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Galaxy S7/S7 Edge for Businesses


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See what makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge ideal for business

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Galaxy S7/S7 Edge for Businesses

  1. 1. ForBusinesses
  2. 2. 30-SECOND SALES TALK Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are designed to offer Protected by Defense-grade Security Enhanced KNOX platform version 2.6 Certified by governments worldwide Powered by Productivity Expendable storage up to 200GB(microSD slot) Dust & Water-resistant(IP68) Simple and easy schedule management and conference calls(S-planner) Enterprise Device Program - 2-years device purchase assurance - Monthly security patches Trusted for Manageability
  3. 3. Premium Smartphone in B2B Market Table of Contents - Protected by Defense-grade Security - Powered by Productivity - Trusted for Manageability From Possibility to Reality Purchase Factors for Enterprise Mobility Product Gallery Premium Accessories Galaxy S7/S7 edge Specifications Appendix
  4. 4. Premium Smartphone in B2B Market Enterprise mobility market is growing faster than B2C Premium smartphones account for 79% of total B2B revenue Average Growth Rate (Revenue) (2015-2018 CAGR) Revenue B2C B2B 1% 7% ※ Source : Revenue , Samsung Market View, 2015 ※ IDC Tracker Nov. ‘15 (‘15 3Q accumulative, CL basis) 79% 21% $19.8B $0.5B$0.5B Others Premium (<$400) ($400+)
  5. 5. Purchase Factors for Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Mobility Deployment Issues Benefits Expected from Mobile Solutions Security/Compliance issues Issues in linking mobile platforms to existing back-end systems Cost overruns, budget issues Version control issues between mobile OSs, Apps and/or enterprise Apps 57.5% 40.6% 36.8% 32.1% 23% 17% 16% 11% Improve/Enhance worker productivity Increased sales/revenue Improve competitive advantage/market share Provide ease of information access ※ Source : The State of Mobile Enterprise Software in 2015, IDC
  6. 6. From Possibility to Reality Protected by Defense-grade Security Powered by Productivity Trusted for Manageability
  7. 7. Protected by Defense-grade Security - Work Secured by KNOX Platform - Enhanced Device Security with KNOX 2.6 - Certified by Governments Worldwide
  8. 8. Work Secured by KNOX Platform Hardware-& software-integrated security for enterprise data KNOX Container SE for Android ** * TIMA Trusted Boot Hardware Root of Trust * Optional ** Trustzone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture KNOX Platform protects MALWARE DATA INTERCEPTION ROOT EXPLOIT ATTEMPTS with anti-virus software preloaded by Intel Security with VPN/On-Device Encryption with Hardware Root of Trust, Trusted Boot, TIMA, SE for Android Protected by Defense-grade Security
  9. 9. Enhanced Device Security with KNOX 2.6 “Android for Work” hardened by KNOX Enhanced “Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP)” Protection against kernel memory attacks Protected by Defense-grade Security Google’s dual persona solution
  10. 10. Certified by Governments Worldwide As a market-leading security platform, Samsung KNOX has received multiple government security certifications CANADA FIPS 140-2 Federal Information Processing Standards UK GCHQ End-user Device Guidance CESG Commercial ProductAssurance USA FIPS 140-2 Federal Information Processing Standards DISA STIG APL NSACSFC Approved ProductList Commercial Solutions for Classified FINLAND KATAKRI Information security auditing tool CHINA ISCCCStandard China Information Security Certification Center FRANCE ANSSI CSPN * Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau AUSTRALIA ASD Australian Signals Directorate COMMON CRITERIA - Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile - Security standards in 26 countries ※ Certified in 11 categories in 7 countries (Common Criteria has been adopted universally in 26 countries). Protected by Defense-grade Security
  11. 11. Powered by Productivity - Embedded MicroSD Card Slot - Improved Battery Capacity and Charging - Maximized Durability, IP68 - Additional E-mail, Schedule and Conference Calls Functions
  12. 12. Embedded microSD Card Slot Flexibly manage large amounts of data at lower costs - Convenient and fast data transfers/backup to microSD card - Lower storage upgrade cost Competitor Galaxy S7/S7 edge 32GB32GB 128GB 32GB+128GB $200 $65 Secured Voice Calls using microSD-based security solutions ※ Based on average price of micro SD cards on - e.g. Koolspan TrustChip etc. “Largest capacity on the market” 200 microSD Up to GB Powered by Productivity ※ Subject to regional variation and local launch date
  13. 13. Powered by Productivity Improved Battery Capacity and Charging Battery Capacity 32GB Full Charge Time 32GB S7 S7 edge 3,000 3,600mAh mAh ※ S6 2,550mAh, S6 edge 2,600mAh ※ Referenced by Samsung internal test case ※ Wireless charging pad sold separately Wired Wireless S7 S7 edge min min min min 90 100 130 155
  14. 14. Powered by Productivity Maximized Durability, IP68 Dust & Water-resistance (IP68) ideal for tougher conditions such as: INDUSTRY Logistics Manufacturing Healthcare Government Filed Service Complete protection against dust Standalone Durability Protection against continuous immersion beneath 1.5m for 30 minutes IP6x IPx8
