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Money saving tips


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Some simple money saving ideas which one can incorporate in daily lifestyle.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Money saving tips

  1. 1. Money Saving Tips
  2. 2. Saving on Your Grocery Shopping
  3. 3. Saving on Your Grocery Shopping  All items need not be Branded. One an always try with cheaper brands which gives as an alternative for the branded item. All items will not have cheaper alternative but with whatever possible one will be able to save some cents.  If you come across any coupons or money off vouchers, make use of them at its fullest.  Get the loyalty cards offered by big store.  Always look for sale or special offers.  Have a look at upper & lower shelves apart from the shelves at the eye level in supermarket, as upper & lower shelves have products will less rates.
  4. 4. Saving Money at Work Place
  5. 5. Saving Money at Work Place  Car pooling if you have a car you could either drive four of your workmates to and from work for a small fee of course or you could join a car pool and save fuel.  Instead of buying food from office canteen, pack your own tiffin. Also you can take the flask of tea/coffee. And this will save you a lot.  If you live within three miles from your workplace, leave your car at home and save fuel, if you live within ten miles of your workplace invest in a bicycle and again save money on fuel.
  6. 6. Simple Money Saving Ideas
  7. 7. Simple Money Saving Ideas  Start washing your own car. Why pay for some simple things.  Instead of phone call use internet to talk to friends & family staying overseas. Checkout free chat options on internet.  Instead of dry cleaning your clothes give them the gentle wash.  Pay all of your bills on time to save getting late fees.  Go to libraries or read online news paper instead of buying it.  Find cheaper ways to entertain your kids rather than buying them expensive video games. Takes them to beach, woods or give them paper pen and let them explore their wild imagination.