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Dr. Jeff Dunn worked in IT since 1986 as a program-     tom Kendrick (MSSE, MBA, PMP) is ...
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Project ManageMent

  1. 1. .405.7700 u | 415 w.cel.sfsu.ed r • ww St., 6 th Floo , at Powell rket 835 Ma m pus • wn Ca Downto ning nde d Lear te Exte SF Sta Spring 2009 | Registration begins November 17 SF State Professional Development Certificate Extended Learning 2009 Project ManageMent FREE www.cel.sfsu.edu/project/ InFoRmatIon SESSIon thurs., Jan. 15, 5-6 Pm network with industry professionals, faculty and staff. Program staff will discuss our curriculum, certificate, and program requirements, as well as the logistics of getting started. Faculty and graduates will be on hand to discuss their careers, and how to enter and advance Why Project Management Training? in the industry. Whether a large corporation, small organization, or somewhere in between, Please RSVP at effective project management involves coordinating a wide diversity of www.cel.sfsu.edu/project/ events.cfm people and tasks. Managers and supervisors, self-directed work groups, project and team leaders need professional project management training in order to stay competitive.
  2. 2. Project Management Job Resources Be sure to get on our email lists for potential contacts whether you are seeking employment or seeking the For more information please contact: ideal candidate for your team. Cathy Flight, Program Director (415) 817-4226, cflight@sfsu.edu Please contact Dylan Romero at or Dylan Romero, Program Coordinator, (415) 817-4232, dromero2@sfsu.edu dromero2@sfsu.edu, to post job openings in your company or to be added to our email job list. Why Project management training? Please indicate in the Subject Line Project management is defined as the discipline of organizing and managing resources in a way that of your email whether you would allows the project to be completed within a defined scope, quality, time and cost constraints. Project like us to Post a Job, or, be added to Managers are consistently in high demand in a growing number of industries and the Project Manage- our Email Job List. ment Institute has established the project management body of knowledge as a standard across all industries. Whether a large corporation, small organization, or somewhere in-between, effective project If you wish to be added to our email list, management involves coordinating a wide diversity of people and tasks. Managers and supervisors, please include a digital resumé. self-directed work groups, project and team leaders need professional project management training in order to stay competitive. PmI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) about the Classes SF State Extended Learning is an approved Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) of project manage- Project Planning & Management Overview and ment training by the Project Management Institute (PMI). CEL has agreed to abide by PMI established Microsoft Project Foundation are the two prereq- quality assurance criteria and select project management courses apply toward professional develop- uisites for all other classes. Please be sure to bring ment units (PDU) for the Project Management Institute (PMI provider# 2625). Our classes set you up a flash drive to the Microsoft Project class if you for success in your current job, prepare you for future opportunities and help you get ready to sit for want to save your work. the PMP Exam. Register early. Note: Some classes leading to completion of Please feel free to visit the Project Management Web site, www.cel.sfsu.edu/project/, to read more the Project Management certificate are offered about this exciting addition to SF State Extended Learning. evenings, others on weekends, depending on subject matter and availability of faculty. Students the Curriculum enrolling in the program should ensure they have the scheduling flexibility to attend either nights RequiRed CouRses eleCtive CouRses or weekends depending on courses offered each (Complete all courses - 14.4 CEU) (Take a minimum of 3.6 CEU) semester. • Project Planning & Management Overview • Advanced Microsoft Project Workshop • Presentation and Facilitation Skills for Program Requirements • Microsoft Project Foundation Project Managers A certificate will be awarded upon successful • Procurement • Project Management for completion of a minimum of 180 hours of instruc- • Project Estimating, Measures, and Control tion (18 CEU). Applications for certificates are due, Regulated Industries • Project Communications Management along with a $50 non-refundable fee and your • Virtual Management: Managing International Teams unofficial SF State transcripts after all of your • Project Human Resources Management course grades have beten submitted. Please do • Project Risk Management • PMP Exam Preparation not apply until you have received credit for all • Quality Management Project Management courses completed. To request an application for your certificate, Required texts please see the ‘Certificate’ link on the Project Management Web site. Course materials are generally provided in each class along with the syllabus. There are four excep- tions. Project Planning & Management Overview requires: A Guide to the Project Management Body Lab time of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Third Edition. It is recommended students read the first five chapters before the first class meeting. The PMP® Exam Prep class requires: PMP® Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy, Students enrolled in courses receive 15 hours of Fifth Edition. The Project Risk Management class requires Identifying and Managing Project Risk: Es- free Open Lab time per hands-on class. Additional sential Tools for Failure-Proofing Your Project, AMCOM 2003, by Tom Kendrick. The Procurement class use of the lab beyond the 15 hours is subject to requires Project Management: Case Studies, Second Edition, Harold Kerzner. availability of computers. All of the software that is used in the certificate program is installed in Program objectives the Open Lab. • Understand terminology, key concepts, and ideas for planning and scheduling projects open Lab Hours: • Assess projects, manage cost, time, scope, risk, and quality of projects • Mon. - Thurs., 12–9 pm • Gain the management skills and tools needed to successfully lead a project team • Fri., 12–5 pm • Sat., 10 am–5 pm • Learn and utilize the fundamentals of Microsoft Project for project scheduling and management • Prepare for Project Management Professional Exam (see www.pmi.org for details)
