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Kyle Ledbetter & Scott Robinson - Need for Speed


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Great balls of fire! Everyday, customers expect more… faster… better. Marketers today must collaborate with more teams, departments and partners in fast-paced environments to maintain market share and a competitive advantage.

And the importance of experience design, both customer (CX) and user (UX), is crucial to win in today’s consumer-centric world.

By combining insights from user research with collaborative idea generation (using principles in design thinking), companies of all sizes can leverage the voice of the customer to grow adoption, enhance products and increase customer satisfaction.

Maverick & Goose (Kyle & Scott) share how great partnerships make sure customers never lose that lovin’ feeling.

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Kyle Ledbetter & Scott Robinson - Need for Speed

  1. 1. WE FEEL THE NEED Kyle (Maverick) Ledbetter & Scott (Goose) Robinson (EXPERIENCE DESIGN)
  2. 2. Direct of Experience, Teradata I can see it’s dangerous for you, but if the enterprise trusts me, maybe you could.” MAVERICK @kyleledbetter “
  3. 3. President & CEO, FreshForm. The UX department regrets to inform you that your customers are unhappy because you ignored them” GOOSE @_mr_robinson_ “
  4. 4. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! (What’s this all about?)
  5. 5. Great Balls of Fire! (What’s this all about?) When faced with customer (CX) and user experience (UX) challenges, corporations come across some common challenges and questions: - Should we hire an agency or build an in-house team? - How do we change our company culture? - Which department should UX live in? - Where do we start?
  6. 6. SHE’S LOST THAT LOVIN’ FEELING (Satisfaction declining, experience is more important than ever)
  7. 7. She’s lost the lovin’ feeling (Declining customer satisfaction) When faced with customer and user experience challenges, corporations come across some common challenges and questions: - Should we hire a vendor or full-time employees? - How do we change our company culture? - Which department should UX live in? - Where do we start?
  8. 8. 9 – Steve Jobs You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where can I sell it.
  9. 9. 10 Definition of User Experience (UX) 1
  10. 10. ​The wholistic experience of interacting with our company, our people, our product and our services. UX is the primary factor influencing the perception of overall value and brand—encompassing all touch points for all users. UX at Teradata
  11. 11. IT’S CLASSIFIED I COULD TELL YOU BUT I’D HAVE TO KILL YOU (Not really, here’s the secrets to a successful partnership)
  12. 12. It’s Classified (Secrets to success) There is no replacement for face-to-face meetings, time in the office, and plenty of workshops and training sessions. Introduce UX to your organization face-on with a full-court press. - Workshops & Off-sites - Presentations & All-hands - Mandatory Training - Weekly Office Hours - Monthly Reports & Wins
  13. 13. Source:
  14. 14. TALK TO ME GOOSE (Listening and truly hearing customers through research)
  15. 15. Talk to me Goose (Voice of the customer) Validate every decision with some form of customer communication or representation. - Visit the customer office as frequent as possible - Have quarterly customer visits in your office - Set up virtual interviews when in-person interviews aren’t possible - Start with a persona stand-in at minimum to start, then validate with real customers
  16. 16. IT TAKES A LOT MORE THAN FANCY FLYING (A great UX is a lot more than a pretty dashboard)
  17. 17. It takes a lot more than fancy flying (UX is more than a pretty dashboard) Don’t crash and burn by allowing UX to be pigeonholed into UI design. UX at its core is about every customer interaction and human centered research.
  18. 18. REMEMBER BOYS (and girls), THERE’S NO POINTS FOR SECOND PLACE (Customers rarely give you a second chance; first impressions matter)
  19. 19. You don’t want your name on the alternates plaque. - The onboarding process sets the stage. - Focus on being “best to market”. - Great user experience matters and influences Lifetime Value (LTV). There’s no points for second place (First, second, third… impressions matter)
  20. 20. SO YOU’RE THE ONE (The key to a successful UX partner)
  21. 21. So you’re the one (The key to a successful partnership) Finding the right UX partnership is hard. There needs to be cultural and financial alignment, and the team leads need to share vision and trust to divide and conquer.
  22. 22. THIS IS WHAT I CALL A TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT (UX + CX with Marketing is a match made in heaven)
  23. 23. By collaborating across organizations, the 360° customer view comes into clarity and new personas and opportunities arise. - Great experiences keep customers engaged - In the end, it’s all about solving a problem or pain point for the user - Joining market data and user research paints the full picture This is what I call a target rich environment (UX + CX + Marketing)
  25. 25. You can be my wingman ANY TIME! Embracing the strengths of both in-house UX team and UX agencies combined, your bases are covered and timelines are accelerated. Benefits of an agency: - Strategy - Scalability - Immediate impact Benefits of an in-house team: - Deep institutional knowledge - Product SME (subject matter expertise) - Long term stability
  26. 26. Turn & Burn Direct of Experience, Teradata @kyleledbetter President & CEO, FreshForm. @_mr_robinson_