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ShaleApps – Last Mile Complexity


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ShaleApps is proud to launch a revolutionary mobile app that predicts your last mile health and proactively changes your sourcing and delivery schedule to increase loads/day/truck. OFS, E&P, Sand Companies and Trucking Companies can now eliminate their Sand NPT and Truck Detention to deliver more sand with less trucks.

You can now optimize sand delivery to all your wells in real time, just from your pocket. Your AI Assistant SANDi™ will soon become your best friend!

Register for a limited free pilot and preferential pricing – only for our early adopters here:

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ShaleApps – Last Mile Complexity

  1. 1. Last Mile Complexity ShaleApps is Unleashing Untapped Value in Last Mile Logistics
  2. 2. ? Why Can’t the Industry Increase Efficiency (Loads/Day/Truck)? Lack of Insight into Complex Logistics & Communication Failures Lead to Unanswered Questions The industry is getting plagued with Sand Drought (NPT) and Trucking Floods (Demurrage) Wait time to load | Operating or down | Daily Outflow vs contracted volume | Approaching Trucks & ETA | Real Time Spot Market Inventory Wait time to unload | Operating or down | Well site sand volume status | Approaching Loads & ETA How many trucks to schedule everyday | When and how to schedule with ELDs | When to reschedule to a different mine/transload | When to reschedule to a different well site | Trucks operating, behind or down Questions with Trucks Questions at Loaders Questions at Wells
  3. 3. Communication Failures Reduce Loads/Day/Truck E&P Regional Field OFS HQ Trucking Company Mine / Transload Reduction in efficiency is inevitable with the number of organizations, communication levels, and channels Multiple stakeholder organizations communicating across multiple levels using multiple different channels like: • Email • SMS • Phone • Spreadsheets
  4. 4. Complexity of Logistics Makes Decision Making More Challenging Sand Logistics complexity results in challenging decision making, which current digitization apps do not address 350 Loads/Well Multiple Loaders Multiple Wells Multiple loaders with: • Variable wait times • Variable status • Limited lanes • Limited capacity Multiple wells with: • Variable demand • Limited on pad storage • Limited unload points Multiple Trucks with: • Multiple vendors per well • Variable operational status
  5. 5. Register for a limited free pilot and preferential pricing – only for our early adopters here: ShaleApps Uses AI to Solve Last Mile Complexity