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Ski Resort Text Marketing

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  1. 1. Textus <br />Resort promotions<br />And SkI conditions<br />Brought to you by<br /><br />
  2. 2. The Value of Going Mobile<br />Facts: <br /> Mobile subscribers in the USA make up 91% of<br />the population <br /> Americans traded 5 BILLION texts a day in<br />2009 and trends show that number DOUBLING!<br />Everyone with a cell phone will read a text<br />
  3. 3. Resort Promotion from Simple Texts to Extensive Mobile Flyers<br />We can incorporate the texts with: <br /><ul><li>Embedded links </li></ul>Directing people to the resorts site <br /><ul><li>Phone number </li></ul>Allowing for instant contact<br /><ul><li>Create an interactive menu </li></ul>that gives the resort all of the information they need to contact the customer and get the security deposit<br />Or Incorporate Images and Videos For a Visual Impact<br />01/02/2011 to 02/12/2011<br />From $347 per person<br />4th night free<br />4 nights lodging, hotel room <br />3-day lift tickets<br />Must book by 01/20/2011<br />Call 888-388-4885 to book now!<br />Or visit us on the web here<br />Pay for three nights lodging and two days of skiing and receive one extra night and day of skiing free! Plus, to help you feed your family and friends, we'll include a $240 meal card for just $200! Valid at all on-mountain restaurants and bars.<br />Call now to get away! 888-388-4885 <br />
  4. 4. Ski Conditions Change Timing is Everything<br />Got Snow?<br />We do, come in and buy a lift ticket in the next hour and a half and take 50% off<br />
  5. 5. Don’t Leave 70% Of the Mobile Market in the Cold<br />The fact that everyone has a cell phone is well known. The craze to create cellular apps and mobile website<br />is evidence of the trend to go mobile.<br />In the pursuit of creating profit from the mobile market, the majority of the companies forget about the other<br />70% of their clients.<br /> Basic phones do not come with data packages , browsing capabilities or email feeds.<br />These basic phones make up 70% of the Cellular market. <br />By keeping the technology simple it reaches<br />everyone. <br />Our platform is powerful enough to broadcast out a video commercial to millions of people<br />instantly , but the end result is that it wouldn’t play on more then 10% of the phones in the market.<br />We choose to offer the simple, but effective solution.<br />SMS/MMS is available on every Cellular phone in the US <br />Our delivery platform and carrier connectivity will power any company to create a huge mobile presence<br />
  6. 6. Promote<br />.<br />We can separate your contacts into groups and time everything so you can target your advertisement to different areas, products, seasons and more. Own more then one resort? Cross promote.<br />Locals<br />Tourists<br />Last night brought over twelve inches of snow<br />We have all lifts operating and all trails open <br />Come in today and Ski our pristine slope.<br />Experience the Rush of fresh powder<br /> 6:30 AM<br />Ski, Spa and Culinary Delights<br />Enjoy the Rush of fresh powder, the tranquility of the Spa and end the day at our premier restaurant.<br />With packages as low as 499.00 why not.<br />Call now 888-388-4885<br />
  7. 7. Interact<br />Text<br />Reply<br />Ski, Spa and Culinary Delights<br />Enjoy the Rush of fresh powder, the tranquility of the Spa and end the day at our premier restaurant.<br />With packages as low as 499.00 why not.<br />Call now 888-388-4885<br />Or Reply with the word RESERVE<br />RESERVE<br />How many people will we be welcoming in your party and when will you be joining us? Reply with the word BOOK and include the number of people in your party and the date we should expect you.<br />Book 2 adult 3 kids 1/30/11<br />We look forward to your visit and we will call you shortly to confirm your reservation and go over the details of your stay.<br />The resort staff will receive a email or text message with all of this information including the customers cell number<br />
  8. 8. Notify<br />Ski conditions: new snow, packed powder, depth of snow base, Trails open<br />Lifts open and type: gondolas, chairs ect…<br />Are you making new snow daily? <br />Specials at the resort.Mid-week getaways: includes 2 nights stay rentals and lift tickets for two.Specials...1/2 day lift tickets, Wed snowboards 1/2 price lift ticket.Seniors ski free, free lunch with the purchase of a lift ticket and so on.<br />Normally the locals have several different options within a hour of driving so make it your resort. Let them know that your have fresh powder or short lift lines make sure you message matters to them.<br />
  9. 9. Drive Profit<br />Create packages that include discounted lifts with the purchase of a meal.<br />Since the people you are catering to are not on a computer they can’t compare, so why give them the lowest price?<br />Sell you lodging for full price and throw in a few items that cost you nothing to give the appearance of a great package deal.<br />If you don’t get a response your only a text away modify your marketing approach slightly and try again.<br />Ski shop<br />Let them know about ski equipment sales or rentals. See if you name brands want to sponsor the message. Simply put this on the bottom of the text “brought to you by Atomic Skis “<br />Lessons<br />What’s the lesson schedule let everyone know<br />Lodging<br />Once they are at your resort they are going nowhere else. Have them relax at the Spa<br />Dining<br />The locals need a place to eat also advertise to them and remind them that you have fine dining<br />
  10. 10. Internet Vs. Text<br />Much better visibility and can reach millions of viewers instantly<br />When you publish discounts your competitors can see them to beat or match<br />People do not always have access to the internet<br />Emails can contain better graphics and allow more interaction<br />Targeted to people who want the information<br />Competitors do not see what you are offering<br />Cellular clients always have their phone<br />There is no SPAM filter on text messages<br />But the scary difference that very few take into effect is the fact that as soon as the customer is on the internet they are looking at everyone's offers, using booking agents and reading about each destination. This would be perfect for you, but who else posted about your Resort? Which competitor is offering a better deal? And wouldn’t it be so much easier to go through a travel agent?<br />
  11. 11. Challenges of Resort Development and Website Impact<br />Google your Resort do you see any of this feedback?<br />Locals , and unhappy clients are vocal and can hurt your business with online reviews and forums.<br />
  12. 12. Internal Communication and Alerts<br />
  13. 13. Surveys<br />Survey customers while they are at you resort, if there is a problem you can fix it.<br />Survey customers when they leave find out what it takes to get them back next time.<br />How are you enjoying your stay?<br />Reply<br />A <br />(if your stay has been perfect)<br />B<br />(if you have concerns)<br />Let us know what we can do to make your stay more enjoyable<br />How was your stay<br />Reply<br />A (great)<br />B (Ok)<br />C (unhappy)<br />Its great to hear you enjoyed your stay. Reserve your next vacation with us and save 5%<br />
  14. 14. Contact us at <br /><br />800-971-3706<br />For more information and a customized quote<br />Or visit us on the web<br /><br />