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Hotware wi max resort


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Ski Resorts are going high tech!

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Hotware wi max resort

  1. 1. X-LIN SERENO.IT Long Range Wireless LAN Platform Winter Sport Resort WiFi Internet Management System May 2012
  2. 2. System Highlights• Windows-based software for Ski Area’s WiFi billing up to 1000 clients per server capability. Control time and bandwidth usage of wired and wireless laptops without any client software installations. Your customers will be redirected to login page of your Marina web site to pay before getting Internet access.• With the WiFi City II system there is 4 hours of remote setup included to get you up and running with peace of mind, Connect 1 or many access points if needed . Accept credit card payments with over 50 supported payment gateways including Pay-Pal and Authorize.Net. Depositing the money into your existing merchant accounts.
  3. 3. SKI
  4. 4. How Do I Make Money With Wi-Fi City II+ Internet System ?• You make money every time someone connects to your Wi-Fi area and opens a laptop or PDA computer. Here is how it works: Your equipment should be configured as open and easily discoverable. This is what you want -customers to find your Access Point or MESH Units easily and be able to connect to it. They will type some URL (like in order to start browsing, but instead of getting that page, they will be redirected to your login page which has your Campground Logo on it, which is displayed by Hotware WiFi City II software. Customer have to buy one of the predefined plans (access rights) and get his username and password. After login, customer is redirected to the website initially requested. Its up to you if the customer will pay in your office, restaurant, or online using his/her credit card or Cash Card /Pay-Pal. In case of credit card payment, the amount is collected from customer by your Credit Card processing company and stored to your merchant account (account with processing company). These companies charge a specified fee for credit card processing and sometimes even yearly subscriptions. Some of the most used are PayPal,, but there are many other that offer additional services. A payment gateway company transfers collected money to your bank account at the end of the month or in similar time intervals. The system is set up remotely with your assistance, up to 4 Hr max included in purchase ,
  5. 5. X-LIN SERENO.IT ...innovation and solution making…..