  3. 3. Enroll Early Please make every effort to enroll at least three weeks before each first class meeting. Students enrolling on the first day of class will be subject to late registration fees. advoco Scholarship: Expect Success Please see preceding page for more detail. www.advocoinc.com Microsoft Project Foundation 1.8 CEU Project Estimating, Measures, and Control We are excited to continue our partner- Platform: PC PM 9800 1.8 CEU Platform: PC PM 9802 ship with Advoco Inc., a leading Project Prerequisite: Experience with XP Operating system. Prerequisite: Project Planning and Management Management Consulting group based in Overview. Through carefully structured, go-at-your-own-pace San Francisco and London. exercises and personalized instruction, students This course examines various measures of project Advoco employs the PMI methodology will learn how to build trouble-free, “dynamic” performance and concentrates on how to keep a to successfully manage its projects and Microsoft Project schedules. The Microsoft Project project on course. Students will gain insight into Foundation class is a three-day workshop class that best practices in estimating schedules, costs, and will be offering a scholarship to students familiarizes participants with the essential aspects resource requirements. Using these data, a number seeking to develop themselves through of Project schedule management, including work- of techniques have been developed that help mea- Extended Learning‘s Project Management breakdown structuring, constraint minimization, sure project status. This technique has proven to be Program. task-type optimization, dependency identification, highly successful in assisting project managers to critical-path analysis, resource leveling, baselin- better measure where their projects stand. Partici- Advoco will be providing a Project ing, and management reporting. This class is an pants will examine various ways that managers can Management scholarship twice a year. entry-level Microsoft Project software-based course make changes to ongoing projects in a manner that We are seeking motivated students and may be taken before or concurrently with the improves performance without being disruptive. who are interested in becoming Project Overview class. Beyond relying solely on instinct, we will explore Management Professionals. Note: It is strongly recommended that students how managers use a variety of techniques aimed at bring a flash drive to all classes including the first early problem identification, predicting its impact, For complete information, application and how to take corrective actions you need to know class meeting. deadline and to apply for the scholarship, to ensure the success of your project. please download an application form at Advanced Microsoft Project 1.2 CEU www.cel.sfsu.edu/project/advoco and Project Risk Management 1.8 CEU Platform: PC PM 9815 send it to advoco@sfsu.edu. Lecture/demonstration + open lab PM 9803 Prerequisite: Microsoft Project Foundation Prerequisite: Project Planning and Management (or equivalent experience with Faculty approval) Overview. Advanced MS Project.Through carefully structured, Compared with project work done in the past, all go-at-your-own-pace exercises and personalized 2009 courses projects today are risky. Projects are more time con- instruction, students will build on the Foundations strained, they pose greater technical challenges, and class to create trouble-free, “dynamic” Microsoft RequiRed CouRses Spr Sum Fall they rarely have adequate resources. Techniques to Project schedules. The Advanced Microsoft Project deal with project risk exist, and when you apply them, Microsoft Project Foundation • • • class is a two-day workshop designed to take your they will help you recognize and manage potential Project skills to the next level.This class is a hands-on Project Planning & problems.The course will focus on practical methods course and may be taken after the Foundations class. Management Overview • • • for completing difficult projects. Throughout the Please see the detailed class description Web site at course, examples will show how to apply these ideas Project Estimating, Measures, www.cel.sfsu.edu/project for more information. to your projects. The course is also aligned with the and Control • • • Note: It is strongly recommended that students A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowl- bring a flash drive to all classes including the first edge (PMBOK® Guide), Third Edition, published by Project Risk Management • • • class meeting. the Project Management Institute, ©2004. Procurement • • • Quality Management • • • Project Planning and Management Overview Project Communications 1.8 CEU Lecture/demonstration + open lab Management • • • PM 9801 The role of an effective project leader is a demanding Project HR Management • • • one that requires a clear understanding of the five project processes: initiating, planning, executing, eleCtive CouRses Spr Sum Fall controlling and closing. Using the Project Manage- Presentation & Facilitation Skills • ment Institute’s guidelines, learn about the nine management skill areas of scope, time, cost, human Virtual Management • • resources, communication, quality, risk, procure- PMP Exam Prep • • • ment and integration. This course is a prerequisite for all required courses in the Project Management PM for Regulated Industries • • Certificate Program. Required Text: A Guide to the Project Management Schedule subject to change Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide),Third Edition.
