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Knox Configure Sales Deck


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Knox configure is a Cloud-based service that allows businesses to remotely configure large number of Samsung devices.

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Knox Configure Sales Deck

  1. 1. Comprehensive set of enterprise mobility solutions to address a variety of business needs on top of the secure Knox platform Knox Solutions Security & Management Deployment & Customization Knox Configure
  2. 2. Contents Ⅰ . Product Overview Ⅱ. Product Offerings Ⅲ. Use Cases Ⅳ. Device Eligibility & Verification Ⅴ . Appendix
  3. 3. Product Overview
  4. 4. Ⅰ. Product Overview What is Knox Configure? Cloud-based service that allows businesses to remotely configure a large number of Samsung devices and tailor them to specific business needs Frictionless Out-of-the-Box Setup Purpose-built Appliance Advanced Device Configuration Rebranded Software Over-the-Air Configuration for Bulk Devices 05
  5. 5. Device Tailor in Your Back Pocket Transforming devices into business machines has never been easier
  6. 6. USP 1 : Frictionless Out-of-the-Box Setup Fine-tune devices to specific business settings automatically and seamlessly during initial device setup Ⅰ. Product Overview Automated Provisioning - IMEI/serial number-based device identification - Mandatory configuration after every factory reset - Instant start after Setup Wizard - No hassle of unneeded setup - Google/Samsung/Carrier steps can be skipped - Disable unnecessary preloaded apps - Made invisible and unusable - Volume, Brightness, Screen Rotation - Ringtone, Font style - Time zone, Language 07 Default Setting Change Bloatware RemovalSkip Setup Wizard
  7. 7. USP 2 : Rebranded Software Promote company’s brand including logo and business apps, and embed them in the devices Ⅰ. Product Overview Customizable Booting UX - Change booting / shutting down splash screen - Change booting / shutting down splash sound - Change wallpaper - Add/remove app shortcuts - Hide lock screen widgets - Add bookmark - Add contact - App installation - Auto launch - Prevention of app uninstallation - Change app icon / name 08 App Deployment Access to Corporate ServicesCustomizable Home Screen
  8. 8. USP 3 : Purpose-built Appliance Transform off-the-shelf devices into single-purpose devices and deliver UX that suits the business Ⅰ. Product Overview Professional Kiosk Mode - Lock down device to specific app - Passcode-based exit - Restricted access to Settings - Notification control - Disable hardware keys - Customizable power dialog - Prevent sleep mode when plugged in - Extended screen timeout - Automatically boot up devices when connected to power source - Play all sounds on device speaker - Hide Settings menus 09 Specialized System UX Stay-awake ModeKey Action Changes
  9. 9. USP 4 : Advanced Device Configuration Change a wide range of device settings at the granular level and take full control of corporate-liable devices with Knox features Ⅰ. Product Overview Connectivity Settings - WiFi (Auto connect, Security options) - Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Flight mode - Default USB connection - Mobile Network APN - Mobile Data, SIM Lock - Server push notification - App update - Configuration update - App/URL whitelisting/blacklisting - Shared Device - Enterprise Billing 10 Device Feature Restriction Premium Knox FeaturesDynamic Update - WiFi, BT, GPS, NFC, Flight mode - Roaming, Tethering - Factory reset, SD card, USB storage, Power off, Multi-user mode, Safe mode - Camera, Microphone, Recording - Clipboard, Screen capture, SMS / MMS
  10. 10. Product Offerings
  11. 11. Ⅱ. Product Offerings Two Editions 12 Over-the-air Configuration Purpose-built Appliance Dynamic Edition Designed to pre-configure and rebrand bulk devices with minimum controllability in the way of out-of-the-box experience Designed to dynamically configure corporate-liable devices with robust control of devices and security policies enforced Out-of-the-Box Experience Rebranded Software Advanced Device Configuration Dynamic Update Setup Edition
  12. 12. Ⅱ. Product Offerings Product Policies 13 Pricing · Subscription-based - Yearly basis · Maintenance fee included - SLA-based technical support - Continuous software updates · Tiered - Setup edition : $ - Dynamic edition : $$ Licensing · Per device - One activation for one device - Non-transferrable - Irrevocable from activated devices · No more control after expiration - No profile update - No enrollment after factory reset - No restriction enforcement
  13. 13. Ⅱ. Product Offerings Setup vs. Dynamic Edition in a Nutshell 14 Business Model Pricing* App Deployment Device Configuration Restriction & Premium Knox Feature Configuration Update Profile Limit Setup Edition Dynamic Edition B2B2C focused $ Full Pull only 300 MB Pull + Push Full $$ Corporate-liable only Limited App installation : ≤ 5 apps App deletion prevention : ≤ 1 app Disabling preloaded app : ≤ 10 apps Limited (Except for FOTA, Multi-User Mode and Safe Mode) * For details, contact sales rep Skip Setup Wizard Not Available Available
