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Addis without borders


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Addis without borders

  1. 1. The Project AIESEC in NUMBERS Since Ethiopia is starting to become more global and AddisAbaba an international city, school has a very relevant role in  110 countries in the worldeducating students on different cultural issues around the worldand in creating an international mindset in future generations.  Above 60.000 members AIESEC in Ethiopia wants to bring international volunteers in  Above 1.700 Universitieshigh schools and last years of elementary schools to raiseawareness about different cultures (lifestyle, way of dressing, food, USEFUL INFORMATIONtraditions). The international volunteers are all The project will have a final event, the GLOBAL VILLAGE, which is university students ora festival of different cultures, where all the schools will be invited recent attend. They will pass through a This project has been successfully implemented in over 20 selection process aimed tocountries in the world, including Italy, Greece, Poland, China, test their language,Kenya, Uganda and India. AIESEC in Ethiopia wants to involve at personal and professionalleast 5000 Ethiopian students. competencies.Purposes AIESEC Addis Ababa university will manage all  To promote the concept of respect for different cultures the bureaucracy for the by spreading awareness about diversity. arrival of the international  To teach English in an interactive and innovative way. students  To develop and motivate the creativity of students. ContactsTiming Non Corporate Manager BEGINNING: 2nd week of November. ENDING: 1st week of December DURATION: 4 weeks AIESEC Addis Ababa University GLOBAL VILLAGE: 2nd week of December. EiABC – Southern Campus Each week the school will have a volunteer for two days for 5 hours a day.AIESECAIESEC is the worlds largest student-run organization.Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development,AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, tochange the world, and to get experience and skills that mattertoday.