  4. 4. Virtual Management: Managing Interna- Project Management Project Communications Management tional Teams 1.8 CEU HYBRID PM 9804 for Regulated Industries 1.8 CEU 1.8 CEU Lecture/demonstration PM 9810 Lecture/demonstration + open lab PM 9807 Prerequisite: Project Planning and Management Prerequisite: Project Communications Human Prerequisite: Project Planning and Management Overview. Resources or Project Communications Manage- Overview. This course addresses each of the core competen- ment; please enroll at least one week in advance Many industries have specific compliance and cies required for effective project communication of the start date to be included in the online por- regulatory requirements in place to increase the management. The project management body of tion of this class. proven system quality and controls. The reasons knowledge identifies this project communications Learn about managing people at a distance using for these increased standards are typically to either management as a “critical process for overall technology. Maintain effective collaboration and reduce the opportunity for fraud or to ensure safer project success, which employs the timely and communications with team members without products for consumers. Regulated industries appropriate generation, collection, distribution, the need for face-to-face meetings as traditionally present specific challenges when implementing storage, retrieval, and ultimate disposition of proj- needed.Teams that can bridge the distance gap will new systems: the documentation, processing, ect information. It is the project communications ” win a clear competitive advantage – traveling less verification and acceptance all need to be adjusted management process that provides the critical link but with greater impact during each visit, backed to meet the necessary regulatory and compliance between people and the information being gener- up with regular video conferencing, shared space requirements. The system requirements have ated. What’s more, effective project managers are technologies, chat, e-mail, telephone conference to be understood and factored into the project also leaders that deeply understand the process of calls and other digital tools. Acquire skills needed management of these system implementations. communication and the importance of authentic for global sourcing. Think digital, mobile, virtual, This course will provide students an overview communication as a tool for team support, coach- wireless and personal so that everyone can con- and information on the additional requirements ing, and team building. nect and collaborate with everyone else. Human of systems within regulated industries, covering resources, information technology, corporate real SOX, HIPPAA/JHACO, FDA – cGMP. The material Project Human Resources Management estate – all these areas need to think together about will provide details of the philosophy behind suc- how teams of tomorrow can operate in the most cessful projects within these areas, and how the 1.8 CEU Lecture/demonstration PM 9811 efficient and human-sensitive way. regulations affect an implementation from initia- Prerequisite: Project Planning and Management tion to closing Overview. Effective project managers must possess strong PMP Exam Preparation 1.8 CEU skills in organizational planning, leadership, team Lecture/demonstration + open lab PM 9806 Procurement 1.8 CEU building, communication, and performance coach- Prerequisite: Project Planning and Management Lecture/demonstration + open lab time ing and staff management. In this course students Overview or equivalent experience. PM 9808 will learn how to use human resources to achieve This course is designed to prepare experienced Prerequisite: Project Planning and Management project goals; the process of human resources plan- project managers to take the Project Management Overview. ning, facilitating team building among acquired Professional (PMP®) certification examination.This This course will cover the six processes of the project teams, skills for developing project teams, professional designation is recognized worldwide project procurement management knowledge and managing them. Students will also develop and is administered by the Project Management area – plan purchases and acquisitions, plan con- the skills needed to establish clear project roles Institute (PMI). tracting, request seller response, select sellers, and responsibilities, institute rules of engagement, The course identifies and discusses terminology contract administration, and contract closure. and exercise influence within the existing power used in the exam, reviews key project management Process components included in A Guide to the structure using appropriate leadership styles and principles, and prepares the participants to think in Project Management Body of Knowledge (PM- coaching. This class will explore critical tools for PMI mode.Topics include integration management, BOK® Guide), will be analyzed and explained. managing matrix teams and virtual teams. scope management, time management, cost man- Best practices for effective project procurement agement, quality management, human resource management will be explored and applied to the Presentation Skills for Project Managers management, communications management, risk current challenges faced by project managers. 1.8 CEU Lecture/demonstration PM 9812 management, procurement management, and RequiredTexts: Project Management: Case Studies, professional responsibility. Second Edition, Harold Kerzner Prerequisite: Project Planning and Management Overview. RequiredTexts: PMP® Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy, Fifth Edition. Project managers spend nearly 50% of their time Quality Management 1.8 CEU leading meetings, presenting ideas, and coach- Lecture/demonstration + open lab time ing individuals. The ability to effectively present PM 9809 and facilitate project meetings with your team, Prerequisite: Project Planning and Management stakeholders, and/or sponsors is essential. As Overview. leaders, project managers are expected to possess This course offers an overview of project quality many skills that motivate, inspire, communicate, management processes including all the activities and guide teams toward success. This course is of a project management team that determine designed to develop basic training skills, specifi- quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities cally the tools and techniques of facilitation and so that the project will satisfy the needs of the presentation required for project management project’s customers and stakeholders. This class excellence! will cover the implementation of quality manage- ment systems through the policy, procedures, and processes of quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control with the study of continuous process improvement leadership and best prac- tices. The Quality Knowledge Area of project management will be covered with the objective of preparing students for the quality portion of the PMP® certification exam.
