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Knox Customization Sales Deck


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This deck is intended to be customer-friendly deck for a easy overview of Knox Customization. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Customization Team at

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Knox Customization Sales Deck

  1. 1. Transforming Samsung Devices with Knox Customization
  2. 2. Contents Knox Product Portfolio What is Knox Customization Custom SDK Custom Configurator Appendix I . II . III. IV.
  3. 3. Knox Solutions Enterprise mobility solutions leveraging underlying platforms Knox Workspace Knox Premium Knox EnabledApp Full-featured defense-grade work container Cloud-based EMM solution with work container Invisible secure container for Individual applications Knox Platform Samsung’s hardware-based, built-in security and management platform I . Knox Overview A set of customizing tools and services Knox Customization
  4. 4. One Size Doesn’t Fit AllDesigned for differentiation tomeet the needs of your customers
  5. 5. II . What is Knox Customization? Knox Customization Knox Customization offers a comprehensive set of tools and services that transform trusted Samsung devices into purpose-built appliances to better meet business needs in any industries ※ Custom Toolkit (SKU: MI-OSKCD01WWL1) Custom SDK Software Development Kit Custom Configurator Cloud-based Tool 05
  6. 6. II . What is Knox Customization? Key Features With Knox Customization, commercial-off-the-shelf Samsung devices can be simply rebranded with a company’s logo and readily tailored to specific needs Rebranded Software Change booting animation & wallpaper Deploy/embed apps & content in bulk Position icons on home/lock screen UX Optimization Remap hardware keys Change sound/display settings Adjust power/charging behaviors Professional Kiosk Mode Advanced Device Configuration Auto-launch a specific app Lock down the device to a specific app Restrict access to settings and status bar Configure connectivity and sensor settings Whitelist/blacklist apps and network access Prevent system-level alterations (e.g., firmware update/factory reset) 06
  7. 7. Knox Customization Product Video 07 II . What is Knox Customization?
  8. 8. Custom SDK
  9. 9. Compatibility Leveraged by any Android apps running on Samsung devices Protected API Access Secure permission control with rooting protection III . Custom SDK Custom SDK Custom SDKisa software development kit that provides access to +1,000 Application Programming Interfaces forconfiguration, management andrestriction on Samsung devices Mainly designed for Application Developers System-Level Configuration Sophisticated control from H/W components to Android settings 09
  10. 10. Custom SDK Features Software development tools for application developers which provides access to a large number ofsophisticated configuration andrestriction APIs on Samsung devices SystemConfiguration ConnectivitySetup ProfessionalKiosk III . Custom SDK Auto Power On/Off setForceAutoStartUpState(); powerOffDevice(); Screen Brightness & Backlight setBrightnessLevel(); setLcdBacklightState(); System Sounds setDeviceSpeakerEnabledState(); setAudioVolume(); HW Key Remapping setHomeActivity(); setRecentLongPressMode(); setSealedVolumeKeyAppState(); GPS setGPSStateChangeAllowed(); WiFi connection setWifiState(); Bluetooth connection setBluetoothState(); USB based event setUsbDeviceDefaultPackage(); ProKiosk mode setProKioskState(); Status bar hideSystemBar(); Power dialog setPowerDialogItems(); setPowerDialogCustomItemsState(); USB Mass Storage Behavior setUsbMassStorageState(); 10
  11. 11. Custom SDK Features for Vertical Markets Differentiated features from the Custom SDK can be applied to meet specific business needs in various vertical markets III . Custom SDK Automatic Power-On/Off for Transportation Industry Stay-Awake Mode for Retail Industry External Sound Control for Aviation Industry Display and Sound Control for Hospitality 11
  12. 12. Knox Custom SDK for Hospitality Industry Use Case Video III . Custom SDK 12
  13. 13. Best Practice WoongjinBookpadS III . Custom SDK SetWoongjinappto ProfessionalKioskMode Setpasswordto exitoutWoongjinapp PreventWoongjin appfrombeinguninstalled Remap Homekeyactivity 13
  14. 14. Custom Configurator
