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Internet4YoungLearners EVO 2010


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This was presented in New Orleans at TESOL 2011 as part of the Electronic Village Fair. This session focused on the professional development of ESL/EFL teachers of young children and included participants' favorite elementary websites.

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Internet4YoungLearners EVO 2010

  1. 1. INTERNET4YOUNGLEARNERS EVO 2010 SESSION TESOL 2011 ELECTRONIC VILLAGE FAIR 3-17-2011 Presenters: Sandra Annette Rogers, Hana Prashker & Dr. Joanna Rodiki-Petrides
  2. 2. EVOS MISSION STATEMENTThe Electronic Village Online (EVO) is a creation ofTESOLs CALL Interest Section. In this age ofelectronic communication, it seems a natural way tobring the issues of our profession to theinternational stage. Our goal is to allow learninganywhere, anytime, with as little expense aspossible. Thus EVO moderators and trainers are allvolunteers, and participants need only provide theirown Internet access to take part in activities.Contribution as a Moderator is a significant act ofvolunteerism, and forms an important service to ourprofession.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO SESSIONWe used the wiki space,, to design and run the course to post assignments used,, and for communication via email, instant messaging for text-based chats, making “connections” with participants, peer-to-peer exchanges, and sharing documents.
  4. 4. PRE-TRAINING1. Create a Yahoo email account and set up instant messaging .2. Register at Internet4younglearners at grouply.com3. Add your photo to our yahoo group album.4. Register at TappedIn in preparation for a text-based chat in Week 4: Register at Learning Times in preparation for an alternative live chat discussion in Week 5: Read about Netiquette and then complete the survey: Read “How EVO Differs” at
  5. 5. SAMPLE ACTIVITIES FROM WEEK 2Objectives: Look at a number of Internet-based activities. Try to relate these activities to relevant literature on EFL teaching. Discuss the added value of these activities in the classroom. Discuss the problems that might occur when using these activities in the classroom. Talk about coping with these problems or preventing them from occurring.URL: 3663191/week2
  7. 7. GROUP PROJECT OF FAVORITE CHILDREN’S WEBSITESURLs Content Sites Try Sciencesites.htmlELT notebook Games for Kids Anglomaniacy Cybersleuth Kids National Geographic Fact Monster Tower of Englishs-writing-storymaker.htm
  8. 8. INDIVIDUAL FINAL PROJECTSA Teacher Lesson Plan that integrates technology that is appropriate for your age group and ability levels in the classroom: http://internet4ylactivities.pbworks.comHana Prashker will briefly share her lesson with you now! 56/Activities-Page
  10. 10. WEB CAST PARTICIPATION GUIDE Be sure to join the session 5 - 10 minutes prior to the start. CRITICAL: After entering the Adobe Connect room, set up your speakers and microphone by doing the following:  Click "Meeting" (at the top left of the Adobe Connect window)  Click "Manage My Settings"  Click "Audio Setup Wizard“  NOTE: If Adobe Connect asks permission to use your microphone and/or web camera, click "Allow"  Click "Next"  Click "Record" and speak into your microphone for a few moments  Click the play button to check your recording  If everything is working well, click "Next"  NOTE: A microphone is NOT required to participate in the webcast. You may ask question via text chat.  Click "Test Silence" to check the amount of background noise around you  Click "Next"  Click "Finish"
  11. 11. WEB CAST PARTICIPATION GUIDE CONTINUED For best results, after entering the Adobe Connect room, set your connection speed by doing the following:  Click "Meeting" (at the top left of the Adobe Connect window)  Click "Manage My Settings"  Click "My Connection Speed"  Choose your connection speed from the list  NOTE: If you are not sure what speed your connection is, leave what Adobe Connect has already chosen. Follow and participate in the text chat on the left at any time-- raise questions or post comments. Listen to the presenter(s) and adjust the volume as needed by using the slider. CRITICAL: To raise a question, use the "raise hand" button (bottom-left of the Adobe Connect window). CRITICAL: To speak (when acknowledged by the moderator), press AND HOLD the "Talk" button. CRITICAL: When finished speaking, release the "Talk" button.