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Knox Manage Sales Deck


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Knox Manage is a cloud-based EMM solution that allows IT admins to set up, manage and monitor devices remotely to increase business efficiency and secure corporate data.

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Knox Manage Sales Deck

  1. 1. Contents Ⅰ . Ⅱ. Ⅳ . Ⅲ . Ⅴ . Product Offerings Product Overview Customer Benefits Appendix Device Eligibility & Verification
  3. 3. Product Overview
  4. 4. What is Knox Manage? Cloud-based EMM solution that allows IT admins to set up, manage and monitor devices remotely to increase business efficiency and secure corporate data 5 I . Product Overview · All major platforms supported · The fastest time-to-market of new features for Samsung devices
  5. 5. Key Advantages of Knox Manage Quick and Easy Deployment Robust Management Comprehensive Controls
  6. 6. Quick Start Wizard Automatic Provisioning Kiosk Wizard 7 USP 1 : Quick & Easy Deployment Tools are provided to make it easy and simple for IT Admins to set up profiles and deploy devices - Simple and easy initial setup with pre-defined questions and recommended profile setup tool i.e.) From user enrollment to app/policy push - No need to develop in-house launcher app - Diverse Kiosk mode support i.e.) Single-app or multi-app, web browser kiosk, etc - IMEI/serial number-based device enrollment - Automatic client installation of & enrollment to Knox Manage service - No hassle of unneeded setup - Mandatory re-enrollment even after factory reset - Hardware key control - Customizable kiosk home screen i.e.) Add bookmark, folder, banner, memo to home screen Change wallpaper, etc i.e.) Disallow Home/Back/Volume/Power key I . Product Overview i.e.) Skip Setup Wizard
  7. 7. Quick Start Wizard Policy & App Push Set device and application management profile and push policies Send Invitation EMM installation guide will be sent to the user via SMS or Email User Registration Add users and assign to an organization 8 I . Product Overview Quick Start Wizard helps customers easily setup initial environment
  8. 8. Knox Mobile Enrollment Controlling corporate devices is made easy Enrolling devices to Knox Manage Service Traditional IT registers device (phone numbers, email…) IT sends EMM installation link User downloads & installs EMM User logs in Device is enrolled IT registers device (IMEI, S/N…) Device is enrolled Turn on & Connect to network (Wi-Fi/4G/LTE) EMM is automatically installed & logged in with user credentials Automatic Bulk Enrollment VS Knox Mobile Enrollment 9 I . Product Overview
  9. 9. Kiosk Wizard Kiosk Wizard enables administrators to create an APK file for the Kiosk start page Admin console For more advanced configuration options, customer may use Knox Configure Customize via Kiosk Wizard Lock down device to a Kiosk screen Apps Logos Text Bookmark Banner Calendar Wallpaper Folder Clock 10 I . Product Overview
  10. 10. 11 USP 2 : Robust Management Knox Manage has a variety of management capabilities for multiple OS, on top of more advanced features available on Samsung Galaxy devices. Cross-Platform Support - Multi-OS support - Android, iOS, Windows - Manage all devices from a single console Event-based Policy Enforcement - Apply different policies based on user events - Time, App, Wi-Fi, SIM, Roaming, GPS* Differentiated Knox Platform Features** - Advanced container management - Container Lock, Data Loss Prevention - HW-based credential storage - Premium VPN features - Per-app/per-container VPN setting Mobile Application for Admin - Manage devices and users via application on mobile device * Samsung devices only I . Product Overview * * Globally available ‘18 2H
  11. 11. Event-Based Policy Enforcement An IT admin can apply pre-defined policies to improve operating efficiency and enforce security Control User Device at certain times when a specific app starts running on the device when an unauthorized SIM is inserted when the user is roaming when the device connects to a specific Wi-Fi SSID 12 I . Product Overview when the user enters a predefined Boundary* * * Globally available ‘18 2H
  12. 12. 13 IT Admins can ensure that devices remain compliant and error-free Remote Device Support - Remotely access employee devices - Maintain up-to-date profile and policy settings - Easy troubleshooting - Offline un-enrollment capability Precise Device Audit - Real-time compliance check of device - Device status monitoring - Policy compliance check - Alerts, logs or command history details - Track specific device information OS Version Control* - Samsung’s E-FOTA enables IT Admin to decide: - Whether to update OS or not - Which version of OS to install - When the best time of day is to update - Whether to force update or give choice I . Product Overview USP 3 : Comprehensive Control * Samsung devices only i.e.) location, phone/data usage, connectivity status, installed app list
  13. 13. Remote Device Support Install & Run Remote support tool on the PC Pass access code to the end user Enter the same access code in the EMM support application Control the device i.e.) app installation, setting change, log file save, etc. : End user: Admin 14 I . Product Overview Remote device support allows users to grant access to IT Admins for remote access
  14. 14. Product Offerings
  15. 15. Product Policy 16 Remote Device Support • Subscription-based - Yearly : One or two year(s) - Monthly basis • Maintenance fee included - SLA-based technical support - Software maintenance • Per seat - One activation for one device - Transferrable - Revocable from activated devices • Upon expiration - Policies configured on the devices will remain active - Profiles cannot be modified on console unless expired license is extended or a new valid license is entered - Devices with an expired license can only be unenrolled Pricing Licensing Ⅱ . Product Offering
