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User Onboarding Deep Dive: LessAccounting


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I recently signed up for LessAccounting, and documented my experience with screenshots and annotated recommendations!

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User Onboarding Deep Dive: LessAccounting

  1. 1. User Onboarding Deep Dive @SamuelHulick
  2. 2. Some of these details are tiny. Best viewed in full-screen mode!
  3. 3. Overview
  4. 4. Home Page Signup Page Billing Info Add Bank Account Contact Info Invite Members Personal Message Getting Started
  5. 5. 1. Home Page
  6. 6. Nice personality! Friendly faces draw you in…
  7. 7. Nice personality! Punchy, highcontrast colors!
  8. 8. Nice personality! Kenneth from 30 Rock?!
  9. 9. Could be clearer Explainer headlines a bit de-emphasized
  10. 10. Could be clearer Screenshot doesn’t make it easy to visualize using the product
  11. 11. Could be clearer Primary CTA somewhat lost in the shuffle
  12. 12. Lots of social proof! Those are some hella reputable institutions
  13. 13. Lots of social proof! Nice testimonial more of them would be even better!
  14. 14. CTAs could be stronger Not exactly an aspirational figure…
  15. 15. CTAs could be stronger Low-contrast & not benefits-oriented
  16. 16. CTAs could be stronger Not a super assertive way to close things out
  17. 17. 2. Signup Page
  18. 18. Timely & Helpful Info! Nice to know what I’m getting myself into
  19. 19. Timely & Helpful Info! Great way to predict & overcome objections
  20. 20. Timely & Helpful Info! Very helpful - should probably be home page material!
  21. 21. Minor Ambiguity Where’d the header & logo go?
  22. 22. Minor Ambiguity It’s a FREE trial, right?
  23. 23. Minor Ambiguity What constitutes “super happy”? What happens if I’m not?
  24. 24. 3. Billing Info
  25. 25. Good Indicators Nice to know which cards I can use.
  26. 26. Good Indicators “Secure checkout” is a nice reassurance
  27. 27. Distracting Element Coupon codes invite me to leave the signup flow to look for a deal. Will I come back? Also, why would I need a coupon for a free trial?
  28. 28. 4. Add Bank Account
  29. 29. More Good Indicators Always nice to see those trusty names
  30. 30. Lack of Context Adding a bank account is a VERY BIG request, but helper/reassurance copy nearly nonexistent.
  31. 31. Lack of Context Also… Why is this part of a wizard instead of being accomplished within the context of the app itself? ! How will I know to add more down the line?
  32. 32. 5. Contact Info
  33. 33. Keepin’ It Fresh Friendly picture helps break up the monotony of this extended signup process.
  34. 34. Am I really customizing the app? It seems like I’m just providing contact info. Correct Wording & Timing?
  35. 35. Is providing this info critical for me getting value out of the app, or is it for their benefit? Correct Wording & Timing?
  36. 36. 6. Invite Members
  37. 37. Keepin’ It Fresh, pt. II Envelope imagery a fun & recognizable metaphor. That said…
  38. 38. Lack of Context … it can also be perceived as “oh, this is where you ask me to spam my friends”
  39. 39. Lack of Context Again… Why is this part of a wizard instead of being accomplished within the context of the app itself? ! How will I know to add more down the line?
  40. 40. 7. Personal Message
  41. 41. Keepin’ It Fresh, pt. III Awesome way to switch up content types for retaining attention
  42. 42. Attention to Detail This is distracting & doesn’t seem to be related. A frontend dev mistake?
  43. 43. 8. Getting Started
  44. 44. Hitting the Ground Running Dummy data provides a preview of what charts will look like once banking info is loaded.
  45. 45. Hitting the Ground Running Tasks & Notifications preloaded with “next step” items.
  46. 46. Actually Getting Somewhere Demo charts are cool, but do they really help me towards getting actual value out of the app?
  47. 47. Actually Getting Somewhere These could be WAY more prominent during first use.
  48. 48. The End! ( Everything from here on is just free exploration. )
  49. 49. I hope you enjoyed the deep dive! There’s lots more where that came from check out for updates!