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Sereno machinery


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Used Machinery for the Ski Area and Resort Market

Published in: Business, Technology
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Sereno machinery

  1. 1. SERENO.ITSERENO USED Machinery Connect resources world wide!
  2. 2. • Analyze• Understand• Organize In a proper and efficient manner all the potential factors, present and future SERENO.IT
  3. 3. Our mission is to provide a global network of worldclass partners to meet the needs of a broader and complex developing system Lifts Machinery Equipments Services USERS SERENO.IT
  4. 4. Our Strength are• Strong Background in the Ski Industry• Ability to analyze• Balance of resources and proper choice in lift and machinery• Proper application of IT and web solutions related to Ski Resorts• Great marketing solutions to allow the resort to be part of the global network• High flexibility and Team Dynamics SERENO.IT
  5. 5. SERENO.IT Consulting services provided by ourexperienced team will allow managers toanalyse and review feasibilities, costs and goals. ...innovation and solution making….. WWW.SERENO.IT