  15. 15. IV. CustomConfigurator Custom Configurator Custom Configurator is acloud-based device configuration tool that allows businesses to remotely configure alarge number ofSamsung devices andalso deploy apps and content in bulk Mainly designed for IT Administrators ※Configured when devices firstconnect to Wi-Fi after the very initialbooting orfactory reset Over-the-Air Bulk Configuration Streamlined process with no need for app development Persistent Settings Settings survive even after factory reset Out-of-the-Box Experience Keep device boxes intact to change any settings 16
  16. 16. Custom Configurator Features Home & Lock Screen Application & Content Device Connectivity Device Settings Sound & Display Professional Kiosk Mode IV. CustomConfigurator Set shortcut position Add shortcut (folders, bookmarks, apps, files) Remove all shortcuts and widgets Set wallpaper Prevent users from changing wallpaper Customize favorite applications Set items to be hidden on Lock screen Auto launch application/content after configuration Prevent applications from being uninstalled Push content onto devices (any type of files) Disable system applications (Samsung Browser, Google Play, SVoice) Block applications from unknown sources Disable applications Set the homepage for Samsung Browser Add web bookmarks to Samsung Browser Add contacts using VCF file App black/white-listing(installation restriction) Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, USB host storage Add Wi-Fi network Hide Wi-Fi networks list pop up Turn on/off Wi-Fi, BT, GPS, NFC, mobile data Prevent users from changing Wi-Fi/GPS/NFC settings Booting & shutdown animation change Disable the auto screen rotation Lock the screen rotation Remove lock screen Hide system bar Screen always on when plugged in Set audio levels (media/notifications/system/ringtone) Set system ringtone Set screen brightness and auto-brightness Play all sounds always through external speakers Prevent user from accessing the Settings menu Set language, country, time zone Hidesetting menu/elements (All, Backup and Reset, Bluetooth, Developer Option, Flight Mode, Language, Lock screen, Multi Window, Users, Wi-Fi) Set automatic time updates from the network Disable Software Update(FOTA) Disable factory reset Disable power off for users Disable Task Manager Disable "Check cover" popups Disable hardware keys(volume up/down, home, power..) Prevent user from changing USB debugging settings Turn USB debugging on/off Disable Safe mode, multiuser mode Screen always on when plugged in Lock the screen rotation Disable screen auto rotation Bluetooth on/off Disable Bluetooth Hide Wi-Fi networks list pop up Prevent users from changing Wi-Fi settings Add Wi-Fi network Wi-Fi on/off Disable Wi-Fi Set exit UI / passcode Add Exit UI to the power dialog Prevent the input method from being changed Disable USB mass storage Hide status bar Control notifications Set home activity Enable Professional Kiosk Mode Common Device Connectivity Display 17
  17. 17. Highlighted Key Features Add shortcuts on the Home screen (folders, bookmarks, apps, files) Set position of shortcuts on the Home screen Prevent users from changing wallpaper or uninstalling apps Push content onto devices (any type of file) Auto-launch app or content after configuration Change booting & shutdown animation ※Available onKnox 2.6 onwards Custom Configurator
  18. 18. Demo 1. Set customer wallpaper 2. Preload customer applications 3. Prevent changes for above configurations 4. Set Wi-Finetwork 5. Set booting animation andsound 19 IV. CustomConfigurator
  19. 19. Knox Custom Configurator Demo Video 20 IV. CustomConfigurator
  20. 20. ToyotaPromotionalGiveaway Set Toyota image to Homescreen wallpaper Push/Install Toyota app to Homescreen IV. CustomConfigurator 21 Best Practice
  21. 21. Target Customers Anytypeof business ranging from SI/VAR to EndCustomer can benefit from Knox Customization System Integrator Vertical solutions with sophisticated device settings Value-Added Reseller Bundled offering with content and services Enterprise Bulk device deployment to employees or consumers (Corporate-Liable) (B2B2C) Carrier/Distributor Specialized device offering for specific B2B customers 22 IV. CustomConfigurator
  22. 22. Where to get Samsung Knox Customization? Please join the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program ( today to develop and distribute your B2B solution, and connect with the global Samsung community 26 IV. CustomConfigurator
  23. 23. Conclusion One size solution does Not fit all enterprise requirements Satisfy your customer’s needs with Knox Customization For inquiries, contact us at
  24. 24. End of Document