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Export Distribution Channel (EDC)

What is EDC? How to do more exports using Export Distribution Channel?
Export Distribution Channel is a systematic process for exporters to increase their exports to a country. EDC helps exporters to understand more about target country/market and take necessary steps to increase their exports.

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Export Distribution Channel (EDC)

  1. 1. How to do more exports using Export Distribution Channel (EDC)? STEP 1 PROMOTION MARKET ANALYSIS & ASSESSMENT MORE EXPORTS  Buyer Profile & Overall Demand Analysis  Regionwise Breakup of Buyers & Demand  Overview of Other Suppliers And Competition  B2B Meetings with Prospective Buyers  Buyer Enquiries and Feedback on Samples  Offline and Online Marketing STEP 2 STEP 3 1 - 2 Months  Direct Access to Large Buyers  Large Orders Aggregated from Many Small Buyers Exporter’s Product/Commodity Target Country for Exports