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[EU] Flyer: Samsung Enterprise Tech Support


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Samsung Enterprise Tech Support

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[EU] Flyer: Samsung Enterprise Tech Support

  1. 1. Samsung Enterprise Tech Support provides your organization with the expertise of Samsung mobility engineers. Our experts are ready to provide proactive assessment, reliable support and escalated response, as well as tailored solutions for your organization’s specific needs. Downtime and inefficiency equal loss in productivity. That’s why Enterprise Technical Support offers you direct access to our team of enterprise mobility experts. We’ll help your IT team get the very most from your mobility investment. Whether you’re troubleshooting, preparing for the next OS release or looking to use Samsung phones, tablets and wearables in new and innovative ways, Samsung is here to support you. Samsung Enterprise Tech Support keeps your mobile workforce working at peak efficiency Unparalleled Samsung Support As the manufacturer of the hardware, O/S and enhanced mobile security solutions, Samsung is uniquely positioned to provide support on Samsung mobile devices. Wide Support Coverage Samsung can assist in a variety of issues, including new mobile operating systems, software and security updates, as well as enterprise solution interoperability. Single Point of Contact Gain direct access to an experienced team of mobility experts who will act as your single point of accountability providing advanced troubleshooting. Advantages Key Features Direct Access to Expert Engineer Samsung knows best when it comes to Samsung devices. Enterprise Tech Support offers direct access to an experienced team of mobility experts. Support Account Manager (SAM) The Support Account Manager, also referred to as SAM, is a dedicated support manager. The SAM is there to serve as an extension of your team, an escalation manager within Samsung, and furthermore to be your company’s trusted advisor. Technical Training When major OS upgrades or new Samsung enterprise solutions are released, we provide tech training so that your company's IT Admin is kept up-to-date and is able to respond effectively and efficiently. On-site Tech Support You might not know what to do when a critical issue arises. An expert engineer visits your site to analyze problems and provides resolutions. Samsung Mobile Vulnerability Communication Service Timely updates on newly discovered security concerns and the remediation steps being undertaken.
  2. 2. Support Offerings Samsung’s offerings, which are based on different support options, are designed to meet your organization’s individual needs. Contact Samsung at for more information. This content can be changed without notice (Ver.13, Sep.`18) Advanced Technical Support : Mobility Expertise on Demand With Samsung’s commitment to the Enterprise, Tier-3 mobility experts are only a phone call away. You can access directly to an experienced team of mobility experts by phone, email and portal. Elite Technical Support : Proactive Account Management Your Support Account Manager is there to serve as an extension of your team, working closely with the entire Technical Support organization to help ensure consistent management and prioritization of your critical support issues and escalations. * See Service Guide for restrictions. All services subject to the Samsung Enterprise Tech Support Terms of Service. 1 Year (12 Months) 2 Years (2 x 12 Months) 3 Years (3 x 12 Months) Per customer - MI-OVCPAA1/EUR MI-OVCPAA2/EUR MI-OVCPAA3/EUR SKUs Additional Options Ordering Information Organizations requiring additional named callers can use this option to add 2 named callers per SKU Organizations requiring additional SAM (Support Account Manager) can use this option to add 1 SAM per SKU Organizations requiring additional on-site tech support can use this option to add 1 day per SKU Organizations requiring incident support without any Enterprise Tech Support entitlement can use this option. Up to 8 hours per SKU Additional Named Caller Additional SAM Additional On-Site Support Per incident support MI-OVCSA1X/EUR MI-OVCSAMX/EUR MI-OVCSO1X/EUR MI-OVCSA2X/EUR Options Descriptions SKUs Purchasing units Minimum Order Quantity Elite Per customer - MI-OVCPAB1/EUR MI-OVCPAB2/EUR MI-OVCPAB3/EUR Per device 200 MI-OVCPXB1/EUR MI-OVCPXB2/EUR MI-OVCPXB3/EUR Ordering Information Advanced Features Advanced Elite 2 Unlimited  10 x 5 10 x 5  2 business hours 24 business hours 48 business hours 72 business hours   - - - -  - - Tablets, Smartphones, Wearables       61) Unlimited  24 x 7 10 x 5  1 hour 4 business hours 24 business hours 48 business hours   One time (1 day)  2) One time (1 day) One time 3) (up to 3 days)    Tablets, Smartphones, Wearables       1) Expandable with Additional Named Caller Option 2) Expandable with Additional SAM (Support Account Manager) Option 3) Expandable with Additional On-Site Support Option 4) 8am-6pm (CET / CEST) biz hours, Mon-Fri; weekends, holidays, and after hours on call duty Access to tier-3 experts Response charter (Initial response time) Technicians training Security Support account management Customer on-site visit Reporting Support coverage Named Callers Support requests Phone, Portal, Email support Operation hours (severity 1) 4) Operation hours (severity 2,3,4) 4) Troubleshooting lab Severity 1 Severity 2 Severity 3 Severity 4 Samsung vulnerability communication service Online technical training On-site technical training Designated Support Account Manager Scheduled kick-off/business review Scheduled on-site technical support Incident status reporting (web based) Quarterly written activity report Regular teleconference review Support devices (Samsung) Troubleshooting issues OS tech support Samsung branded preloaded apps/SW Samsung enterprise solution (Knox, E-FOTA) EMM/MDM interoperability Collaborative support for enterprise applications