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5 Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity


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Take a look at this slideshow for ideas about how to boost workplace productivity!

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5 Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity

  1. 1. WAYS TO Incentives and bonuses are great but may not be enough to inspire your employees to want to work. Check out the following tips to increase productivity among your employees.
  2. 2. 3 out of 4 U. S. workers are unpleased with the environment of their workplace (Genler's 2013 U. S. Workplace Survey) I Efficient and inviting office spaces increase Work productivity Creative thinking Active engagement
  3. 3. The percentage of time spent in the office w during an average 40- h r DE workweek 8 -- °/ o OF PEOPLE
  4. 4. SIMPLE STEPS 9 Productivity is key in measuring the economic efficiency and growth of your business.
  5. 5. E FRESH, NEW FURNITURE I An ergonomic environment can improve worker productivity by up to For employees who work E’9°"°"‘“‘ ‘ A” 399"“ primarily in an office setting, science that coordinates the , , design of devices, systems, of their workdays are spent In front and physical Working of the computer. conditions with the capacities and requirements of the WOrker_ Potential health effect: musculoskeletal . disorders such as carpel tunnel syndrome
  6. 6. Provide cIii"ferent options for worksta "ons. , , L tbl d = “West In quality furniture .3223.? ty°§$. l‘. .‘? E°t? .i‘§i’f. ‘f. i to keep your workforce healthy. Result: Save money on Insurance and reduce the 1 ' Smaller desks with lots of privacy amount of sick days needed . ..’ . = distractiorpfree focus
  7. 7. I ll I . IL‘. _;~ _ TI'IOI. IgI1Ii2 ‘_'. 'orl: space layouts Fact: should adapt to the workers, not the otherway around. «ml. 7? D D
  8. 8. Innovative, task-specific work stations can be a great alternative to structured cubicles. I75 Provide workspace options that accommodate different personalities and work styles. jri
  9. 9. J. -er Thought: Integrate as much natural lighting as possible! 5 Fact: Lighting affects alertness and concentration. Artificial and dim lighting can cause eye strain and headaches. Fluorescent lighting reduces the _' ability to focus on the computer screen.
  10. 10. Create an open floor plan to increase light exposure. Add iii: ii’: 3| t'-- A walls and remove some of the cubicles. Result: Iii" . r.n; IHIIIIII . l't'i1' '—lll' oi: Lurnir. ‘-Iizr Jfl -Illk . I1
  11. 11. TI‘IOI. IgI'II: Storage needs vary by industry and department and must therefore be task-specific. Fact: On average, an employee will spend more than four hours each week trying to locate necessary documents.
  12. 12. Update the organization and accessibility of your filing systems with modern technology and design. Result: Maximized efficiency and accessibility of all documents
  13. 13. ‘imw hr. ) ‘mi 'h| lI[; ‘laIl| -_4.. i.1i. w~_i-_"_- o]n| ]|| 'i; =|| y mg O Including employees in the 0 Collecting employee opinions interior design process on optimal layouts for each department
  14. 14. Small Motivators = Huge Results Show employees that you care Here are some simple suggestions about their we"_bemg_ for creating a healthy work/ life balance for your employees. Provide a lounge area, a coffee bar, or exercise equipment. ‘ It Encouragefamilytime; A discourage excessive overtime.
  15. 15. An inviting Il1t€I‘I0l' can QIVE yOUI' Give your office space’. i"; }.1i, companya I33I| '|| ’;”= Il5l3“"‘-‘ = I5.I: l‘- ii‘-W i: r:i{- to attract new talentand II i’= It3"'. |l‘. 'IlI| :I keepyourretention L“-. it: i: 'ii'i3‘| 'i.
  16. 16. Your company needs a motivated workforce for your business to succeed! I i Check out high-quality office furnishing options at San Diego Office and Modular Design | sd-office. com T‘ i 2
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