French classical menu (2)


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French classical menu (2)

  1. 1. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  2. 2. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  3. 3. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  4. 4. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  5. 5. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  6. 6.  Hors-d oeuvre  Potage  Oeuf  Farineaux  Poisson  Entrée  Sorbet  Releve  Roti  Legumes  Salades  Buffet Froid  Entremet  Savoureux  Fromage  Dessert  Beverage Complied by Chandika Khadka
  7. 7. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  8. 8. Soup may also act as an appetizer for the courses to come. Two soups are generally provided on the menu one being the clear soup(consommé) and the other a thick soup (crème, veloute, puree). Although it must be noted that the clear soup is always placed first on the menu.  Examples : -  Tortue Claire : - clear turtle soup  Consommé julienne : - clear soup garnished with strips of root vegetables  Consommé celestine : - clear soup garnished with strips of savoury pancakes.  Bisque d homard :- thick lobster- flavored soup  Crème de tomates : - cream of tomato  Soup a l oignon : - clear onion soup Complied by Chandika Khadka
  9. 9. Egg dishes have large varities. Examples of egg dishes are: -  Omelette espagnole – Flat omelette with onions, peppers and tomatoes  Omelette aux tomates : - tomato omelette  Omlette aux champignons : - mushroom omelette  Oeuf poche florentine : - poached egg on a bed of spinach coated with cheese sauce & gratinated  Oeuf brouille au lard : - scrambled egg with bacon. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  10. 10. This item includes pastas such as spaghetti ,macaroni ,nouilles,ravioli.And it includes some rice dishes also. Examples of farinaceous dishes are: - • Spaghetti napolitine – spaghetti in a tomato- and garlic- flavoured sauce. • Ravioli : - noodle type pasta filled with a variety of stuffing, such as chicken, beef, and spinach • Cannelloni : - rolls of ravioli paste filled with stuffing as for ravioli. • Gnocchi romaine – semolina based. • Spaghetti bolognaise – spaghetti blended with minced lean beef with rich brown sauce. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  11. 11. The method of cooking and type of fish used may vary to some extent, but will be normally be as follows: -  Poached : - Salmon, Trout, Turbout (each with its appropriate garnish and accompanying sauce).  Fried : - Whitebait, sole(sometimes)  Hot Shellfish : - Lobster, crayfish, Dublin bay prawns.  Fish is soft-fibred and tender meat which is easily digested and helps to prepare the appetite for the heavier courses to come. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  12. 12.  Sole meuniere : - Sole shallow fried in butter.  Sole colbert : - Sole, flour, egg and bread crumbed and deep fried. (fillets).  Sole cubat : - fillet of sole poached, dressed on a mushrooms puree and coated with a cheese sauce.  Darne de saumon grillee, sauce bearnaise – salmon cutlet grilled with an egg- and butter based sauce flavoured with tarragon.  Homard Newburg : - Lobster served with thickened sauce of fish stock and cream flavoured with brandy and finished with butter. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  13. 13.  Entrées are generally small, well garnished dishes which come from the kitchen ready for service. They are always accompanied by very rich gravy or sauce when releve follow entrée then potatoes and vegetables are not served with the latter; if, however a releve does not follow the entrée they would be served with the dish.Entry of first meat dish.  Examples of this type of dish are : -  Poulet saute chasseur : - saute chicken in a rich brown sauce flavoured with tomatoes and mushroom.  Supreme de volaille sur cloche – breast and wing of chicken cooked under a cover in oven.  Kebab orientale: - savoury items cooked on a skewer.  Steak Daine : - minute steak shallow fried and flavoured with onions and mushrooms finished with red wine or cream.  Chateaubriand : - double fillet steak grilled. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  14. 14.  Traditionally sorbets(now called granites) were served to give a pause within a meal,allowing the palate to be refreshed.  Because of the length of the French classical menu, this course is considered to be the rest between courses  The sorbet must therefore be able to counteract the richness of dishes already served and build up the appetite of the dishes to follow.  The sorbet is a water ice plus Italian Meringue flavored with champagne or a liqueur. It should be piped in to a champagne glass which should then be served on an underplate with a teaspoon.  At this stage of the meal cigarettes were passed, traditionally these were Russian cigarettes and sometimes the first speech was given Complied by Chandika Khadka
