shake a Leg”. All ages.
  5. 5. Cultural Diversity & Appreciation Experiences Bush Resource Join a guided walk around the native gardens and wetlands to discover the diversity of plants of the Worimi and learn their traditional aboriginal uses. All Ages. Be adventurous and come and try our delicious Bush Tucker. Our staff will explain the various types of Bush Tucker available and its uses and you get the chance to try some. All Ages. Bush Tucker tasting includes Emu, Crocodile, Kangaroo, fish, crab, oyster, lobster, damper and herbs and spices. All ages. *Minimum Numbers Apply & some foods are seasonal Artefacts Spend time with a cultural officer as they explain the history, their story, design and use. All ages. Art Create a unique memento of your Worimi trip using nature & Aboriginal art as your inspiration. Paint your own boomerang, coaster or canvas or purchase one of our template pieces and add your own flavor to create an original. All ages.
  6. 6. Cultural Diversity & Appreciation Experiences Weaving/Beading Come and watch a master weaver reveal thousands of years of knowledge in creating these beautiful baskets, bags, fish, eel and bird traps. In this session you will have the opportunity to try your hand at weaving, both with traditional and modern materials. 8 years & up. Worimi History Learn in this workshop the life of an Aboriginal society, its lore, customs, habits, unique connection to land, the prominence of ceremony and hunting practices. Also, learn of the early days of European contact and the change that occurred here in Newcastle & Port Stephens. Collomon Workshop This is a popular workshop where over the course of a school term you will learn about the traditional uses of a Collomon and how they were made you can then make your own Coolomon from scratch.
  7. 7. Out on Country Ecosystem Walk out on Stockton Dunes and learn about the traditional management practices and how our people managed this unique ecosystem. Fresh Water/Midden Come and learn the history and significance of the midden and fresh water sites . Stone tool site You will walk the Stockton Dunes and visit a ancient old stone tool site and learn about the importance of these sites.
  8. 8. Cultural Camps Students get an amazing opportunity to experience our indigenous culture, discover the land and participate in traditional activities. The camp grounds (tent only) are situated on Murrook’s fresh water lake with close access to the ancient Aboriginal sites and the largest Coastal Sand Dune System in the southern hemisphere. Campers have access to showers and toilets and catering can be arranged upon request from our kitchen and dining area. An Aboriginal guide will help you develop your own personal camp program and be with you during the camp sharing an age old culture of this beautiful land.
  9. 9. Towards Cultural Competency This workshop has been designed to aid government agencies and business both large and small in Aboriginal Cultural Competencies. The workshops are provided to aid the move towards reconciliation in Australia, to aid in the development of the Aboriginal community within ‘mainstream’ agencies, to increase each business’s capacity to engage with Aboriginal communities for a better tomorrow for all Australians. These Cultural Workshops aim to improve the awareness of Aboriginal culture, to appreciate its beauty, its long history and to acknowledge its diversity from the Western environment we all live in. Recently, we have worked with government agencies, such as the Education and Employment, Port Stephens Council, Defense Agencies and Welfare Providers. Our philosophy to helping others understand such cultural competencies is to spend time with Aboriginal people. These are not things you learn from books, lectures or the internet. Therefore, our workshops are designed that you spend the day (five hours) with us. The following is a typical workshop. • • Welcome you to our Country (song, dance, language, story, fire) • Classroom training discussion (Aboriginal circle) • Lunch with Elders & Community (catering is from a local Aboriginal group) • Aboriginal Site visit
  10. 10. Contacts & Location • Address: • 2163 Nelson Bay Road, Williamtown NSW 2318 • PO Box: • PO BOX 56, Tanilba Bay NSW 2319 • Phone and Fax: • P: (02) 40338804 • Fax: (02) 40338899 • Email: • We are located on Nelson Bay Road, Williamtown an easy 2 ½ drive on the freeway from Sydney CBD or 1hr 45 mins from the start of the Sydney Newcastle Freeway. Heading towards Nelson Bay we are located 2.4kms from Newcastle Airport. Just look for the Big Boomerang! We are open Daily Monday – Friday Bookings are required prior to your Culture Appreciation and Diversity tour. Comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended as well as hat and sun screen if selecting an outdoor tour. Murrook Culture centre has Wheelchair access.