  15. 15. Additional E-mail, Schedule and Conference Calls Functions Increased Productivity TOP 3 Corporate Usages SAMSUNG SOLUTION 64% 57% 38%e-mail Voice calls Scheduling EAS e-mail More EAS Features and Policies 64% of Corporate e-mail Users use Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) to access Outlook S7 & S7 Edge EAS support : 39 Features (iOS8.4 31, Android 5.1 22) 42 Policies (iOS8.4 21, Android 5.1 12) One-click conference call access (PIN code automatically recognized) Schedule management and conference call options S-Planner Integrated schedule management Simplified conference call access - IRM(Information Right Management) Support - Disable SMS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth - Approved application list ※ Source: The State of Enterprise Mobility in Large Sized Businesses, SA
  16. 16. Trusted for Manageability - Enterprise Device Program - Differentiated Device Management for Corporate IT Admins
  17. 17. Trusted for Manageability Enterprise Device Program Samsung manageability solution keeps your device up-to-date and in great shape 2-year Device Purchase Assurance - Up to 2-year device purchase assurance starting from the launch date Monthly Security Patch - Monthly security updates released by Samsung Stability of device lifecycle Latest protection against security threats 2YEAR MONTHLY
  18. 18. Secure Network Connection VPN Trusted for Manageability Differentiated Device Management for Corporate IT Admins Fast & Simple Bulk Device Enrollment Enroll to MDM KNOX Mobile Enrollment: Enroll thousands of devices into MDM with a few clicks Comprehensive & Differentiated Policies Device Management - 120+ MDMs - 600+ IT policies Supported by leading VPNS and open-source based VPN Cloud
  19. 19. Product Gallery Black Onyx *Color availability subject to regional variation Gold Platinum White Pearl Silver Titanium
  20. 20. Accessories CASES Covers Rugged Cover by Otterbox Waterproof Cover by Lifeproof- LED View Cover - Clear View Cover - S View Cover - Clear Cover - Flip Wallet - Leather Cover - Defender series - Symmetry series - Commuter series - MIL-STD 810F-516 - Water/Drop/Dirt/Snow proof * Availability subject to regional variation
  21. 21. Accessories Wireless Charger - Fast wireless charging - Improved position align CHARGERS BATTERYACCESSORIES Wireless Charger Stand - Stand type wireless charger pad - Stand angle : 62° (Fixed type) - Fast charge Fast Charging Battery Pack - 10 min fast charging for 4 hours usage - Premium look and feel - Slim Build Wireless Charger Pack - Convenient cordless charging - Flagship Look & Feel - Slim build for an improved grip
  22. 22. KNOXSOLUTIONS Enterprise mobility solutions leveraging underlying platforms *Government organizations in some 26 countries throughout the world have adopted KNOX. Used by a number of the US government organizations, including FBI, CIA, the White House, the US Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Justice, the US Armed Forces and more. KNOX Workspace Full-featured defense-grade work container KNOX Premium Cloud-based EMM solution with work container KNOX Enabled App Invisible secure container for individual applications KNOX Customization A set of customizing tools and services
  23. 23. Specifications AP Display Network Camera Storage Memory Battery Charging Platform Etc. Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge - Global : Octa Core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.6GHz Quad) - US, CHN, JPN : Quad Core (2.15GHz Dual + 1.6GHz Dual) 5.1” QHD Super AMOLED 5.5” QHD Super AMOLED LTE Cat.9, 3CA 12MP 2PD OIS (F1.7) + 5MP (F1.7) 32GB* + microSD slot (up to 200GB) 4GB RAM LPDDR4 3,000mAh 3,600mAh Built-in Wireless Charging / Fast Charging Samsung KNOX 2.6 Dust & Water-resistant (IP68), SAMSUNG Pay * Internal storage size subject to regional variation
  24. 24. APPENDIX
  25. 25. Comparison with Galaxy S6 Appendix Galaxy S6 Enterprise IT driven Galaxy S7/S7 edge Device security revamped KNOX 2.5 No microSD slot No Dust & Water-resistant Battery capacity : S6 - 2550mAh / S6 edge - 2600mAh Not Applicable KNOX 2.6 - Extended RKP (Real-time Kernel Protection) - KASLR (Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization) Expandable storage (microSD card slot) Dust & Water-resistant : IP68 Improved battery capacity : S7 - 3000mAh / S7 edge - 3600mAh Enterprise Device Program - 2-year device purchase assurance - Monthly security patches Security Productivity Manageability
  26. 26. Security Productivity Manageability 4 Security Certifications 300↓ IT Policy Device Enrollment Program for MDM Head-to-Head Competition iPhone 6S/6S+ Galaxy S7/S7 edge No IP Rating No microSD support Battery : 1,715 / 2,750mAh Charging : 155 / 205 min (wired) EAS : 31 features / 21 policies Not Applicable 11 Security Certifications (2x) 600+ IT Policies (2x) KNOX Mobile Enrollment for MDM IP68 Dust & Water-resistant Embedded microSD Battery : 3,000 / 3,600mAh Charging : 90 / 100 min (wired) EAS : 39 features / 42 policies Enterprise Device Program - 2-year device purchase assurance - Monthly security patches - Technical support Appendix
  27. 27. Bundling for ruggedized users Even without a case, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are designed to provide users with powerful standalone dust and water resistance. Using with a protective case, it adds yet another layer of maximum durability. IPX8 IP6X Shockproof Standalone w/Protective Case Appendix
  28. 28. Bulk Device Enrollment Mobile Enrollment enables IT admins to completely configure thousands of corporate-liable devices to MDMs, e-mail, VPNs and more Traditional Register device (Phone number, e-mail) Send MDM Installation link (IMEI, Serial No.) Install MDM through link Push MDM policies and configure corporate e-mail VPN, and etc. on employee’s device Register device Push MDM policies and configure Cost saving for IT admins ($30-40 per device average if done by SI)Mobile Enrollment Appendix
  29. 29. 120+ MDM Solutions Partnership with Appendix
  30. 30. THANKYOU