  15. 15.  Mainly to roast.  Releves are normally larger than entrees and take the form of butcher’s joints which have to be carved. These joints are normally roasted. A sauce or a roast gravy with potatoes and green vegetables are always served with this course.  The main dish will consist any of the following: -  Saddle of mutton, baron of beef, boned sirloin, braised ham.  Contrefilet de boeuf roti a l anglaise : - boned and roasted sirloin of beef.  Carre d agneau roti : - roast best end of lamb  Cuissot de porc roti puree de pommes : - roast leg of pork with apple sauce.  Gigot d agneau roti sauce menthe : - roast leg of lamb with mint sauce Complied by Chandika Khadka
  16. 16.  Roast always contain roast game or poultry: - chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant, quail. Each dish is accompanied by its own particular sauce and gravy, with a green salad served separately on a cresent shaped dish. The latter is placed at the top left hand corner of the cover Complied by Chandika Khadka
  17. 17.  At this stage the balance of the courses is gradually returning from heavy to light. We now have a vegetable dish served only with its accompanying sauce. Such vegetables. Such vegetables are artichokes, asparagus & corn on the cob, with hollandaise sauce( an egg and butter based sauce) or beurre fondue( melted butter) offered seperately, in classic functions these legumes may be served on their own as a separate vegetable course. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  18. 18.  Puree de pommes (de terre) : - creamed potatoes  Pommes sautees: - potaoes boiled in skins peeled sliced and shalow fried.  Pommes Frites : - Deep fried potatoes.  Pommes au four: - baked jacket potato  Champignons grilles : - grilled mushrooms  Choufleur mornay: - cauliflower with a cheese sauce.  Haricots verts au beurre: - French beans tossed in butter Complied by Chandika Khadka
  19. 19.  There are two types of salad followed by Single Salad and Compound Salad.  Examples of salades are: -  Salade francaise : - lettuce, tomato, egg, & vinaigrette dressings.  Salade vert: - Lettuce, watercress, cucumber and green pepper. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  20. 20.  All cold meat cuts and cold meat items.Froid means cold. Includes varieties of cold meats, cheese and egg items.  Examples of cold buffet items are: -  Poulet roti : - Roast chicken  Caneton Roti: - Roast Duck  Mayonnaise d hommard: - lobster mayonnaise  Galantine de volaille: - Cold chicken coated with a chicken flavoured sauce and decorated, then coated in aspic. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  21. 21.  Mostly includes the sweet which may be hot or cold.  Souffles, crepes(pancakes), coupes(ice cream dishes)  Other examples:-  Crepe suzette : - pancakes in a rich fresh orange juice and flamed with brandy.  Ananas Flambes au kirsch: - Pineapple flamed with cherry flavoured liquor.  Peche Melba: - Vanilla Ice cream topped with a peach coated with a raspberry jam sauce and decorated with cream.  Bombes : - various Ice cream sweets. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  22. 22.  Savouries may take the form of savoury items served hot on toast or as a savoury souffle.  Welsh rarebit: - Cheese sauce Flavoured with ale on toast gratinated.  Canape Daine :- Chicken livers rolled in bacon and grilled, placed on a warm toast.  Champignons sur croute: - mushrooms on toast. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  23. 23.  All type of cheese may be offered together with appropriate accompaniments, the ideal cheese board will combine hard, semi-hard, soft or cream, blue and fresh cheese.  Cheddar hard England  Edam hard Holland  Brie soft France  Demi-sel soft France  Caerphilly semi-hard Wales Ricotta Fresh Italy Complied by Chandika Khadka
  24. 24.  All forms of Fresh Fruits and nuts may be served accompanied by castor sugar and salt.  It may be stewed fruits, fresh or nuts. Complied by Chandika Khadka
  25. 25.  It may be hot or cold and alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  Examples are: -  Coffee: - Cona, Cafetiere, Iced, Filter, Speciality, Decaffeinated.  Tea: - Indian, Ceylon, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe  Always remember that while compiling menus beverages are not counted as a course. Complied by Chandika Khadka