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Samsung KNOX - The Most Secure Android Solution


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Our approach to security and management addresses real-world challenges that enterprises are faced with when it comes to mobility solutions. Most enterprises are offering a BYOD or COPE program today. And Android devices are heavily in demand by business users – in fact IDC estimates that this year, Android will sell more phones in business segment than Apple will sell in total.

And yet, there is a clear division of what is important to business users and IT when it comes to mobility.

IT wants devices that:
Provide strong security and control
Integrate easily with existing infrastructure
Keep deployment, maintenance and upgrade costs low

Users, on the other hand, want devices that:
- Make me productive
- Protect my privacy
- Give me a wide choice of features

In many cases, these requirements are working against each other. That is what makes KNOX so valuable in enterprise scenarios. Using KNOX, you get the best of both worlds – the security and control IT is looking for and the sleek design, productivity, and cutting edge features that users want in Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

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Samsung KNOX - The Most Secure Android Solution

  1. 1. The most secure Android solution
  2. 2. 2016 enterprise mobility trends Android adoption in business continues to grow IT and user mobility needs do not easily align User Productivity Privacy Choice IT Security Integration Low cost * Leading analytics firm Android’s dominance is expected to grow to 82% of all phones by 2019.*
  3. 3. KNOX is Samsung’s defense-grade mobile security platform built into our new devices making them the most secure Android devices available. KNOX Platform Real-time device protection from the moment you turn it on
  4. 4. KNOX Workspace defense-grade container • Isolate, encrypt, and protect corporate data. • Defense-grade, dual persona container. • IT control of security of corporate data and resource access. • Personal information controlled entirely by user.
  5. 5. KNOX Cloud Solutions (KNOX Express and KNOX Premium) My KNOX KNOX Workspace KNOX Customization SMB Enterprise, Government and other verticals Security and productivity for all business users Individuals KNOX platform KNOX Enabled App
  6. 6. KNOX maximizes Android security Key differentiators: • Defense-grade, hardware anchored security • Fully enterprise-ready • Cost control and ease of deployment • Best end-user experience Enterprise-ready Deep IT Integration/support and best end-user experience Application security Secure app access and data protection Device security Secure hardware design and manufacturing with boot, load, and run-time defenses
  7. 7. What’s new in KNOX? Key features in KNOX 2.6 Increased end user productivity Industry-leading Android for Work support and integration A more powerful partner ecosystem Advanced security Granular management for tighter control
  8. 8. Industry-leading Android for Work support and integration Google Play for Work support KNOX Workspace supports Google Play for Work for better IT app deployment and employee app discovery and download. Android for Work hardened by KNOX Android for Work managed profiles now integrates deeper into the KNOX platform for boot and run time protections, enhanced encryption, and improved security.
  9. 9. Advanced security KNOX Mobile Enrollment improvements More safety measures protect the process of bulk enrollment of devices from network attacks. VPN HTTP Proxy Authentication HTTP Proxy configurations over VPN for KNOX Workspace now support proxy authentication. Kernel address space layout randomization The KNOX platform now ensures that the memory address of kernel data structures and code are randomized from one device to another. Enhanced Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP) RKP monitors some critical kernel data structures to verify that they are not exploited by attacks. This feature extends RKP security to Namespace Data Structure protection.
  10. 10. Increased end-user productivity Multi Window support for KNOX End users now can use apps in KNOX Workspace alongside apps outside KNOX Workspace. Enable speech-to-text in KNOX Workspace End users can use Google Voice with apps inside KNOX Workspace. Clipboard / copy and paste outside to inside IT admins now can allow end users to copy/ paste from outside KNOX Workspace into KNOX Workspace.
  11. 11. Granular management for tighter control Trust Anchor Management On BYOD devices used for play and work, the end user and IT admin can choose to trust different sets of Certification Authority (CA) certificates. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Enables IT admins to enforce tighter policies on the KNOX container and its apps to restrict and prevent enterprise data loss or leakage. Per-app roaming control Now IT admins can control which apps are allowed to use mobile data when the user is connected to a roaming network.
  12. 12. A more powerful partner ecosystem KNOX Enabled Apps enhancements Enhancements to KEA give app developers increased flexibility. KNOX Customization SDK App developers gain the ability to customize apps for Standard and Premium SDKs. Attestation API Developers can use this to determine whether a device is secure enough to enable their app to run.
  13. 13. KNOX works on many Samsung devices 30+ Samsung models supported in countries around the world
  14. 14. Wide support from leading MDM vendors Strong community of MDM partners makes it possible to quickly enable KNOX in any enterprise Key partners integrate their own secure containers with KNOX platform 3rd party container MDM
  15. 15. Ecosystem of enterprise solution partners Business Apps VPN Smart Card/CACAuthentication Secure Voice/SMS Enterprise Billing Advanced Mobile SecurityIAM/SSO
  16. 16. The most secure Android – only with Samsung Supports any business user on innovative, widely adopted Samsung devices. Meets the security requirements of IT and productivity needs of users – maximizing Android security and productivity. New features supported with our latest devices, including the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and Note 5. For more information visit