KU vs Duke first half presentation


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KU vs Duke first half presentation

  1. 1. Kansas #5 VS Duke #4 Breakdown Analysis Samuel Yim
  2. 2. Duke: Good Offensive Plays 18:25 Duke -Farside Duke Bigmen does a good job of drawing out defenders so that there are less bodys in the paint to help defend the rim -A quick give and go is facilitated by an off ball screen at the elbow right after the point guard passes it -#2 gets an easy lay-in -Assist : #3 -Score: #2 (2 points)
  3. 3. Duke: Good Offensive Plays 11:13 Duke -#1 does a good job of penetrating deep towards the rim -This forces the corner defender to sink in more than he wants to allowing the corner man to spot up for an easy catch and shoot 3 -#0 on Kansas must recognize earlier that the corner defender has left to help and slide over sooner, this should cause a team rotation cover all perimeter shots
  4. 4. Duke: Bad Offensive Plays 16:33 Duke -Must do better in utilizing the shot clock -Chucks up 3 with 32 seconds left on the shot clock -Should reset and look for a better shot
  5. 5. Duke: Bad Offensive Plays 14:05 Duke -#5 on Duke must recognize that both the on ball defender and the screener's defender have doubled him, meaning that somebody on the court is open -If he moves the ball to the trailer (screener) it leads to an easy 2, rather he drivess the ball and gets blocked -Block leads to a fast break (easy transition points)
  6. 6. Duke: Good Defensive Plays 18:42 KU -Do a good job of screening both on ball and away from the ball so that the passer and receiver are open at the same time -Run another double on ball/ off ball pick -Duke #21 does a good job of hedging on the screen so that the on ball defender has time to recover and then does excellent job of recovering to his man -On ball defender does a good job with sticking with the ball handler -Duke #1 must do a better job of not getting blocked out so that he can slide from the backside and help on the drive
  7. 7. Duke: Good Defensive Plays 13:10 KU -Duke does a good job in trapping right out of the on ball screen -By double teaming they force an errant pass by ball handler to big man -#1 Duke does a good job of sliding from the back side to at least let the big man be aware of his presence -#1 is only able to cheat and help out so much because the backside defenders do a good job of positioning themselves so that the only open pass is to the far side corner 3 (difficult pass)
  8. 8. Duke: Bad Defensive Plays 15:46 Duke (Inbounds play) -Set on ball screen immediately after inbound -KU defenders do a poor job in defending the pick and roll -The screener's defender does not push out hard enough on the hedge to force the ball handler out, this leaves the on ball defender very little time to recover thus allowing for an uncontested drive to the hoop by Duke #2 -Since they hedged instead of switching the screener's defender drops to cover the roll and leaves the driver uncontested at the rim
  9. 9. Duke: Bad Defensive Plays 7:33 KU -Entry pass once again forces double team -Once the slide comes #5 Duke becomes to worried about the now open #34 on Kansas (open because his man slid) -#5 Duke has two responsibilities: help on the slider's man while keeping track of his own -Takes care of first task, but ends up not paying attention (keeping his head on a swivel) on his original man -#14 on Kansas sneaks to the corner for an open catch and shoot 2 pointer -Assist: #21 -Score: #14 (2 points)
  10. 10. Kansas: Good Offensive Plays 17:54 KU (Inbounds play) -#25 does a good job of picking off-ball to free up kansas players -#1 on Duke slumps into the paint too much, “over-helping” thus leaving an open skip pass to the top of the key for an open 3 -Because #1 must recover he hurries back to the open shooter, leaving kansas #34 open under the rim -#5 Duke, must do a better job in sliding from the backside to help on #34 kansas -Assist : #1 -Score :34 (2 points)
  11. 11. Kansas: Good Offensive Plays 10:20 KU -Perry Ellis #34 on Kansas does a good job of hustling down the floor and establishing a strong low position on the block -This allows for an easy entry pass since there are less defenders, also by starting the play so low on the block allows for #34 to catch and then make one strong dribble move to the basket for an easy bucket
  12. 12. Kansas: Bad Offensive Plays 4:25 KU -Kansas players look stagnant on this offensive possession -moved away from the simultaneous on ball/ off ball screen to free up passes -look to go inside to #34 kansas, but duke does a good job of cutting off the entry pass -This forces #14 to handle the ball for a long period of time (not a designated ball handler), this kills the shot clock -Thus forcing #1 to take a very difficult contested layup above two duke defenders
  13. 13. Kansas: Bad Offensive Plays 0:27 KU -#21 Kansas gets the offensive rebound -coach signals to run a play that allows them to get last shot -#21 sets a poor high on ball screen -#0 needs to be more patient by allowing his screener to get there so that he can brush up against him shoulder to shoulder relieving him of his defender -by rushing he also does not waste the clock (leaves 6.6 seconds) to get the last possession of the half -Duke draws a loose ball foul on the rebound leading to foul shots for them because they are in the bonus
  14. 14. Kansas: Good Defensive Plays 12:46 Duke -Kansas #3 does a good job of funneling the driver into the corner rather then allowing him in towards the rim -This allows for wiggins #22 to help inside without too much extension, leading to his ability to contest the corner 3 (gets a block) -#0 does a good job of cutting off the first pass, giving the driver only one outlet
  15. 15. Kansas: Good Defensive Plays 10:28 Duke -#1 and #21 run a high pick and roll -KU defenders do a nice job of recognizing and as a team collapse into the paint, forcing either a difficult shot inside or a kick out -Leads to a 4 on 1 inside and a block by #21
  16. 16. Kansas Bad Defensive Plays 5:33 Duke -Kansas does a poor job of positioning themselves defensively -#14 Kansas on the far side does a good job of initially splitting his man and the ball -Once Jabari Parker #1 starts driving # 14 gets caught man watching when he should be slumping inside the paint to help -#34 kansas just gets plain out beat -#31 kansas is there for the slide but Jabari makes a tough layup over him -#14 loses his man behind him and fails to effectively box him out this could have led to an offensive rebound
  17. 17. Kansas Bad Defensive Plays 10:08 Duke -#22 Kansas does a good job of sticking with the driver on the play -Off ball defenders must do a better job of splitting their man and the ball, they must keep their heads on a swivel -#34 fails to do this and does not help on the penetration leading to a collapse near the rim by 2 defenders (backslide) leaving #21 on duke wide open under the hoop for an easy catch and finish