  16. 16. Device Eligibility & Verification
  17. 17. Device Minimum Requirement Multi-OS Support* 18 III . Device Eligibility & Verification For Knox Manage * Available features may vary depending on the platform versions • Android - Kitkat (v4.4 or above) For Knox Mobile Enrollment • Samsung Galaxy devices with Knox Platform v2.4 or above (= Android Kitkat or above) Models from 2015 to the Latest Ones • iOS - 8 or above • Windows 10 - All edition
  18. 18. Device Enrollment Types 19 III . Device Eligibility & Verification Bulk Upload Type 2 • By Reseller - Eligible for Samsung devices with Knox Android platform v2.4.0 or above - Only the Knox Deployment Program (KDP) participating resellers can upload device IDs in Knox Mobile Enrollment - Designed for a large number of commercial devices Device Tagging Type 3 • By IT Admin - Device ownership can be immediately verified by NFC/Bluetooth tagging - Using Knox Deployment App - Designed for a small number of test devices or occasional A/S devices Download Invitation Type 1 • By Employees - IT admins will send SMS/email invitation to download agent to end users - EMM agent is installed from public online app stores - Device ownership will be verified as employees put log in credentials
  19. 19. Customer Benefits
  20. 20. Corporate Liable Devices Easily control employee devices in bulk with Knox Manage and Knox Mobile Enrollment Automate out-of-the-box EMM service client installation and enrollment with Knox Mobile Enrollment Automated Bulk Enrollment Cost and Time Saving IV . Customer Benefits Devices will re-enroll after each factory reset without the IT Admin having to worry about any security concern Mandatory Re-enrollment Maintainability 21
  21. 21. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Top Benefits Best fit IT Admin’s security needs with a variety of choices for OS and management policies IV . Customer Benefits Increase productivity by managing multi-OS devices at once from a single console Efficient Multi-OS Management Granular Management Whether it’s device, app, or container management, a variety of policies allow IT Admins to meet the most specific of requirements to best fit their needs 22 Cost and Time Saving Manageability
  22. 22. Reference : Shell • CL(Corporate Liable) driven mobility strategy • Install tablets in the gas station for their customers to facilitate reward program • Allow accessing only two websites while disable access to settings, quick access panel, navigation bar, status bar through Kiosk browser • During periods of inactivity, contents provided by Shell would be initiated in screen saver mode Needs & Pain Points Customer Benefits • Cost and time saving by centralized management • Effective device maintenance by remote modification of tablet configuration (e.g. websites, screen saver, etc.) • No worry from accessing unintended websites or settings IV . Customer Benefits Multinational oil and gas company • Based in the Netherlands Incorporated in the United Kingdom • Founded in 1907 • Employees: 92K • Revenue : $234B (2016) ‐ EU : $82B / Asia, Africa : $83B ‐ USA : $49B / LATAM : $20B Shell Royal Dutch Shell 23
  23. 23. End of Document
  24. 24. Appendix
  25. 25. V . Appendix. Resources Marketing Resources Video Collateral App Website More info Flyer Tech Sheet - Feature List Introduction 0:00 Getting Started Guide 0:00 2:50Customer Reference - Shell Demo - Kiosk Wizard 2:55 Demo - Event-based Management 4:55 Demo - Remote Device support 3:35 *Click the image to get to resources 26
  26. 26. V . Appendix. Business Model Devices are directly controlled by End Customer’s IT Admin Device* License Business Model 1 : End Customer Device* License Invoice Price MSRP Device Verification (for End Customer) · Customer Registration · License Agreement · Device Administration 27*Option for Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) End Customer IT Admin Employees Participating Device Resellers Knox License Resellers
  27. 27. V . Appendix. Business Model Device* License Device* License Devices are managed by 3rd party partners on behalf of End Customer Business Model 2 : Managed Service Provider Consent Resell Invoice Price MSRP Price set by SP Device Verification (for End Customer) · Customer Registration · License Agreement · Device Administration *Option for Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) 28 Participating Device Resellers Knox License Resellers Service Provider End Customer IT Admin Employees
  28. 28. Ⅳ . Appendix Feature list by OS * Additional license purchase required : Full support : Partial support 29 Category Features Samsung Android Android iOS Windows Device Setting KME (Knox Mobile Enrollment) ● Connectivity setup (Wi-Fi, VPN, Certificate, Exchange) ● ● ● Email account setting ● Application push ● ◐ ● Device management Application black/whitelist settings ● ◐ ● ● Allow App store ● ● Interface control (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Microphone force on/off) ● ◐ ◐ ◐ Functional restrictions (Camera, Screen capture, External SD card, etc.) ● ◐ ◐ ◐ Block factory reset ● ● ● Allow voice call ● ● Incoming/Outgoing SMS/MMS restrictions ● Data usage restrictions ● Force GPS on/off ● Kiosk setting (Single/Multi app kiosk) ● E-FOTA* ●* Knox Workspace* ●* Device monitoring Remote device lock/wipe ● ● ● ● Location tracking ● ● ● ● Reset device password ● ● ● Remote device support ●