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Sana Labs High Level Overview


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Sana Labs is an artificial intelligence company that applies recent breakthroughs in deep learning to personalize education. Using Sana's machine learning platform, forward-thinking companies personalize educational content based on how you learn, what you've already mastered, and what works best for similar students. The company was founded in Stockholm in 2016 and is backed by a renowned set of investors and advisors. Our interdisciplinary team consists of experienced engineers and scientists with backgrounds ranging from Imperial College and CERN to Google and Spotify.
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Sana Labs High Level Overview

  1. 1. High returns are proven through machine learning and personalization Netflix AI-assisted personalized recommendation system saves $1 billion per year 35% of all sales are estimated to be generated by Amazon’s personalized recommendation engine Personalized experiences from advanced digital technologies and proprietary data yield a revenue increase of between 6% and 10% The discovery engine now programs approximately 31% of all listening on Spotify, compared to less than 20% just two years ago
  2. 2. We’re harnessing the latest breakthroughs within artificial intelligence - powering the next frontier: the $6 trillion education industry. With a platform built around industry standard APIs, enabling easy integration of machine learning algorithms for data-driven and personalized learning experiences. Now, it’s time for AI to move into education. Making personalized learning at scale possible. Platform APIs Users