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KNOX Customization for Retail Industry


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With Samsung KNOX Customization, you can transform Samsung devices into purpose built appliances to better meet your business needs. The retail industry uses KNOX Customization to provide optimal dining and shopping experiences to customers. To learn more about KNOX Customization, please visit and contact us at

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KNOX Customization for Retail Industry

  1. 1. SHMSU N5 K I-I fl X Customization
  2. 2. SMVISU N G 6 X Customization
  3. 3. 6 '~3'.1TF; {I1i‘£= §i xmsuus KnfiXc. mm. m Transform Samsung devices into purpose-built appliances to better meet your business needs
  4. 4. Rebranded Tailored Advanced Software % User Experience Device Configuration
  5. 5. SAMSUNG Knfix Customization
  6. 6. Casel / / Case2 i Dining 3 {' Shopping , Experience , Experience
  7. 7. C059 1 Dining Experience i= m=i
  8. 8. ' Market Dynamics Op'i'l*nc; lI; :: V , w‘»»4IIwCI*L, .“7‘~T; ':. "'IU*~. »s. thi'oLIgh D” : *.'c~l; ‘I. :-: ci ; :T ‘ INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINING CUSTOMER MENU CONTENT ENGAGEMENT - Remote Order - lntemet Surfing - Survey & Review - Personalized Servings - Games & Videos - Instant Messaging - Nutrition Details - Advertisements - Staff Rating
  9. 9. I Tablet ‘ in Restaurant
  10. 10. ’ Pain Points/ Needs MISHANDLED 81 MISUSED Tablets placed in restaurants are exposed to a wide variety of people of all ages Mistakenly change the ’ device settings =6 _ Intentionally access unauthorized websites or personal e-mails
  11. 11. ' Pain Points/ Needs am , I J, . I l 2 i 0 Regular Updates Q; -g: l'f= ‘tlgl> DISTRACTIVE USER EXPERIENCE Customers may be bothered by unwanted notifications and alerts M s 1:]; BatteryAlerts EVQ Spam Messages l{ k 1 ll
  12. 12. ' Pain Points/ Needs MANUAL POWER CONTROL Devices have to be manually turned on and off everyday
  13. 13. / Pain Points Mishandled Distractive MONO‘ & Misused User Experience Power C°"tr°' For Digitalized Dining Experience
  14. 14. l<e, / Features "j; ;,l: Professional Selective Notification Centralized Kiosk Mode Management Power Control "- 3" ~‘-1li'i3'~‘3“i"r , I Ril mI}~. ~:| iii
  15. 15. 7 Key Features SIIMSUNG 6 X Customization Professional KIOSK Mode Locks down devices to a designated dining service application to prevent guests from accessing: cl-iti@ Device Quick Status Power Settings Panel Bar Dialog
  16. 16. 7 Key Features SAMSUNG Customization Selective Notification Management Devices can be set to only enable notifications and alerts that are needed T1 Today's Menu Recommendation 0 Dining service notifications 8 System notifications and spam
  17. 17. 7 Key Features SAMSU Ill 6 K n 6 X Customization Centralized Power Control Power of devices can be remotely managed by a single power source
  18. 18. 7 Best Practice t E ; 3 I V" . Weblib I I We are digital Super Mu“ X‘ . . ‘ Interactive Menu and Entertainment Solution ‘T’ 3 my a at 5! it 5! E 1 3 or Quick Service Restaurants CHECK‘OUT
  19. 19. ' Benefit/ Conclusion Digitalized Dining Experience “Tablets in stores are very important to our client's strategy to remain a leader among QsRs. Customer satisfaction levels are higher and many of its franchisees are thinking about rolling out tablets in their restaurants. " — Arthur Philbe. Managing Director, Weblib Encourage Attract and Retain Create Customer Customers Advertisement Engagement Revenue
  20. 20. C058 2 Shopping Experience
  21. 21. 7 Market Dynamics Stores Implementing Digitalized Solutions for Shoppers w bile Devices ln—aisle Price Checkers . ... ... ... ... ... . . .
  22. 22. ' Pain Points/ Needs MALICIOUSLY EXPLOITED Tablets placed in stores may be used for purposes unrelated to shopping
  23. 23. ‘ Pain Points/ Needs DIVE IN! N $9.99‘ V: _. ~‘ v"", n", :‘ CONSTANT SCREEN OFF Device screen may constantly turn off while playing videos or advertisements
  24. 24. ' Pain Points/ Needs CHARGING CONCERNS When USB OTG slot is pre-occupied by a retail accessory, the device cannot be charged
  25. 25. / Pain Points Maliciously Constant Charging Exploited Screen Off C°“Cem5 For Advanced Shopping Experience
  26. 26. Features ("3 G Professional Stay-Awake Charging Kiosk Mode Mode through Peripheral SAMSUNG 6 X Customization
  27. 27. 7 Key Features snmsums Kf'| flX Customization Professional Kiosk Mode Locks down devices to a designated in—store shopping application to prevent shoppers from using devices for tasks unrelated to shopping ; :11 Recent Apps Key Remap : Home Key Back Key
  28. 28. F Key Features SAMSIIIIIG 6 X Customization Stay-Awake Mode Advertisements and videos can be ongoing without interruption through unlimited screen time-out
  29. 29. F Key Features snmsuuc Kl'IfiX Customization Charging through Peripheral Devices, even in host mode, can be charged through the attached USB OTG periperal in client mode -El Ilfllllll
  30. 30. Best Practice Mobile POS Solution for in—store Sales
  31. 31. ' Benefit/ Conclusion Advanced Shopping Experience “The Samsung KNOX Customization SDK was an essential tool for us to rapidly integrate the power of Samsung Galaxy tablets with LAVA’ s USB, Ethernet, PoE* electronics, and a 2D barcode scanner. " — Roman wynnyckyj, President, LAVA Computer MFG Reduced Effective Increased Cost 3 Maintenance 3 Revenue ' Power over Ethemet
  32. 32. Transform Samsung devices to better meet your business needs
  33. 33. Customization SIIIIIISUNG www. samsung. com/ business/ l<nox—customi2ation
  34. 34. .{1‘: ,j‘Ii. _A: “l2-A, “,. .‘ I til