  14. 14. Use Cases
  15. 15. Use Cases by Edition Corporate Liable Instant Configuration Purpose-built Device Ready-made device Promotional giveaways (Bank, Car, Publications, etc.) Corporate employee device Kiosk (Hotel, Restaurant, Taxi) III. Use Cases Staging / Kitting B2B2C Rebranded SoftwareOut-of-the-box Setup Dynamic EditionSetup Edition 16
  16. 16. Device Eligibility & Verification
  17. 17. IV. Device Eligibility & Verification Minimum Device Requirement 18 Samsung devices with Android Nougat (7.0) or above (Knox 2.7.1)
  18. 18. Device Ownership Verification IV. Device Eligibility & Verification 19 * For smartphones only NFC Bumping - By IT Admin - Device ownership can be immediately verified - Using Knox Deployment App - Optimal for a small number of devices (e.g., test devices) Type 2 Bulk Device ID Upload - By Reseller - Devices must be purchased from Knox Deployment Program(KDP)-Participating resellers - Only the participating resellers can upload device IDs - Optimal for a large number of commercial devices Type 1
  19. 19. Type 1 : Bulk Device ID Upload 20 End Users KDP- Participating Resellers Customer (IT Admin) Submit Reseller ID, accept device ID uploads, and select devices to assign a profile Deploy devices to end users Upload Device ID02 Push profiles to devices05 04 03 Customer (IT Admin) Portal IV. Device Eligibility & Verification Purchase devices from participating resellers - Provide Knox Customer ID - Get Knox Reseller ID 01 KDP-participating reseller verifies and uploads device IDs in bulk
  20. 20. Type 2 : NFC Bumping IT Admin immediately self-verifies devices using Knox Deployment App* IV. Device Eligibility & Verification 21 Master Device Target Device 03 NFC bump each target device Prepare a master device and download/install the Knox Deployment App from Google Play 01 Sign in with IT Admin’s credential and select a profile 02 Device ID uploaded by app 04 Configuration applied 05 * Knox Deployment App can be found at
  21. 21. End of Document
  22. 22. Appendix : Business Model
  23. 23. Appendix. Business Model Case 1 : Corporate Liable Devices and licenses purchased, owned and controlled directly by End Customer 24 Invoice Price MSRP Device Device License LicenseParticipating Resellers Knox Deployment Program Corporate UsersEnd Customer Device Verification (for End Customer) · Customer Registration · License Agreement · Device Administration
  24. 24. Case 2 : B2B2C Devices initially purchased and owned by End Customer but eventually resold and transferred to Consumers with KC enabled on device 25 Invoice Price MSRP Device Device License License Consumers Ownership Transfer with KC enabled on Device Participating Resellers Knox Deployment Program End Customer Device Verification (for End Customer) · Customer Registration · License Agreement · Device Administration Appendix. Business Model
  25. 25. 26 Case 3 : Staging (Kitting) Devices initially purchased and owned by Staging Agency but eventually resold to End Customer or even Consumers with KC enabled on device Invoice Price MSRP Device Device License License Device Verification (for Staging Agency) · Customer Registration · License Agreement · Device Administration End Customer Resell Price set by SI Any UsersStaging AgencyParticipating Resellers Knox Deployment Program Appendix. Business Model
  26. 26. Key Considerations 27 Corporate- liable B2B2C Staging / Kitting Business Model IT Admin (License Owner) Needs Recommended DynamicSetup Device Ownership End Customer End Customer Staging Agency (SI/VAR/Carrier/Disty) · Tailor devices to purpose-built appliances suitable for vertical needs, · Push configurations in real time to bulk devices, or · Directly access Knox platform features that are yet to be available in their MDM · Offer promotional giveaway or subsidized devices to their own consumers with their corporate branding and apps preloaded on devices · Streamline their staging / kitting service for devices sold to their own customers End Customer Anyone Initially, End Customer Anyone Initially, Staging Agency v v v v - - Appendix. Business Model
  27. 27. Stakeholders and Responsibilities End Customer Staging Agency (Staging case only) Participating Resellers Knox Deployment Program Purchase · Devices from Knox Deployment Program participating resellers ( for bulk device verification ) Licenses from Knox resellers Sign up · For or SEAP · For Knox Configure - Sign the License Agreement - Create a Knox Customer ID Provide · Its Knox Customer ID to resellers and add their Knox Reseller IDs to KC for verification Administer · Devices to configure · Profiles with apps and configurations to apply Sign up · For Knox Reseller Portal - Sign the Knox Deployment Program Participation Agreement - Create a Knox Reseller ID Resell · Devices to B2B customers Licenses to them together, optionally Upload · Devices to Samsung server via Knox Reseller Portal or Knox Reseller API for verification Approve · Customer registration · Reseller registration or 28 Appendix. Business Model