  5. 5. 2009 Project Management Faculty Dr. Jeff Dunn worked in IT since 1986 as a program- tom Kendrick (MSSE, MBA, PMP) is a project man- mer, project lead, and has more than ten years as agement consultant for Visa. He authored Results a project manager for such organizations as Visa, without Authority (AMACOM, 2006), Identifying PG&E, Kaiser Permanente, and Perot Systems. He and Managing Project Risk (AMACOM, 2003), currently is Senior Project Manager for CT Sum- and The Project Management Tool Kit (AMACOM, mation in San Francisco. He holds respective B.A., 2004).Tom regularly conducts classes and presen- M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Music, Geosciences tations on program, project, and risk management and Geologic Education from Grinnell College, for conferences and universities. Tom has over the University of Arizona, and the University of 30 years of worldwide PM experience, including South Carolina. over 20 years with Hewlett-Packard, as well as for DuPont, General Electric, and as an independent Kevin Haney, PMP has over 10 years of success- consultant. Tom is an active member and officer ful project management experience in industry, for the PMI RiskSIG and the PMI Silicon Valley academia, and government settings. Kevin special- Chapter. izes in projects in biotechnology and information technology settings. His diverse roles include Veronica a. K. neal, M.A., is a diversity trainer, “While going through the program, project management, financial analysis, busi- leadership consultant, and project communica- tions and human resources management special- I was able to apply my on-the-job ness strategy, technology deployment, process analysis, and project management instruction. ist. Mrs. Neal has 15 years experience in the field training to the PMI terminology Kevin is a certified PMP and a certified ITIL prac- of diversity education, training and development. and process. titioner. He has a BS from the University of Illinois Her current doctoral studies in leadership and at Urbana-Champaign in Biochemistry, an MS in multicultural education provide the theoretical The Executive Manager who hired me Molecular & Cellular Biology from the University underpinnings for her work with executive di- of Arizona, and an MBA with a specialization rectors, managers, diversity consultants, youth, at my current employer was impressed in Management Information Systems from the women and people of color in the field of educa- that I went to the effort of learning University of Arizona. Kevin currently works at tion, health care, and business. Professionally, the University of California, Berkeley as project she has served as a nonprofit director, program Project Management the “formal way”. manager for the central campus Information manager, project manager, and now manages her That’s part of the reason he extended Services & Technology group. own consulting practice. the job offer to me.” Doug Hawley serves as a quality systems and Daniel Shimabuku, Ph.D., PMP. After twenty project management consultant and educator. His years as an IT project manager for nonprofits, SF State Extended Learning Project customers are private, government and non-profit outsourcing, banking, healthcare, distribution/fleet Management Student, Spring 2008 organizations like Emerson Electric Company, management, and manufacturing, Dr. Shimabuku U.S. Navy, Governor’s Office of California, and the received his certification in project management in Preventive Medicine Research Institute founded by 2004. He is currently the principal consultant for Dr. Dean Ornish. He is a 2007 Honored Instructor CAITER Consulting and an associate consultant in the University of California extension system for Advoco, Inc. His academic credentials include and has taught quality leadership at the Petroleum a Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Institute in Harbin, China. He studied quality under Angeles, an MBA degree from the University of Dr. W. Edward Deming until he died in 1993. He Southern California in Management of Information was a Distinguished Naval Graduate, Commander Systems, and a BA degree from the University of in the Naval Reserve and Navy Top Gun having California, Los Angeles. flown the aircraft carrier based A-4, A-7 and F-18. He has an MBA from Cornell University, Ithaca, Steve Brindle is a co-founder and partner at Ad- N.Y. and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. voco, an international consulting company based in San Francisco where he brings value to clients through a combination of project management capabilities, communication skills and technical expertise. Steve’s qualifications include a Ph.D. in Mathematics from UCSD; a first class honors B.A. in Mathematics from Oxford University, UK; and Project Management Professional. Awards include the Fulbright Scholarship; UC Regent’s Scholarship; and ATV College Scholarship.